Ping An Bank (000001): Debt costs and retail non-performing loans decrease sequentially

Event On October 21, Ping An Bank announced its 2019 third quarter performance report, in which operating income increased by 18 per year.

80%, net profit attributable to mothers increases by 15 per year.


  Brief Comment 1. The single quarter growth rate of revenue and net profit was slightly higher than the previous quarter, but still maintained a high growth rate. The first three quarters of 2019 revenue was 1029.

580,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.

80%; net profit attributable to mother 236.

21 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.


From a single quarter point of view, 3Q revenues increase by 19 per year.

39%, an increase of 1 over the previous quarter.

62 averages; 3Q net profit increased by 16.

01%, an increase of 1 over the previous quarter.

40 units.

In terms of revenue structure, net interest income increased by 21.

53%, net non-interest income increases by 14 per year.


  From the perspective of profit breakdown, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 31 in the third quarter.

6.5 billion, of which 57 revenues increase each year.

06 ‰; operating expenses increase by 17.

74 ppm; retina increases by 3 per second.

4 billion.

  Profitability doubled slightly.

The statutory annualized ROE for the March 2019 quarter reached 12.

64%, an increase of 4bp over the same period last year.

The EPS is 1.

32 yuan / share, an increase of 0 over the same period last year.

18 yuan.

The BVPS is 13.

82 yuan / share, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

28 yuan.

  2, █ Net income rises 21 each year.

53%, the net interest margin rose 27bp compared to the initial period, the first three quarters of 2019 net interest income 662.

69 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.

53%; 64% of total revenue.

37%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

45 units.

Mainly due to the increase in loan size and the recovery of net interest margin.

  In the first 3 quarters, the NIM was 2.
62%, flat at the end of the second quarter and an increase of 27bp earlier.

  Among them, the interest-earning asset yield is 5.

21%, an increase of 10bp per year, mainly because the loan interest rate increased by 27bp.

Interest-bearing debt cost ratio 2.

67%, a previous decline of 23bp, mainly due to peer denial and response to the significant drop in bond cost rates of 75bp and 92bp; deposit balances rose slightly by 6bp to 2.

48%, of which the balance of structured deposits is 5095.

US $ 6.1 billion, an increase of US $ 70.6 billion compared with the end of the previous two quarters. It is expected that under the policy supervision of the “Notice on Regulating Structured Deposits” in the fourth quarter, the balance of structured deposits will improve, leading to a reduction in the cost of savings.

  Non-interest income in the first three quarters of 2019 was 366.

89 ‰, an increase of 14 per year.

17%; including 278 net fees and commission income.

31 ppm, an increase of 17 per year.

41%; 27% of total revenue.

03%, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.

32 units.

  3. The non-performing ratio remained stable, and the provision coverage ratio increased significantly. The loans and advances in the first three quarters were consolidated2.

15 trillion yuan, an increase of 7 from the beginning of the year.

69%, the balance of non-performing loans was 361.

2.7 billion, an increase of 12 over the beginning of the year.

2.2 billion, bad consequences1.

68%, which was flat at the end of the earlier quarter and fell 7bp earlier.

Concerned loans accounted for 19Q3 2.

39%, down 9bp and 19bp respectively from the end and the first two quarters.

  Provision coverage in the first three quarters was 186.

18%, an increase of 30 from the beginning of the year.

94 units.

The ratio of loan to loan in the first three quarters was three.

13%, an increase of 0 from the beginning of the year.

43 units.

  4. The current capital adequacy ratio has increased due to the compulsory conversion of convertible bonds. By the end of the third quarter of 2019, the core tier one, tier one and capital adequacy ratios were 9, respectively.

75%, 10.

54% and 13.

36%, a change of 121bp, 115bp, and 186bp from the beginning of the year; mainly because Ping An Bank’s 26 billion convertible bonds triggered compulsory redemption clauses in the third quarter.

  5. The proportion of retail loans continued to increase, and the retail non-performing ratio decreased by 2bp from the end of the second quarter. At the end of the third quarter, Ping An Bank consolidated loans and advances by 21511.

670,000 yuan, an increase of 7 from the end of last year.

7%, of which retail loans accounted for 59.

2%, an increase of 0 at the end of the previous quarter and the end of the previous year.

