Weiming Environmental Protection (603568): 18 years performance growth and growth optimistic about future growth space

I. Event Overview The company released the 2018 annual report: 2018 operating income15.

47 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.

29%; net profit attributable to mother 7.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 46 in ten years.

01%; EPS is 1.

08 yuan / share, an annual increase of 45.


Second, the analysis and judgment of the company ‘s profits have increased significantly, and equipment sales have become the main contribution point.
1) The company’s main business is the operation of waste incineration projects, leakage treatment, kitchen waste treatment, equipment sales and technical services, and waste removal.

Among them, project operation income accounts for 64% of total income.

5%, an increase of 15 in 2018.

26%, contributing about 25.

The total operating income increased by 5%, and the growth of the project operation business mainly increased to the increase in the scale of waste incineration brought by the new commissioning projects in 2017 and 2018: the Cangnan project was commissioned at the end of 2017, the Wuyi project, and the Ruian project phase IIThe Wannian project was successfully concurrently run in September, October, and November 2018, and was trial run.

Therefore, in 2018, the total amount of domestic garbage storage in all projects was 424.

36 for the first time, growing by 14 per year.

59%, completed the grid-connected power generation12.

9.1 billion degrees, an increase of 14 in ten years.

96% contributed to the growth of carbonization revenue.

Equipment sales and technical services accounted for 32 of total operating income.

89%, an increase of 264 in 2018.

56%, contributed 71.

38% of total operating income increased; overall, leakage treatment business accounted for 0 of total revenue.

4%, an increase of 24.

7%; kitchen waste disposal business accounts for total revenue1.

66%, an increase of 28.

83%, the company handles kitchen waste 10 in total.

52, an increase of 53.

6%; In 2018, the company newly added garbage transfer transportation business and completed the removal of 14385 fences for domestic garbage, with business income accounting for 0% 成都桑拿网 of total revenue.

56%, this business mainly gradually the company in the new year of 2018 six garbage transportation contracts.

2) The cost of the company’s main business increased by 54.

18%, slightly higher than the main business revenue growth rate, mainly due to Cangnan Weiming’s formal operations and equipment sales and technical services increased.

From the perspective of cost composition, project operation, leakage treatment, kitchen waste disposal, and equipment sales cost accounted for 76% of the main business cost.

96% / 0.

82% / 3.

43% / 18.


Among them, the cost of project operations increased by 6.

At 18%, the cost of leaked plasma processing business increased by 24.
7%, the cost of food waste treatment business increased by 18.
52%, equipment sales business costs increased by 248.


The growth rate of the cost of each business is lower than the average growth rate of revenue, which indicates that under the circumstances of business operations, continuous improvement and optimization, and profitability.

The performance of Zhejiang Province has increased significantly, but the business outside the province has improved, and it continues to consolidate its leading position in Zhejiang Province.

In terms of business areas, Weiming’s environmental protection business is mainly concentrated in Zhejiang Province.

Provincial business income accounts for 90% of total revenue.

1%, less than 10% outside the province.

At the same time, the substantial increase in performance in 2018 mainly expanded business growth in the province.

81%, while revenues outside the province decreased by 3.

11%, the increase in business within the province contributed to the growth of total revenue and the consolidation of business substitution outside the province.

From a cost perspective, although the province’s business revenue grew rapidly, the cost growth exceeded revenue growth by 10 percentage points, resulting in a decline in gross profit margin2.

18%, on the contrary, the cost of operations outside the province has dropped by 14.

81%, an increase of 5.

46% gross profit margin.

From the perspective of the entire industry market, Weiming Environmental Protection’s share of the domestic waste incineration treatment market fell from 5% to 4 from 2015 to 2017.

38%, and in Zhejiang Province, the market share began on 29th of 2015.

97% increased to 35 in 2017.

85%, the level of the provincial leaders is basically consolidated, but the company’s long-term development still needs to pay attention to the expansion of business outside the province.

In 2019, the company’s profit is expected to continue to grow, and the domestic market has plenty of room.

It is expected that Weiming Environmental Protection’s 2019 performance will continue to grow, mainly due to the commissioning of newly built projects in 2018, Wuyi Project, Ruian Project Phase II, and Wannian Project, which were successfully connected to the grid for power generation in September, October, and November 2018, respectively.Promote trial operation; Jieshou project began to enter garbage and realized grid-connected power generation in February 2019.

