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The coming of the first wave of resumption and production to affect the geometry?
The agency said

Original title: The first wave of resumption of work resumes, affecting the geometry?
The agency said this: FireWire Interpretation: In response to the new pneumonia epidemic, on January 26, the State Council issued a notice to extend the Spring Festival holiday to February 2. Since then, provinces and cities have adjusted their holiday arrangements accordingly.
  In the case that the epidemic risk has not been eliminated, the regulations on the time for resumption of work have been delayed, which mainly depends on the extent of the local impact of the epidemic.) And Wenzhou (not earlier than 24:00 on February 17th), most provinces and cities have stipulated that the time for enterprises outside the required industries to resume work must not be earlier than 24:00 on February 9th, that is, to be released from February 10th.Time to resume work.
  Policy Orientation: Many ministries and commissions have issued documents in support of resumption of production. From this week, the climax of resumption of production and production has ushered in various places.
On the basis of the promulgation of a large number of policies in the early stage to ensure that the enterprises have survived the epidemic, the central departments continued to issue a large number of policies.
While strengthening the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, it will help enterprises resume work and resume production in many aspects such as finance, taxation, transportation, and government services.
  On February 3, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau convened a meeting to emphasize that it is necessary to fully support and organize the promotion of various production enterprises to resume work and production on the premise of good prevention and control.
The State Council ‘s joint prevention and control mechanism has also issued a notice calling for the co-ordination of plans for the resumption of production by categories and batches.
  On February 12, the Standing Committee of the Politburo held a meeting again, emphasizing the need to “coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development” to minimize the impact of epidemic prevention and control work in non-epidemic prevention and control areas on the people ‘s production and life.
  On February 15, the three departments including the Municipal Supervision Bureau issued the “Ten Articles on Supporting Resumption of Work and Resumption of Production” to simplify the formalities for enterprises to resume work.
The CBRC issued the “Notice on Further Improving Financial Services for Epidemic Prevention and Control”, requiring financial support for companies such as health care, important material production, transportation and logistics, increasing loans for manufacturing, strengthening supply chain financial services, and improvingThe “first loan ratio” of micro enterprises and the proportion of credit loans reduce the comprehensive financing cost of small and micro enterprises.
The Ministry of Agriculture and other three departments issued the “Emergency Notice on Resolving Current Practical Difficulties and Speeding Up the Resumption of Production and Resumption of Production in the Aquaculture Industry”, requiring that, except for cities with severe epidemics such as Wuhan, localities should allow feed and livestock slaughtering and processing enterprises to resume work, and should not set restrictions on review and approvalcondition.
  On February 16, the General Administration of Customs issued 10 measures to support foreign trade enterprises to speed up the resumption of production.
“Seeking Truth” magazine published important articles, stating that “we still have to adhere to this year’s economic and social development goals and tasks, all tasks and objectives set by the Party Central Committee must be completed”, “proactively promote the resumption of production and resume production of enterprises,” “promote the construction of major projects”.
The key to achieving economic development goals is to be able to resume work smoothly and return production to normal levels as soon as possible.
  In the latest research report released by Chief Analyst Zhang Yu of Huachuang Securities, the policy response in the fight against the “epidemic” in the past month was roughly divided into three phases: Phase I: January 20 to February 2: The epidemic was comprehensivebreak out.
The policy focuses on epidemic prevention and control and people’s livelihood protection.
  Phase 2: February 3 to February 8: The epidemic is entering a confrontation period, and the inflection point is difficult to judge.
The policy focuses on fiscal and financial development. On the one hand, it supports the production of key material enterprises for the prevention and control of the epidemic, on the other hand, it stabilizes employment and helps small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the epidemic to weather the crisis.
  Phase 3: February 9 to February 15: The epidemic situation has entered a stage of differentiation, and there are obvious signs of improvement outside Hubei Province.
This stage of the policy is to support the resumption of work and production and stabilize the economy.
  Progress of resumption of work: The epidemic prevention materials and basic security industry will resume work first, and the rate of resumption of work in the construction industry needs to be increased. According to statistics from Huatai Securities, the pace of resumption of work in the industry varies due to the impact of the epidemic and the nature of the industry.
The reinstatement of the epidemic prevention materials and basic security industry is early and the reinstatement rate is high. On the 11th, the reinstatement rate of masks was 94%.
On the 12th, the resumption rate of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises was 96.
8%, and the resumption rate of power generation companies is 83%.
According to the SASAC, construction enterprises are constrained by employment, materials, and transportation, and there is still room for improvement in the rate of return to work.
All localities will advance in the order of “Key projects for people’s livelihood in infrastructure construction> General people’s livelihood in resettlement housing> Real estate and other projects”.
  The pace of resumption of work is also very different in different places. On the 12th, the rate of resumption of state-owned enterprises in Beijing reached 99.
7%, Zhejiang Province is 79% of the resumption of security enterprises.
For industrial calibers above the designated size, on the 14th, the resumption rate in Guangzhou reached 87%, while in Shenzhen it was only 30%.
  On February 18, the State Council Office held a press conference on the support of central enterprises for the protection and prevention of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.
Regarding the resumption of production and production of central enterprises, Ren Hongbin, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, stated that according to preliminary statistics, the operating rate of more than 20,000 major production-type subsidiaries of central enterprises under the supervision of the SASAC has exceeded 80%.
The other part is not due to the severe epidemic situation in some areas, and the enterprises are not yet ready to start.
Operating rates in industries such as petroleum and petrochemicals, telecommunications, power grids, and transportation have exceeded 95%, and some have reached 100%.
  Focusing on epidemic prevention and control in one hand, and economic and social development in another. By summing up the current industry start-up situation, Haitong Securities has drawn two basic conclusions: First, the upstream industry is generally better than the downstream.
As some of the upstream raw material industries do not stop during the Spring Festival, the load rate has not dropped significantly, and the number of returning personnel has no significant effect on downstream industries that have not stopped during the Spring Festival. Therefore, the upstream industry is generally better than downstream.  Second, the slow return to work of enterprises mainly comes from the two major factors of transportation and demand reduction.