4 and 1.

4 units, retail loan NPL ratio 1.

07%, which was 2bp lower at the end of the earlier quarter and remained stable earlier.
Among them, the balances of housing mortgage loans, new loans, auto finance loans, credit cards and other types of retail loans changed earlier respectively4.
86%, 1.

05%, -2.

18%, 9.

66% and 38.

76%, auto finance loans were mainly affected by the downturn in the auto industry this year; except for other types of 杭州桑拿 retail loan non-performing ratios, which rose significantly to 60bp, other retail loan business non-performing ratios all increased slightly by 3bp to 19bp earlier.

  The number of retail AUM and retail customers is 1.

87 trillion and 93.66 million households, an increase of 32% and 12% respectively over the beginning of the year.

  6. Investment recommendations From the March quarterly results of March 2019, Ping An Bank’s revenue and return to net profit have maintained a high growth rate; the return on assets has risen and the cost of losses has driven NIM to rise, and asset quality continues to rise in loan yieldsAt the same time, it maintained stability, in which the retail transformation continued to deepen, and the proportion of retail loans continued to increase.

We have just released Ping An Bank’s in-depth report, “Apparent Improvement, and Estimates of Conversion.” We believe that Ping An’s improvement is reflected in three aspects: First, the increase in the placement of corporate loans will reduce the cost ratio on the debt side.

The compulsory conversion of 26 billion convertible bonds will increase the capital adequacy ratio by about 1%. After the increase of core tier one capital, Ping An will increase the issuance of public debt. Under the strategic arrangement of fine-tuning the public, it has a strong ability to derive public debt deposits and depositsThe pressure on the debt side has eased, and the debt-side cost rate will decline steadily, which is expected to be seen in the annual report.

  Second, the income side will also rise steadily, and the growth rate of net profit will exceed expectations.

The proportion of retail loans reached 59%, high yields can be maintained, and through retail distribution volume reduction, structure optimization, risk reduction, and risk will be reduced.

The revenue side will rise steadily in the future.

  Third, the asset side will also improve steadily.

All loans overdue for 90 days are counted as non-performing loans. In the future, the proportion of overdue loans in total loans will also decline steadily, the risk of stocks will continue to decline, and the asset side will improve significantly.

Therefore, no matter it is the cost side, the income side or the asset side, Ping An Bank can see improvement.

These will be reflected in the recovery of ROE, and ROE is expected to reset 12.

4% rebounded to about 14%, raising its valuation.

  The company’s 2019 PB estimates are currently undervalued.

Short-term market prices and their retail non-performing ratios, compensation costs, and other issues, these reductions will be significantly alleviated, and Ping An’s estimates will rise steadily.

  We forecast a 19-year growth in operating income of 19/20.

51% / 22.

22%, net profit increases by 16 every year.

02% / 17.

62%, earnings per share were 1.


75 yuan, BVPS is 14.


91 yuan, PE is 11.


68, PB is 1.


06, maintain BUY rating, 6-month target price maintained at 22 yuan.

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Jiayou International (603871) Annual Report Comments: Annual Report Meets Expectations Maintain “Buy” Rating

The annual report is in line with expectations. Maintaining a “Buy” rating and target price in 2018, Jiayou International achieved net profit2.

700 million (+30.

9%), the preview interval is 2.


800 million, in line with expectations.

Considering the gradual volume increase in the Mongolian and African markets, we forecast the company’s EPS in 19/20/21 to be 3.



99 yuan, maintain Jiayou International “Buy” rating and target price range of 74.


30 yuan (corresponding to 24-24 in 19 years.

5X PE) performance was in line with expectations. Passage capacity affected 4Q18 earnings and cash flow in 2018. Jiayou International achieved net profit2.

700 million (+30.

9%), the performance forecast range is 2.


800 million, net profit after deduction to return to mother 2.

4.8 billion (+21.

9%), non-recurring gains and losses are mainly 0.

The 2.4 billion financial management income can also be seen as a regular profit and loss from a business perspective.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Jiayou International achieved a net profit of zero.

4.6 billion (+33.

4%), net profit after deduction is 0.

3.9 billion (+21.

7%), as expected.