The company has achieved fruitful results in expanding projects. In 2018, the company has a total of 11 domestic waste incineration projects and waste transportation projects, and 9 food waste treatment and leakage treatment projects. These projects will bring to the company in the future.Business with big gains.

At the same time, the macro-environment is improving, the nation’s scale-up deployment of the ecological environment, and the construction of “no waste cities” will bring considerable potential for the entire solid waste treatment market.

At the same time, the increase in project contracts will also lead to an increase in future costs, but overall, Weiming Environmental Protection has a better revenue growth momentum in the future and ample market space.

Third, profit forecasting and investment advice As the nation’s leading solid waste treatment company, the company’s expected performance in 2019 will continue to increase. The main profit growth will gradually increase the operating income brought by new and future projects. It should be noted that there are more future construction projects.Significant cost increases and increased costs for existing projects.

Thanks to the favorable domestic policies, environmental protection industries such as solid waste treatment will have breakthrough development space in the future. It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 1.



72 yuan, currently expected to correspond to 20/17/15 times PE, give a “buy” rating.

Fourth, risks indicate that the project construction is not as good as expected; the progress of new project signing in the future is unfavorable; low-price competition; the on-grid price of waste incineration power generation has fallen.

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Focus Media (002027) Interpretation of Market Concerns: Finding the Truth from History

Investment Highlights This article starts with historical industry and company data, and answers three major questions investors are currently paying attention to the operating status of Focus Group: Is there any downside to gross margins in the context of a weak macro economy; whether the building media will be used by the Internet, etc.Replaced by precise media; how the current changes in the industry’s internal competition landscape have led to the company’s impact and future direction.

The company’s gross profit margin is already in the bottom range and there is still limited downside: We have conducted a detailed study of the company’s financial data over the past 14 years and found that the company’s gross profit margin has remained in the range of 57% -77% year-round, only in 2009 and 2019年 年出现了毛利率的破位,纠正研究2009年的状况,我们发现与公司当前面对的情况非常相似:首先,经济环境都很低迷;其次,分众都进行了大规模的屏幕扩展,分众07The number of media screens in buildings increased by 65 in 2008 and 2008 respectively.

5% and 50%, and an increase of 75 in 18 years.


Therefore, the expansion factors are comparable, but in 2009, when economic growth was more severe, the company’s annual gross profit margin dropped only to 36.

7% rebounded quickly, and the company has seen 36 in the first quarter of this year.

5% gross profit margin, 42 in the first half.

01%, we judge the company’s gross margin is currently in the bottom range.

Brand advertising and performance advertising play a role in different stages of consumer purchasing behavior, both of which are necessary for business. They are only selected under specific economic conditions, and there is no mutual substitution relationship.

The audience is the hard currency of the media.

Media companies are essentially selling opportunities to reach audiences. Such companies acquire audiences through content, channels, etc., then package and price 南京桑拿论坛 channels that are close to the audience, and then sell them to advertisers.

The reason why building media has strong vitality is that the scale of its audience is increasing.

Based on this, the proportion of building media in the advertiser’s budget allocation continues to expand.

The publication rate is the very beginning to determine the profit margin gap between the building media companies.

Advertisers are expected to allocate the most important budget to the media that covers the largest target audience (different target audiences according to different delivery goals), while other channels are only supplementary to the main channel, which results in a higher publication rate for Focus Media.Interbank companies.

The publication rate determines the profit rate. If the profit rate is insufficient, it will be difficult 南京桑拿网 to expand. This is why the development of competitors in the industry has been slow for so many years.

Unless competitors can achieve the scale of coverage that matches the niche, it is difficult to break through the supplementary part, which will cause them to overlap and run in negative cycles with low publication rates and high costs.The real threat.

Earnings forecast and investment rating: Based on the company’s high income elasticity and high operating leverage characteristics, we divide the company’s performance and estimates based on the recovery of gross profit margins into pessimistic, neutral, and optimistic conditions.

Based on the performance level of the neutral facts, the company’s revenue for 2019/2020/2021 is 116.



5.1 billion, a growth of -20 in ten years.

2% / 20.

7% / 16.

0%, net profit attributable to mother is 17.



54 ppm, a ten-year increase of -69.

2% / 87.

3% / 32.

