Summer is not a “light” mistake

When talking about diet in the summer, the word “light” became popular, and articles on “light” were numerous.
In order to carry out the “light route”, the fish and poultry eggs that I used to eat often are rarely eaten; even the milk that I usually drink every day has stopped, and it is said that drinking the milk is “hot”. Many people also reduce the number of dietNow, it has a taste of “shrinking food”.
As a result of this, many people’s physiques have fallen rapidly, weight loss, wasting and fatigue, their ability to resist high temperatures and diseases, their work and study efficiency have decreased, and some people even have a “summer summer” phenomenon.
In summer, people’s body consumption exceeds the spring, autumn, and winter seasons. In addition, people’s poor sleep and rest quality in summer requires more nutrition to support them.
If you blindly follow the “light line”, eat less or even more nutritious foods, and reduce your diet, the result will inevitably make ends meet, which will lead to a great decline in physical fitness.
Of course, if “light” just means eating more hygienic, not eating too much greasy food, eating more fruits and drinking more water, then it makes sense.
The human body must adapt to changes in the natural environment and seasonal climate. Summer is characterized by “hotness”, so the key to health is “clearness”.
  Thoughts should be quiet: in the hot summer heat, people are prone to sultry and irritability.
So first of all, you must calm down your mind, be calm and calm, avoid violent temper, and jump into trouble when you are in trouble. Because of irritability and heat, you must prevent internal fire.
Maintaining a light-hearted attitude will lead to peace and tranquility, to avoid anxiety, tension and other negative emotions affecting normal life and induce the occurrence of various diseases.
  The diet should be light: the diet of the hot summer should be light and soft, easy to digest, and eat less high fat and thick taste and spicy hot things.
A light diet can clear heat, prevent heatstroke, gather sweat, rehydrate, and increase appetite.
Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can not only meet the required nutrition, but also prevent heat stroke.
Staple food is appropriate, such as mung bean porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on.
You can also drink some cool drinks, such as plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.
But the cold drink should be moderate, do not favor cold and cold products, otherwise it will hurt the sun and damage the body.
In addition, eat some vinegar, can not only Shengjin appetizers, but also inhibit the killing of germs and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
  Amusement should be quiet: You shouldn’t travel long distances in the hot summer.
In the morning, the dawn is shining, and the air is fresh. You can take a walk in the lush garden to exercise, and rejuvenate.
In the evening, if you stroll along the banks of rivers and lakes, the cool breeze will make your heart feel like water, and you will feel as if you are dreaming.
  The room should be cool: morning and evening the indoor temperature is low, the doors and windows should be opened, ventilated.
At noon, the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature. Doors and windows should be closed tightly and curtains pulled up.
The shady environment will make people calm down.

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