Due to the impact of gateway capacity, the company completed approximately 200 million coking coal replacements in a timely manner in the fourth quarter, taking up 200 million prepayments, which will have a certain impact on cash flow. Corresponding to the completion of coking coal sales, we expect the company’s cash flow to return to normal.

Supply chain trade has been steadily advancing. Maintaining 500 trade volumes in 19 years, it is judged that the core type of Jiayou International’s supply chain business is ER main coking coal.

In 2018, the company achieved supply chain revenue33.

98% (+ 27%), we expect coking coal sales to rise from 300 to around 380; gross profit margin is 3.

4% (+0.


Starting in November 2018, the pass will transform the top 4Q18 and 1Q19 sales, and we expect that 2Q19 will start to gradually improve; while the company has about 800 replacement orders in hand, maintaining the 19-year coal trade 500 forecast.

The cross-border multimodal transport service has grown rapidly, and the African business has lowered its gross profit margin. In 2018, the company’s cross-border multimodal transport service revenue was 7.

30,000 yuan (+23.

4%), slightly exceeding our expectations.

深圳桑拿网The company did not disclose the detailed structure. We estimate that the logistics and warehousing income of mineral products has stabilized, and the main increase comes from the cross-border multimodal transport business.

Due to the higher freight rates in Africa and the previous price strategy, which lowered the overall gross profit margin, the company’s cross-border multimodal transport gross profit margin was 34.

5% (-4.

9pp).We expect that the gross profit margin of the African region will improve through the increase in freight volume.

Maintain “Buy” rating and target price of 74.


30 We maintain our EPS forecast for 19/203.


99 yuan, and the first date 21-year profit forecast is 4.

99 yuan, corresponding to the current expectation of 16.



4X PE.

Correspondence to A-share logistics companies on the 22nd of 19th.

7X PE is the benchmark, referring to the evaluation system of overseas companies, and considering the industry space, the moat and the disadvantaged, we give Jiayou International 19-24-24.

5X PE (premium 6% -8%); Maintain Jiayou International’s “Buy” rating and target price of 74.


30 yuan.

Potential catalysts include: the “Belt and Road” summit, the implementation of African projects, the heavy volume of carless carriers and domestic multimodal transport operations.

Risk reminders: 1) Global macro and geopolitical risks: 2) Business expansion risks; 3) Customer concentration and new customer expansion risks; 4) Risk policy risks; 5) Evaluation risks.

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Review of Perfect World (002624) Annual Report 2018 and First Quarter Report 2019: “Perfect World” Performs Better than Expected

Event: 南京桑拿网 The company released its 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report.

Opinion: Net profit of Q1 in 19 was slightly higher than the upper limit of performance forecast.

The company achieved operating income of 80 in 2018.

34 ppm, an increase of ten years.


The sharp increase in initial revenue was mainly affected by the version policy, the pace of new product launches moved backwards, and the disposal of cinema assets in July last year.

In terms of profit, in 2018, the company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in 201817.

0.6 million yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

38%, net profit after deduction to return to mother 14.

47 ppm, a 10-year increase3.


The conversion of key products in 2019 was launched in early March, driving the company’s revenue and profits to rebound.

Q1 achieved operating income of 20.

42 billion, an annual increase of 13.

26%. Excluding the impact of the theater business, the company’s game and film and television business revenue actually increased by 32.


Q1 returns to net profit of the mother 3.

8.6 billion, an increase of 34 in ten years.

95%, net profit after deduction 4

63 ppm, an increase of 56 in ten years.


In Q1, the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers was slightly higher than the upper limit of the first quarter performance forecast. The performance of the key product “Perfect World” mobile games slightly exceeded our expectations.

“Perfect World” mobile game performance exceeded market expectations, thickening the company’s performance In March 2019, the company’s key product “Perfect World Mobile Game” was officially launched. The first month of sales is expected to exceed 1 billion, and it will be online for nearly two months.The position of TOP2 on the best-selling list, we expect the game to contribute more than 3 billion in the company’s first-month revenue.

At the same time, considering the IP influence of the “Perfect World” end-game also occurring overseas, the overseas distribution space is also huge, and it is worth looking forward to.