6%, corresponding to PE estimates are 43.



70 times.

In pessimism, neutrality, and optimism, the next DCF estimates are 889 trillion, 1026 trillion, and 1174 trillion, respectively, corresponding to 6.

06, 6.

99, 8.

00 yuan / share, currently 78.8 billion yuan, 5.The market price of 37 yuan / share is even lower than the conservative estimate under the pessimistic assumption, so it is attractive and maintains a “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: Macroeconomic volatility exceeds expectations, competition intensifies, and repayment is unfavorable

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China Railway Construction (601186) Q3 order review in 2019: Q3 order speeds up again, infrastructure recovery company’s performance expected

Matters: The company announced the first three quarters of 2019 orders: 19Q1-Q3 gradually new transformation orders 11152.

34 trillion, +25 for ten years.

07%, a gradual increase of 7 compared with the second quarter.

07 pp, the highest value since 2018.

Looking at each quarter, Q1-Q3 each quarter is 6.

3%, 27.

99%, 40.

30%, especially in the third quarter.

  Comment: Q3 orders speed up again, ample orders to escort the company’s performance: 19Q1-Q3, the company gradually changed the new order 11152.

34 trillion, +25 for ten years.

07%, a gradual increase of 7 compared with the second quarter.

07 pp, an increase of 25 pp from earlier Q1 to Q3.

In terms of quarters, Q1-Q3 had a single unit of 297.4 billion / 421.3 billion / 396.5 billion in the new quarter, and the single-season alternation was +6.

30% / + 27.

99% / + 40.

30%, Q3 orders are accelerated again. We believe that it is mainly the restoration of infrastructure and the acceleration of major projects, especially railway and highway projects with revenue characteristics.

In terms of 重庆耍耍网 regions, the number of new years in the country is 10,165.

87 trillion, gradually extended by +24.

71%, new chronic single overseas 986.

48ppm, up to 28 per year.

97%, domestic and overseas orders increased simultaneously.

  Many orders have blossomed, and the highway has improved significantly. In terms of business types, the company’s engineering contract orders have grown strongly, and new 9518 contracts have been gradually signed.

9.3 billion, accounting for 85.

35%, +30 per year.

30%, of which, railway orders are gradually extended by +14.

78%, a narrower increase than Q23.

8 pp, highway order improvement is the most obvious, the cumulative extension of +26.

70%, an increase of 25% over Q2.

91 pages.

We believe that the rapid growth of engineering contract business orders is mainly due to the following: 1) In the 18Q1-Q3 years, the engineering contracting / railway / highway transformation growth rates are each 2.

92% /-0.

25% /-23.

43%; 2) The traffic construction layout has been accelerated since August, and investment approval has reached a peak, especially in the transportation sector. The policy scale is good for the company’s business.

Among other businesses, the survey and design, real estate development and logistics businesses also ushered in improvements, each with a transition period of -25.

83%, +5.

26%, +5.

64%, an increase of 9% over the previous Q2.

0, 8.16, 5.

01 pp; industrial manufacturing continued to expand, new extensions increased by a single increment of 10.

90%, an increase of 4% over Q2.

01 pp.

  With the recovery of infrastructure, the company is expected to take advantage of the momentum: we still adhere to the previous investment logic: 1) real estate policy is still tightening, the growth rate of manufacturing industry is not changing, and infrastructure will become an important player under the counter-cyclical adjustment.

  According to the investment data released in September last week, generalized infrastructure recovered weakly for two consecutive months, gradually increasing the growth rate by 0.

25 pp to 3.

49%; 2) The transportation sector is an important focus of this round of infrastructure restoration. The “Western Land and Sea New Corridor Master Plan”, “An Outline for the Construction of a Powerful Country for Transportation”, “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Special Railway Lines” and other documents have been passed.Signal, but the data-side transportation investment has achieved phase growth. We believe that it is mainly due to policy lag and construction progress. Transportation investment is expected to recover from the fourth quarter of this year to the first quarter of next year. 3) The company has abundant orders and new high-speed growth.With more blossoms, the company is expected to be repaired through the expected improvement in infrastructure.

  Earnings forecast and rating: We maintain our company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021.

51, 1.

68, 1.

85 yuan, calculated PE is 6x, 6x, 5x.