The reason for the slow resumption of industrial enterprises is that, of course, it is related to the 南京桑拿网 current traffic restrictions. It is difficult to obtain sufficient guarantees for the raw materials required for some production, and it is objectively restored by the production schedule. It is equally important that due to the epidemic situation,Prevention and control measures are still tight, and business activities have not started normally. Even if raw material transportation and production capacity can meet the conditions, the downstream demand leads to a passive backlog of inventory. Therefore, the resumption of car dealerships is only about 20%.Downstream is also difficult to digest normally, which is why some raw material manufacturing industries such as steel and chemical industries have contracted production after the festival.

  The agency believes that judging from the current epidemic situation, the number of supplementary confirmed cases in the country except Hubei has been declining continuously. After the epidemic situation in the non-Hubei region is stable, the level of traffic control can be appropriately reduced, and enterprises can be resumed as soon as possible.To reduce the economic impact of the epidemic.

  Hua Chuang Securities analyst Zhang Yu also said that the supply of masks is the key to effective resumption of work.

At present, the daily supply of masks is about 1 billion. After deducting the medical and transportation industries, only 40 million are needed, and about 60 million are left for “secondary production”. Compared with 200 million “secondary production” employed people, the return rate isUp to 30% -40%.

  In addition, Zhang Yu said that affected by the epidemic, the catering, accommodation, travel agency and other industries are facing a short-term monopoly in the industry.

She suggested that the supply side should be maintained in the current season so that companies would not die, and banks should be provided with credit to ease the cash flow pressure of related industries.

In the second and third quarters, if these industries are re-produced and profitable, the government must consider that they can no longer levy income taxes as scheduled, and should give some relief to allow companies to have a period of time and space to rest and rest.

  Shanxi Securities said that from the perspective of comprehensive indicators, the resumption of work continued to fall short of expectations, but it is certain that the resumption of work has begun.

At present, the scale of migrants after the holiday is less than the last 30%, and the high-speed traffic is comparable to that after the peak of the Spring Festival last year. There has been an attempted momentum in the traffic at the transportation hub. The rate of resumption of work began from February 15 to February 17, but the speed was slow.

  The agency believes that the epidemic is definitely the focus of the current market attention, but the logic behind determining the market’s mid-term operating trend is still fundamentals and liquidity.

The epidemic depresses production and demand, and the fundamentals of corporate profits will inevitably deteriorate. However, driven by the easing of monetary and credit policies, the risk-free interest rate and credit spread will decline, which is more conducive to the performance of equity assets. This is also the round of growth.Main motivation.

In the vacuum period of macro data and corporate profit data, the actual impact of economic scale is difficult to quantify, and it is easier for the market to play structural trading opportunities under the background of loose liquidity and marginal improvement of the epidemic trend.

  By industry:

Electronics industry: CDB pointed out that most of the component manufacturers are labor-intensive, and the resumption of work and accumulation of production capacity are affected to a certain extent in the short term, and raw material supply, logistics and transportation are also under short-term pressure, but it began on February 10.All have entered the orderly resumption and production phase. The supply chain leaders have relatively too many guarantees, and the heavy demand for conversion is expected to usher in a situation of alternatives.