Investment advice and profit forecasting The company is warped among the top domestic boutique game developers, starting from end-games, and has developed research and development expertise in the second echelon outside Tencent NetEase, creating the company’s core competition barriers.

We believe that the company will greatly benefit from the arrival of the era when products are king.

At present, the company ‘s key product “Perfect World” performed slightly better than market expectations in the first two months, becoming the biggest explosion in the current 19 years, and continued to verify the company ‘s excellent R & D capabilities.

We estimate that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 1.



04, the corresponding PE is 17/15/14 times, and the level is raised to “buy”.

Risks remind that the transition of old products is too fast, the key new game products are less than expected, and the policy risks

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Liugang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (601003) Annual Report Commentary Report: Product Price Advantages Extend Regional Advantages, Company Profits Hit Record High

Incident March 28, the company released the “2018 Annual Report”, the company achieved operating income of 473 in 2018.

$ 5.1 billion, an annual increase of 13.

94%; net profit attributable to mother 46.

100,000 yuan, an increase of 74 in ten years.

20%; EPS1 achieved.

80 yuan, an annual increase of 74.

21%; ROE is 52.

64%, an increase of 7 per year.

94 units; the company’s initial production of iron, steel, and steel were 1215 leads, 1308 leads, and 765 leads, which continued to grow5.

65%, 6.

34%, 5.


  Long products accounted for high prices and high prices. The company’s main products included long products.

According to the company’s annual report, the company’s medium section, small section and billet realized operating income in 20181.

9.3 billion, 238.

4.4 billion, 147.

3.3 billion, accounting for 0% of total revenue.

41%, 49.

51%, 31.


According to the long product price index calculated by the China Iron and Steel Association, the average 2018 value is 121.

85, an increase of 8 compared with 2017.


The initial price maintained at a high level drove the company’s performance growth.

  Being located in the “Guangdong and Guangxi” areas helps to benefit the Greater Bay Area Construction Company. It is located in Guangxi Province, and its main markets are Guangxi Province and Guangdong Province.

According to the annual report, the company achieved operating income of 345 in Guangxi and Guangdong.

9.9 billion and 61.

1.4 billion, accounting for 85 percent of total revenue.


Large-scale, long products transportation. Cargo shipments to the company’s products are mainly sold in and around Guangxi Province; reorganization, the price of products in Guangdong with strong demand is higher than in other regions, and the transportation of company products to Guangdong can be carried by water, logistics costsaverage value.

As the company’s main sales area, Guangdong Province will further expand the market space in the construction of the “Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau” Greater Bay Area. The company’s products will be mostly used in the construction sector. It will help to benefit from the construction of the Greater Bay Area in the future, support the 南宁桑拿 company’s product prices, and stabilizecompany achievements.
  The asset-liability ratio decreased and the expense ratio increased. Until 2018, the company’s asset-liability ratio was 57.

80%, down 11 percentage points previously.

In terms of expense ratio and financial expenses, the company’s consolidated financial expenses increased by 208.

99%, but mainly due to the impact of exchange losses, the net exchange loss for the year1.

530,000 yuan, net exchange gains for the same period in 20172.

16 trillion US dollars, budget expenditures are reduced by 89.27 trillion yuan each year; sales expenses are increased by 32 each year.

26%, mainly due to labor costs, transportation costs increase each year; management costs increase 47%.96%, labor costs, rental fees increase in ten years.

  Investment suggestion The company is located in the two regions of Guangdong and Guangdong. The regional market demand is strong. The merger of the future construction of the Greater Bay Area will continue to stimulate the demand side, and the company’s future profit will be supported.

Considering that the task of reducing production capacity is completed in advance, the supply and demand will remain stable with each other. It is expected that the company’s performance will be mainly stable in the future. We will change the company’s EPS from 1 to 2019.


12 is adjusted to 1.


87 yuan, EPS is 1 in 2021.

84. Maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: The construction of the Greater Bay Area has fallen short of expectations, and raw material prices have fluctuated significantly.

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Why white-collar workers are inextricably linked to depression

At present, depression is the most common in psychological problems. In fact, physical colds are the same. Depression is called “psychological cold”.

People in depression may feel depressed and depressed, and may even be inspired by some general life events, but the depressed mood is difficult to recover, and they always feel “boring”, “boring”, and have no joy in their hearts.