Infrastructure continued to recover, benefiting from gradual investment, the company’s single-quarter order growth rate reached a new high in recent years, and overlapping orders ensured stable growth in the next few years; we believe that infrastructure recovery and high order growth have brought expected repairs, Give 2020 target PE is 8 times, raise target price to 13.

2 yuan, at the same time raised to “strong push” level.

  Risk reminder: The macro economy fails to meet expectations, the infrastructure growth rate does not meet expectations, and the project advancement fails to meet expectations.

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Supor (002032): Revenue performance in line with expectations Domestic high-quality small household appliances leader
This report reads: The third quarter’重庆耍耍网s revenue performance is in line with expectations. The company is a high-quality domestic leader in small household appliances. The long-term growth logic of its category expansion is clear. The future performance growth is highly certain. Investment Highlights: Reduce earnings forecast, maintain target price, and maintain a “cautious increase” rating.The income performance was in line with expectations, the long-term growth logic of category expansion was clear, and the future performance growth was highly certain.Domestic sales demand was sluggish in the second half of the year, and the EPS forecast for 2019-2021 was lowered to 2.33/2.65/3.05 yuan (the original value is 2.45/2.91/3.52 yuan -5% /-9% /-13%), the company’s advantages as a domestic small household appliances leader continues to strengthen, maintaining a target price 深圳桑拿网 of 77.05 yuan, corresponding to 33xPE in 2019, cautious increase in holdings. Q3 revenue performance was in line with expectations.19Q3 income 50.6.1 billion (+11.36%), net profit attributable to mother4.100 million (+12.41%).5.0 billion (+17.68%), gross profit margin 30.48% (+0.40pct), net interest rate 8.11% (+0.08pct).19Q1-Q3 progressive income 148.96 billion (+11.22%), net profit attributable to mother 12.4.8 billion (+13.04%).22 billion (+16.18%), gross margin is 30.67% (-0.05pct), net interest rate 8.38% (+0.13pct). Q3 revenue grew steadily, and gross profit margin increased.In Q3, the number of domestic sales increased in a single quarter, and the double-digit growth in external sales increased; by product, the growth rate of electrical appliances was higher than that of cookware.The decline in the price of raw materials and the adjustment of the product structure increased the gross profit margin of Q3 by 0.4pct.The company increased credit support for dealers, and the accounts receivable at the end of the third quarter increased by 17.16%, advance receipts fell 31.49%.The growth of export sales has accelerated, and overseas expansion has accelerated, with inventory falling by 21 each year.28%. It is a high-quality domestic leader in small household appliances, and the long-term growth logic of category expansion is clear.It is expected that domestic sales will grow steadily in the fourth quarter, and there will be no pressure on the completion of indicators for related-party transactions in 19 years; Shaoxing subsidiaries will gradually return and confirm in Q4, which will contribute to the growth of performance.In the long run, the company is a high-quality domestic leader in small household appliances, and its long-term growth logic is clear. Core risks: The growth rate of overseas demand and the expansion of domestic sales categories are less than expected.

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Crane Pose Yoga

To achieve the desired effect of yoga practice, you must carefully master the skills of each set of movements. Although you will find that the postures of yoga are actually various in the process of yoga learning, it is easier to use yoga postures for many young and old.Mastering the skills, this allows us to get exercise in simple leisure.

Let’s start today’s learning-crane.

  Sanskrit name: Bakasana English name: Crane Pose Chinese name: Crane-type arm balance posture: able to coordinate and strengthen human organs and arms, and internal organs contract during the posture (bahk-AHS-anna) baka = crane efficiency-strong arms and wrists  -Contraction of the back-Strong abdominal muscles-Opening the groin-Coordination of abdominal organ contraindications / warnings-Pregnancy exercises 1, feet close together, squatting on the ground

The soles and heels should be completely on the ground.

Lift the top from the ground to maintain balance.

  2. The knees are axially separated, and the trunk is bent forward.

  3. Exhale, bend around the bent knees, place your hands and palms on the ground.

  4. Bend your elbows, your heels off the ground, and bend your yoga torso forward, leaning your tibia against the back of your upper arms, near your armpits.

With two or three breaths.

  5. Exhale, lean forward, lift your toes off the ground.

  6, the whole body is straightened, the entire body is close to the hands to maintain balance.

  7. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds. Breathe normally, exhale, bend your elbows, lower your torso, relax your legs, and squat on the ground to relax.