Food and beverage industry: According to Huachuang Securities, a large number of companies in the industry are focusing on epidemic prevention and control, and resume work and resume production.

Judging from the feedback from mainstream companies and channels, basically this week, the companies have basically resumed work. Liquor companies have entered the production resumption and production resumption stage. People’s livelihood essential enterprises represented by dairy products and meat products have resumed work. Some companies have resumed work during the Spring Festival.Fully guarantee production and supply.


Transportation industry: According to a research report by Shanxi Securities, long-term express delivery has resumed, supported by several hundreds of millions of support funds, and the epidemic has stimulated the transfer of shopping demand from offline to online, which has increased the demand for express logistics, and added toll roads to temporarily waive tolls to promote logistics.The logistics industry leaders who have reduced transportation costs, improved channels and stable business sources are trying to benefit from it.


Military industry: Wanlian Securities said that most of the military enterprises have resumed their operations in order, and the impact of the epidemic is small. Due to the high concentration and stickiness of customers in the industry and the extremely high technical barriers, it is expected that orders will not be greatly affected and the supply will be relatively stable.


Light Industry: Shanxi Securities Research reported that the light industry began to resume work on February 10.

According to research, most factories and physical stores have resumed construction on February 10, which is estimated to be 8-10 days longer than in previous years.

Large-scale enterprises have comprehensively launched online marketing and launched dealer support subsidy programs.

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Huayou Cobalt (603799): Proposed Issuance of Shares to Purchase Equities of Bamo Technology and Huayou Yinzhou and Matching Financing of RMB 3.2 billion

Investment points The company intends to purchase shares of Bamo Technology and Huayou Luzhou and raise supporting funds by issuing shares.

On April 19, the company announced that it plans to start with 32.

24 yuan / share issue 1.

2.6 billion shares purchased 100% stake in Bamo Technology and Huayou Yinzhou 15.

68% equity, after the completion of the transaction, the company Bamo Technology and Huayou Luzhou will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of the company.

(1) The company intends to issue shares to 8 counterparties in Hangzhou Hongyuan, Xinba New Energy and other parties to purchase 100% of Bomo Technology; the transaction consideration is 32 trillion.

(2) The company intends to issue shares to Cinda Xinneng to purchase Huayou Luzhou15.

7% equity at a transaction consideration of 8.

600 million.

At the same time, the company intends to raise funds of 3.2 billion in non-public offerings and issue no more than one share.

6.6 billion shares are used for the industrialization project of high-energy-density power battery materials of Bamo Technology to supplement the company’s working capital.

In addition, the company will resume trading on April 22, 2019. Bamo Technology is one of the leading companies in the transformation of materials, and the continuous expansion of production capacity guarantees performance.

Bamo’s main products are lithium cobaltate and ternary materials. In 2018, the injection volume of lithium cobaltate was 8,800 tons, ranking third in the country (16.

16%). At the same time, the number of NCM releases reached 6700 tons, accounting for 4%.


2017/2018 revenue was 37.


4.4 billion, with a net profit of 1.


RMB 860,000; Chengdu Bamo’s 2017/2018 revenue was 18.


4 megabytes, with a net profit of 4217/5281 million U.S. dollars, and an annual capacity of 10 raw materials for Chengdu Bamo ‘s future planning. With the relatively high net rate of Chengdu Bamo ‘s expansion, Hangzhou Hongyuan as theThe performance commitment is artificial, and promises that Bomo Technology’s net profit after tax for 2019-2021 will not be less than 2.

1.5 billion, 2.

8 billion, 3.

63 ppm, corresponding growth rate of 149.

无锡夜网7% / 30.

2% / 29.

6%, the maximum net profit gradually realized in three years is not less than 8.

5.8 billion.

In addition, Huayou Cobalt mainly sells cobalt trioxide and other products to Bamo, which reached 13 to Bamo in 2018.

05 ppm, accounting for 13 of Huayou’s cobalt product revenue.

63%, it is expected that after the acquisition, the synergy between the company and Bamo will significantly increase again.

The shares of the company to be listed acquire Cinda Xinneng, which holds Huayou Luzhou15.

68% equity at a reasonable premium.

Huayou Yinzhou is the company’s main base for the smelting of cobalt and copper products; from 2017 to 2018, Huayou Yinzhou realized operating income of 59.

9 and 86.

400 million, net profit is 8 respectively.

8 and 4.10,000 yuan.

In October 2018, Cinda Xinneng acquired the credit assets of Huayou Luzhou and simultaneously obtained a capital increase by way of debt-to-equity swap7.