  People in depression will find themselves lazy, and the secretary will always lack the courage and aggressiveness that he should have before, hesitate to hesitate, and lack internal motivation.

Fatigue, boringness, and general discomfort are not a feature of depression. General discomfort is real, but it is often difficult to describe. It is even more difficult to tell others for understanding, because the routine physical examination results are usually normal.

  Poor sleep is another significant feature of depressed people. They often wake up early and wake up several times in the middle of the night.

Sometimes after waking up, I can’t sleep anymore, thinking wildly until dawn.

The vicious circle of not sleeping well, eating uncomfortable, and being immobile is also formed.

Depressed people will become lonely and self-confident. They treat the environment, themselves, and the future as useless. Some people even have the idea of being tired of the world.

Often, the main reason for everyone not to dare to face depression is the lack of understanding of depression. They replace depression, depressive neurosis and psychotic depression.

Hearing depression is linked to severe mental illness.

In fact, this is not the case, the most common is depression.

For “white-collar” people, understanding and acknowledging that they are in a state of depression should also be a quality they pursue for their mental health.

If you find that you have symptoms of depression, you should raise awareness and take the initiative to go to the hospital to receive treatment from a psychologist, which is conducive to the timely resolution of depression.

One issue that needs to be reminded is not to overestimate the efficacy of self-adjustment.

Because there is a certain scope and degree of self-adaptation.

Failure to do so will delay the timing and worsen the depression.

  There are medications and psychological treatments for treating depression.

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is a kind of psychological treatment with significant effect in treating depression.

Of course, psychotherapy also has its indications, and the corresponding treatment methods need to be implemented according to the different conditions of patients, conditions, and doctors.

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Kindergarten syndrome for children

Question: Why does the baby pretend not to go to kindergarten?

  My baby is more than 2 years old. Recently I said that I was sick in order not to go to kindergarten. What should I do?

  Answer: For a 2-year-old child, it is normal to be reluctant to go to kindergarten.

He may lie in bed in the morning and refuse to wear clothes; crying and making loud noises on the road; hug you at the gate of the kindergarten, or even pretend to be sick . will think of various ways.

  Obviously, the baby needs the attention of an adult, and separation from his mother is painful for him.

He was likely to be with his mother at first, rather than wanting to go to kindergarten.

Of course, it is not feasible to accompany him every day at home. It is not good for the baby to think that whenever he does not want to go, he does not need to go to kindergarten.

So once you confirm that your baby is not really sick, change him to kindergarten as usual.

  The mother must also think about whether she spends too little time with her baby during this time.

Is it possible to get up early so that there will be more time to snuggle with the baby, accompany him to read a book, make a small game or something, the baby may be better, no longer resist going to kindergarten.

  In addition to the above reasons, the mother can also think about whether the baby refuses to go to the kindergarten because he does not adapt to the environment and rules of the kindergarten, or the equipment in the kindergarten does not meet his age.

  If it is not the above problem, before the other children come, you can take your baby to the kindergarten for a few minutes to play with him for a while, this can also relieve the pressure that the kindergarten brings to the baby.

During this time, the baby also has the opportunity to get the “special” attention of the teacher without having to “compete” the teacher’s attention with other children.

  In addition, you can ask the teacher to help the baby pair, arrange a child to sit next to him, eat snacks and play games together.

A small partner can also leave home. The baby who leaves the mother feels more comfortable and is more willing to go to kindergarten.

  Question: Does the baby always bring home kindergarten toys?

  My baby is also 2 years old, and recently I always bring things that are not his own, kindergarten toys home.

  Answer: A 2-year-old baby doesn’t understand that things that are not his own cannot be taken for himself, so don’t put a “thief” label on the baby, and there is no need to force the baby to avoid an apology.

  However, no matter how much the baby says he likes this toy, be sure to tell the baby that the toy is not his, and then guide him to return the toy.

  You can use the “empathy” method to let your baby think about “the toys in the classroom are gone, how sad the kindergarten teacher is, should I return the toys?”

  ”It turns out that not everything I want, I can have”, the baby cannot accept it all at once, but this is a good opportunity to explain this problem to him.

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Beloved girl, beware of piercing you!