  Beginner Tips Beginners need to get their heels and benches trying to get closer and tighter when practicing Bakasana.

When you are ready to lift your feet off the ground, push the ground with your hands and retract the groin towards the pelvis.

  Yoga is a systematic science, a kind of exercise method that achieves the unity of the body, mind, and spirit.

Through scientific learning and exercise, not only can we improve our physical, mental, moral and spiritual aspects, but also help us to realize our full potential.

To improve people’s mental, physical, spiritual and emotional abilities, start with yoga practice.

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Baby also has to create

Develop the fine movements of the training hands, so that the baby can stimulate the development of the brain through game activities, thereby promoting the development and improvement of the baby’s potential and opening the door to the baby’s wisdom.

  As the saying goes, “the mind is handy”, the hand is an important organ for the baby to recognize the world around him.

It is found in the research results of brain science that nearly 50,000 nerve cells in the brain control the human trunk, and 40% of them control the development of the body.

Develop the fine movements of the training hands, so that the baby can stimulate the development of the brain through game activities, thereby promoting the development and improvement of the baby’s potential and opening the door to the baby’s wisdom.
  The development of fine movements mainly refers to the development of hand functions, and also includes the development of mouth, foot and other movements.

As your baby’s favorite person, do you know your baby’s development status?

  The fine movements of the hand are now broken down into 12 basic movements. Can your baby reach the corresponding indicators during the corresponding hand development period?

  0-1 years: gripping motion; grasping motion; fiddle with motion; upside down motion.

  1-2 years old: pinching action; stacking square wood; turning book.

  2-3 years old: holding a pen; buckle; origami.

  3-4 years: jigsaw action; use chopsticks.

  Tips: Abnormal signals related to baby’s small hand movement development. Normal babies showed a fisting gesture 3 months ago. After 3 months, they should be able to open freely. If the thumb is retracted, the gesture is abnormal.

  ★ Normal babies always put items that can be grasped in their mouths (including their own hands and feet) from 6-12 months, but babies with mental disorders will start after 2 years of age.

  ★ Normal babies do not drop things they like on the ground when they are 1 year and 4 months old (excluding items that the baby does not like).

  When the baby has the above performance, parents should pay enough attention to it, and it is necessary to go to a child health institution for inspection.

  Dexterous little hand game 0-1 years old, the baby can catch and shake and play: Give the baby a toy that can grasp the shake, and it is best to make a sound.

Such as: hand bell, let your baby grasp shaking, because the sound stimulates the baby will be very interested.

  Take it out to see how to play: Draw a hole in a clean small cardboard box (the baby’s small hand can be easily accessed), put the baby’s favorite toys in front of the baby, such as building blocks, scarves, paper strips, or can be issuedSound toys etc.

Encourage your baby to take the initiative out of the hole.

Exercise your baby’s little hand grasping ability, and promote the development of baby’s finger perception.

  Tips: The game should provide sufficient opportunities for activities. All 10 little fingers should be exercised and both hands should be exercised to promote the balanced development of the left and right brains of the baby.

  1-2 year-old babies make full use of the beautiful imprinting of their fingers and wrists: give the baby white paper and crayons, and let the baby “place” draw dots, lines, and curves.

At this time, parents can help the baby to give these beautiful imprints names, such as: ticking raindrops, long trains, cute snails, so that children unconsciously replace the corresponding names, and promote the baby’s conscious thinking development.

At the same time, you can exercise your baby’s hand-eye coordination and color sensitivity.

  How to play with high height: Guide your baby to high the building blocks. During the process of high building, the baby will carefully control the movements of his hands to prevent the building blocks from falling down and improve the accuracy of the baby’s hands.

When the building blocks collapse, let the baby experience the changes of accumulation and spread, and lay a good foundation for the baby to gradually master the change of the object space.

You can play the bridge game on the basis of your baby mastering 4 or 5 blocks.

  Tips: The flexible cooperation of training your baby’s small hands and wrists should be based on the principle of gradual and gradual progress. It is more important to keep the baby’s good hands-on mood than what the baby can accomplish.

  The strength of 2-3 year-old baby’s little hand increases the beaded play: Beaded toys can be used to practice your baby’s piercing ability.

This is to improve the baby’s ability to coordinate with both hands.

You can wear larger toys first, and the perforations gradually become smaller.

The smaller the hole is, the flaw is here, and the accuracy of the baby can be required.

This game can improve your baby’s attention.

  Rotating gameplay: Let your baby screw clean mineral water bottle caps, empty medicine bottle caps, etc.

The brightness of 5 fingers increased.

After the baby masters the screwing technique, he can give the baby 2-3 different bottles and bottle caps, let the baby find the corresponding bottle caps to play, and improve the baby’s attention and observation ability.

  Tips: Encourage your baby to do things on her own, such as wearing shoes, socks, clothes, eating with a spoon, and drinking with a cup.

While improving the baby’s hands-on ability, it also promotes the development of baby’s self-service ability.  3-4 year old babies create their own cut-and-paste gameplay: cut old pics and re-paste again (be careful when cutting paper).

Improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination while stimulating your creative potential.

  Peas play: Ask your baby to practice using chopsticks.

At first, it can be rough, and the volume is elongated.

Such as: small building blocks, popcorn, paper balls.

Gradually change from large to small, from rough to smooth.

The pindou game requires the baby’s fingers, wrists, trans-articular joints and muscles to cooperate to stimulate the coordinated and coordinated development of the brain’s nervous system.

  Tips: Because the development of each baby’s motor ability is uneven, and these fine games need to gradually exercise success in continuous failure, so we should promptly encourage the baby’s progress.

Parents can play with their babies and launch games to stimulate their hands-on interest.

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Eat radish is good for health

Radish is a vegetable that people often eat in winter.

Every 100 grams of radish contains 0 protein.

8 grams, aunt 0.

1 gram, dietary fiber 0.

6 grams, 4 grams of sugar, vitamin A3 traces, vitamin B10.

03 mg, vitamin B20.

06 mg, vitamin E1 mg, vitamin C18 mg, potassium 178 mg, sodium 60 mg, calcium 56 mg, iron 0.

3 mg, zinc 0.

13 milligrams, 34 micrograms of phosphorus, and other ingredients required by people such as amylase and oxidase, eating radish often is good for the human body.

  Radish also has a certain medicinal value.

In the “Compendium of Materia Medica” by the medical scientist Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, it was recorded that radish tastes Ganxin, non-toxic, stagnation of alcohol, detoxification, and blood stasis.

Consumption of radishes has effects of digestion, smoothing air, resolving phlegm, relieving cough, diuretic, and tonic.

Medical research has found that radish has certain anti-cancer functions.

The cellulose contained in radish can improve the function of macrophages to engulf germs and microorganisms, and enhance the anti-cancer ability of the human body; the amylase contained in radish can break down the carcinogen nitrosamine, which has anti-cancer effect;The biological agent has the effect of resisting virus infection, activating natural killing cell activity and inhibiting malignant tumor.

Raw radish juice stimulates the cells of the upper digestive tract to induce interferon, thereby reducing the chance of developing gastrointestinal cancer.

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Summer is not a “light” mistake