Wearing a pair of delicate earrings that complement each other’s clothing is sure to add a landscape that sways in your ears.

Now, some fashion-conscious young people even wear earrings on the earlobe, pierced ears above the ears (the ribs on the outer edge of the auricle), and wear cool and cool earrings.

In the process, experts reminded that piercing the ears above the ears may cause incurable infections and cause permanent ear deformation, not to mention any charm.

  Wound infections have to be operated, according to the Associated Press. Earlier in February, four teenage boys in the United States were forced to undergo an ear resection, because after they pierced the ear hole above their ears, the wound site became infected and passed antibiotics.The treatment still couldn’t heal, so I had to have surgery.

These young people are pierced in a jewelry store.


Dr. Rosey is an authority in the field of plastic surgery for adolescents. When he mentioned this, he was very sorry: “In fact, not only the United States, Britain, but also many countries have experienced cases of pierced ear infections. Often boys are more severe than girls.

Boys prefer to pierce the ears and show off who wears multiple.

And they don’t worry about wound care at all and don’t pay attention to hygiene.

“Piercing holes in the upper ear are very painful. Complication earrings have been popular for a short time. Why has this serious ear infection occurred in recent years?

The reporter reported interviewing Ms. Kate from the Georgia Plastic Surgery Association.

  Ms. Kate said that there must be wounds in the pierced ears, which will inevitably lead to infections, which can usually be treated with antibiotics.

However, because the outer ear is mainly composed of plasma, the blood volume of the outer ear is small in the entire head organ, and it is difficult to see the effect with antibiotic treatment.

The soft blood circulation in the upper part of the ear is worse than that of the earlobe, so the probability of infection of bacteria after puncture is also greater than that of the earlobe.

  Once the ear infection expands, it develops into suppurative sinusitis, and even when the auricle is necrotic, surgery must be performed.

  Ms. Kate said that in fact, it is much more painful to pierce the hole above the ear than to pierce the earlobe.

It’s really not worth it to endure the pain and pursue the fashion, but at the same time risk the serious infection.

  Ear piercings should go to professional hospitals. American epidemiologist Keane advises young people who want to be different: If you have to pierce your ears, you must first understand the danger, and you must pay attention to maintaining perforation.Local hygiene.

  Ms. Kate told reporters: No matter which part of the ear to pierce, in fact, it should be a “very particular” thing, you must go to a professional plastic surgery hospital for surgery.

  It is cheap and time-saving to pierce small shops, but there is no sanitation guarantee.

Strength, the clerk is not a professional, the technology is good and bad.

At the same time, the operating tools are not clean, and if the spray gun or needle used for piercing the ear is not disinfected thoroughly, it will become a carrier of infectious diseases.

The serious infection in the United States was due to the bacteria in the jewelry store’s bottle of disinfectant used to disinfect the jewelry.

  In addition, before piercing the ears and before the wound is healed, it is best to apply anti-inflammatory drugs daily to reduce the chance of infection.

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Frowning can be prevented with diet therapy

The average growth period of eyebrows is about 150 days, so natural replacement is a normal physiological phenomenon.

But there are other factors that cause eyebrow loss, such as hypothyroidism, secondary syphilis, anterior pituitary dysfunction, zinc deficiency in the body, etc. Because of chronic stress and anxiety, it can also cause eyebrow loss. These are notnormal phenomenon.

In addition to active treatment based on the cause, diet can also be used to regulate brows.

  Eating iodine food trace element iodine can stimulate the thyroid gland to secrete thyroid hormone and normalize thyroid function.

Those with eyebrows caused by hypothyroidism may eat more foods such as kelp, laver, sea cucumber and so on.

  Eat zinc foods. When the body is deficient in zinc, hair follicles are reduced, and the density of subcutaneous collagen tissue is reduced. The eyebrows should be eaten more, such as nuts, animal liver, lean meat, milk, eggs, etc.

  Insufficient copper injected into copper-containing foods can cause stagnation or replacement.

Therefore, you should eat copper sulfate foods, such as nuts, seafood, cereals, dried beans and animal liver.

  Iron supplementation is low in iron in the body.

Therefore, you should eat more iron-rich foods, such as fungus, kelp, sesame, beans, animal liver and so on.