When talking about diet in the summer, the word “light” became popular, and articles on “light” were numerous.
In order to carry out the “light route”, the fish and poultry eggs that I used to eat often are rarely eaten; even the milk that I usually drink every day has stopped, and it is said that drinking the milk is “hot”. Many people also reduce the number of dietNow, it has a taste of “shrinking food”.
As a result of this, many people’s physiques have fallen rapidly, weight loss, wasting and fatigue, their ability to resist high temperatures and diseases, their work and study efficiency have decreased, and some people even have a “summer summer” phenomenon.
In summer, people’s body consumption exceeds the spring, autumn, and winter seasons. In addition, people’s poor sleep and rest quality in summer requires more nutrition to support them.
If you blindly follow the “light line”, eat less or even more nutritious foods, and reduce your diet, the result will inevitably make ends meet, which will lead to a great decline in physical fitness.
Of course, if “light” just means eating more hygienic, not eating too much greasy food, eating more fruits and drinking more water, then it makes sense.
The human body must adapt to changes in the natural environment and seasonal climate. Summer is characterized by “hotness”, so the key to health is “clearness”.
  Thoughts should be quiet: in the hot summer heat, people are prone to sultry and irritability.
So first of all, you must calm down your mind, be calm and calm, avoid violent temper, and jump into trouble when you are in trouble. Because of irritability and heat, you must prevent internal fire.
Maintaining a light-hearted attitude will lead to peace and tranquility, to avoid anxiety, tension and other negative emotions affecting normal life and induce the occurrence of various diseases.
  The diet should be light: the diet of the hot summer should be light and soft, easy to digest, and eat less high fat and thick taste and spicy hot things.
A light diet can clear heat, prevent heatstroke, gather sweat, rehydrate, and increase appetite.
Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can not only meet the required nutrition, but also prevent heat stroke.
Staple food is appropriate, such as mung bean porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on.
You can also drink some cool drinks, such as plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.
But the cold drink should be moderate, do not favor cold and cold products, otherwise it will hurt the sun and damage the body.
In addition, eat some vinegar, can not only Shengjin appetizers, but also inhibit the killing of germs and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
  Amusement should be quiet: You shouldn’t travel long distances in the hot summer.
In the morning, the dawn is shining, and the air is fresh. You can take a walk in the lush garden to exercise, and rejuvenate.
In the evening, if you stroll along the banks of rivers and lakes, the cool breeze will make your heart feel like water, and you will feel as if you are dreaming.
  The room should be cool: morning and evening the indoor temperature is low, the doors and windows should be opened, ventilated.
At noon, the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature. Doors and windows should be closed tightly and curtains pulled up.
The shady environment will make people calm down.

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The league’s three health basketball masters, Harden’s most intelligent Zhanhuanghuang is the most relaxed, and the other is miserable!

When it comes to health basketball, the first person you think of is Harden or James. After all, the whole league can still have such excellent performance in the case of playing basketball, I am afraid that only a single person is really no one!

Harden naturally need not say more, he started playing health basketball at a young age, and he is so good that he can still play so well, and no one is jealous of him!

You said that Deng Ge is not terrible?

In fact, Deng Ge is not willing to play like this, Deng Ge also has his unspeakable hidden!

As early as the Thunder, Harden played the sixth man’s meeting, one thing made him avalanche, in a game, he did not do anything, the opposite of the Lakers Ci Shiping gave him an elbowHarden immediately fell to the ground, according to Harden’s own explanation, at the time I felt two eyes staring at Venus, dizzy, and then fell to the ground unconscious!

Basketball is poisonous, too violent will be embarrassed!

Therefore, this elbow of Cishiping made it a lot of careful after playing for Deng!

Of course, this is not the main thing. We already knew that Harden had a surgical disease. This disease can’t be cured. It can only be moderated!

Therefore, Deng Ge can not play too much. It is a bit difficult for Harden to play the whole game like James. It’s a bit difficult to play with the same game as James. But then, Deng Ge can keep it for two periods.Efficient is really not easy, the Rockets did hang the Warriors in the first half, they are really a steady pace of Paul from the championship ring!

Even the Rockets finally regretted losing, Harden’s ability to maintain basketball is not to be questioned.

In terms of health basketball, the whole league is the most unique of Harden, saying that he is not too smart to play!

He is good at playing with his mind, and he has also created a precedent for the basketball industry to touch porcelain.

Old Zhan’s health basketball is too easy. In the regular season, James can basically apply for rest in addition to important games. In the regular season, James’ team does not need to care too much about the regular season.In the case, as long as you can enter the playoffs, as for the playoffs, there is a healthy James than all the virtual!

In the playoffs, we did see how powerful James is. He showed us the all-around fighters on the stage of the playoffs!

But let’s take a closer look at James’s time. When there were a lot of expert media records, it was said that even if James played the whole game, his real effective time was only 25 minutes. The key is that James can make him in the time period.Full force!

And what about other times?

Compared to Harden, James is too easy!

He has Carrefour and other A + level teammates. The battleship that the Cavaliers boss built with the US dollar is really no joke. Although there is too much money thrown into the sea, there are also many gains, compared to Harden.For players who don’t have a lot of self-defense ability around, the teammates around James basically have the ability to attack the ball, so even James does not need to be fully active in the entire 48 minutes on the court, only need to send at critical moments.Power is enough!

There is no way for Harden to attack the offensive organization. Sometimes the low defense requires him to pay too much profit!

Paul is not here, Harden is really going to be tired of the rhythm of death, health basketball is also a way to help him save his physical strength under the fast-paced rocket system!

James is different. He has all-star teammates and too many players with the offensive ability. It’s probably the same for Lakers James next season, so James is the easiest among all the players who play basketball.of!
Compared to the players of the first two kings, the player described below is different!

At the birth of the No. 1 pick, he played a healthy basketball game. Although he can play 20+ of the season for several consecutive seasons, he also got his own maximum salary contract, and his empty body is excellent in physical fitness.He didn’t know how to use it, and he didn’t play as smart as Harden James, so unconsciously, he also became the negative textbook for health basketball!

In the recent playoffs, he is also lazy, the defense is not active, the overall situation is also general, he is interested in some simple gathering methods, and more importantly, he is a bit too degraded!

Health basketball is afraid of injury. He doesn’t have much fighting spirit on the court. He doesn’t have any desire to win. In the Wolves, he and Downs have become the team’s mysterious and old.Butler, who won the championship, was very dissatisfied with them. He said bluntly: This is a place that is unpleasant and shows his dissatisfaction with him!

The three health basketball fans have their own characteristics, but the final effect is completely different. The situation is better than Harden and James, while Wiggins is a top pick, but it has been smashed by countless fans.This is no one else!

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In the hot summer, the nutritional value of eating whole grains

Due to the rising temperature, in the hot summer days, people are prone to general malaise, loss of appetite, easy sweating, drowsiness and other symptoms.

Therefore, having a reasonable diet on this hot summer can be very helpful in alleviating the above symptoms.

Wang Cai specially collected the food and health knowledge suitable for you this summer, and tailored your summer healthy diet!

  The glutinous rice is more like a rice, so there are many places called it.

Nowadays, more people like to eat glutinous rice, because the unique living environment of glutinous rice makes it raging. It likes to grow in a damp area. In many places, glutinous rice is planted in mountains or small rivers.

  The glutinous rice is slightly cold, so it is not suitable for porridge or single consumption.

It is very suitable for soup with some foods that can shrink the warming effect. It can be stewed with chicken legs, tomatoes and glutinous rice. It is not only easy to digest, but also very good tonic.

Glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so try not to eat too much, especially for the elderly and children and people with stomach cold gastritis. When eating glutinous rice, be sure to eat moderately. Do not eat more.

  Mung bean mung bean, also known as green bean, is a mature seed of the leguminous herb, the bean, and is grown in various places.

Because of its nutrient-rich, it can be used as mung bean porridge, mung bean rice, or cake, or sprouting vegetables. It is the traditional bean food of the people, so it has the reputation of “food in the food, food in the world”.

In the hot summer days, mung bean soup is the favorite summer drink for the people.

  Note: Mung bean is cold, spleen and stomach is cold, people with insufficient kidney should not eat more, or need to be properly matched with other foods to take it regularly.

Because mung beans have the effect of detoxification, people who are eating Chinese medicine should not drink mung bean soup.

  Millet millet is also called corn, millet is hot, yellow, most spleen and stomach, good morning consumption.

At the same time, rice is cool, especially suitable for eating in the evening, you can eat more.

The surface is hot, the most invigorating, the winter is harvested in summer, and the best in summer.

Many women in the developing north have a tradition of using millet and brown sugar to nourish their bodies after birth.

The millet porridge is rich in nutrients and has the reputation of “daishen soup”.

  High-quality millet rice grain size, uniform color, milky white, yellow or golden yellow, shiny, rarely broken rice, no insects, no impurities.

  The red bean red bean is flat and sweet, because the red bean is good, the Tongli waterway, the ancients have a statement that “more food is thinner”.

Red beans contain low levels of vitamins and potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and other active ingredients. They are typical high-potassium foods. They have heat-clearing and detoxifying, spleen and stomach, diuretic swelling, ventilation and trouble, blood and raw milk.A variety of effects, in the treatment of enteritis, dysentery, diarrhea and sore swollen have a good effect.

  Every hot summer, the body is very easy to edema, drinking red bean soup is the best way to reduce swelling.

Patients with edema have less urination. For example, at the beginning, red bean soup is used as a drink. The next day, the swelling can be reduced. Even for six or seven days, it may completely dissipate.

The elderly have edema in the legs and feet in summer, and can eat red bean porridge to inhibit the recurrence of the disease.

In addition to the above various edemas, red beans can also be upset and irritated due to high temperature rise, thirst and irritability.

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