Because iron is easily absorbed in an acidic environment, vitamin C can promote iron absorption.

Therefore, while eating iron-rich foods, you should eat more vitamin C foods.

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Yoga is a good habit and not fat

If one day you find that you have gained weight, don’t repeat it, refer to the following basic methods to become a yoga beauty.

  1, develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day, so that the toxins in the body can be smoothly discharged.

Sometimes the accumulation of toxins is also the reason why the behavior is difficult to control and the weight is delayed.

  2, yoga diet concept advocates, stay away from fried foods, try to eat steamed or boiled food.

Because greasy foods already contain too many raw foods with a super power of n-th power, and are also the number one killer of health.

  3. Do not eat snacks while watching TV (reading books), because this will make people unknowingly eat more than three times the food.

  4. Regarding the food that cannot be eaten, don’t lose your unfortunate attitude, don’t force yourself to eat it.

  5, yoga diet view that do not eat for two hours before sleep.

If you have always had the habit of eating supper, try fruit instead.

Remember that the cumulative storage of one meal late night is equal to the sum of your three meals a day.

  6. Please practice yoga instead of eating to resist stress. This is not only harmful to your health, it is also a major obstacle to weight loss.

  7. Don’t drink beverages and use boiled water instead, because no matter how low the sugar content of the beverage, transfer and chemical food additives are also considerable.

  8. Develop regular yoga practice.

Relaxed, slow-moving, gradual movements are easier and more effective than vertical movements.

  9. Please do not force yourself to fast, or do not eat your favorite dessert, reduce the number and quantity, so as not to overeating.

  10. Don’t be afraid to admit the fact that you are obese, be brave to accept yourself, like yourself, you can have the right mentality of weight loss. In fact, yoga is also a good psychological habit.Will continue to be perfect.

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Autumn is easy to light diet, often big fish and big meat, you should eat this lotus pond stir fry

Guide: There are many friends around Xiaobian who are carnivores. It is definitely the kind of meatless and unhappy. What kind of mountain city spicy chicken, big chicken, sweet and sour pork, etc. In fact, Xiaobian is very understanding, because Xiaobian alsoIt is a member of the large meat army.

But through the arrival of autumn, often big fish and big meat can be overwhelmed. Usually, you need to eat more vegetarian food, and autumn is suitable for health and easy diet. It is always good for big fish and big meat.It is not only necessary to moisturize the lungs, but also to nourish the yin and clear the intestines.

Ok, let’s not say much, so I will introduce you to the detailed practice!

Text: There are many friends around Xiaobian who are carnivores. They are absolutely kind of meatless and unhappy. What kind of mountain city spicy chicken, big chicken, sweet and sour pork, etc. In fact, Xiaobian is very understanding, because Xiaobian alsoIt is a member of the large meat army.
But through the arrival of autumn, often big fish and big meat can be overwhelmed. Usually, you need to eat more vegetarian food, and autumn is suitable for health and easy diet. It is always good for big fish and big meat.It is not only necessary to moisturize the lungs, but also to nourish the yin and clear the intestines.

Ok, let’s not say much, so I will introduce you to the detailed practice!

The first step: clean the lotus root, carrot, yam and peel the skin into pieces.

The second step: the edible water of the fungus is torn into small pieces by hand, and the peas are cleaned.

Step 3: Pour the appropriate amount of water into the wok. After the water is boiled, cut the sliced carrots and lotus root slices into the pot, then add the edible salt and sesame oil.

Step 4: After boiling, put in the yam and peas. Finally, put the fungus in the pot. After boiling, remove all the vegetables and put them into cold water and then remove the cold water.

Step 5: Chop the ginger and the shallots, add the appropriate amount of water to the starch and put it in a plate for later use.

Step 6: Put the wok in a wok and put the appropriate amount of cooking oil into the pan.

Step 7: Put all the ingredients that have just been simmered into the pot, stir fry the medium heat, then add the starch to thicken it, and finally put the salt and MSG for seasoning.

This lotus pond with lotus root, carrot, yam, fungus and peas is not only rich in color, but also tastes great, and it is also very beautiful in color matching. White, red, black, green, color and color complement each other.People are enjoying the taste while enjoying the visually!

You don’t have to learn quickly!

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