300 million, thus obtaining Huayou Luzhou 15.

7% equity also effectively reduced Huayou Yinzhou’s asset-liability ratio.

The company is currently at 8.

6 billion US dollars of trading consideration replaced Huayou Luzhou 15.

7% equity, compared to 7.

3 trillion debt conversion price premium 18.


Considering that there is a 12-month lifting of the ban after Cinda Xinneng uses Huayou Yinzhou to enter the shares of listed companies, the premium is relatively reasonable.

In addition, the company plans to raise funds of 32 trillion for non-public offering, and the issue price has not been determined.

The company intends to raise funds of 3.2 billion in non-public offerings, and the number of shares to be issued does not exceed 20% (1.

6.6 billion shares), the issue price has not yet been determined.

The raised funds are mainly used for advanced intelligent manufacturing projects for the industrialization of high-energy-density power lithium-ion battery materials by Bamo Technology, supplementing the liquidity of listed companies, etc. It is expected that the funds will effectively reduce the company’s asset-liability ratio and improve the company’s profitability.

Profit forecast and grade: As the PE527 and MIKAS technical transformation projects gradually reach full production, their own cobalt ore volume has significantly increased, and the proportion of self-supplying cobalt ore mines may continue to increase.

At present, MB cobalt has begun to rebound. It is expected that the cobalt price will bottom out and the company will gradually move from a leader in cobalt to a leader in lithium battery new energy.

Maintain the company’s profit for 2019-2021, and expect to achieve net profit attributable to the mother, respectively8.

300 million, 13.

200 million, 16.

1 ppm, EPS is 1.

0 yuan, 1.

6 yuan, 1.

9 yuan (not considering the replacement issue), calculated at the closing price on April 19, PE is 42.

3X, 26.

6X, 21.


Maintain the level of “prudent overweight”.

Risk reminder: the supply side is too fast, the price of cobalt has dropped sharply, and its own project is less than expected risk

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ZTE (000063): First coverage of expected performance Double repair communications equipment leader cannot be shaken locally

Key elements of the report: ZTE has entered the top five communication equipment suppliers in the world since 2007, focusing on mainstream markets and mainstream products, and providing “cloud management end” ICT industry chain overall solutions.

At present, the company’s production capacity has been fully restored. At the same time, the market has been relatively fatigued by the impact of Sino-US trade frictions. At present, the company has largely recovered to the level before the suspension.

In addition, the company’s R & D growth continues to grow, the number of patents ranks high, and 5G cooperation has been extensively carried out with 30 operators around the world. In the 5G era, the global market voice has gradually expanded.

  Investment points: The global communications giant is basically unchanged, and its advantages as a 5G end-to-end solution provider are prominent.

ZTE Corporation is one of the world’s leading listed companies in integrated communications equipment manufacturing and one of the global integrated communications information solution providers. Since 2007, it has entered the ranks of the world’s top five equipment suppliers.

Combined with the performance of the top five communications equipment vendors in 2018, we believe that in the process of 5G commercial launch of digital transformation, ZTE’s advantages as the world’s only 5G end-to-end solution provider will become increasingly prominent.

In the 5G era, China has become a leading country, and ZTE has reached 5G pre-commercial level.

With the expansion of user scale and the increase in related infrastructure needs, the 5G market will usher in a period of high growth for 4 years.

The capital expansion of the three major domestic operators in 2019 may exceed 300 billion yuan. By 2020, the capital expansion of operators will enter the upward channel.

As of January 2019, ZTE has successfully completed NSA and SA laboratories and field tests. The results show that the main functions are in line with market expectations and the company’s products have reached the pre-commercial level of 5G.

Since September 2018, ZTE Corporation has basically integrated the impact of trade friction-related events.

After lifting the ban, the average value of upstream suppliers and downstream operators was fully supported. Large orders helped ZTE resume production quickly, and the company’s production capacity has been fully restored.

The 2018 annual report shows that the core regions and businesses have suffered less, and the overall upward trend of gross profit margin has not changed.

The market has been relatively fatigued by the impact of the trade war, and the company has gradually recovered to its pre- suspension level.

  With R & D as its absolute core, ZTE has hit the top three in the world in the 5G era.

The company focuses on mainstream markets and mainstream products, and provides “cloud management end” ICT overall solutions.

In addition, the company’s R & D investment continued to increase, the number of patents ranked high, and technology accumulation merged into the moat.

The company has extensively carried out 杭州夜网论坛 5G cooperation with 30 operators around the world. The 5G era has gradually increased the voice of the global market.

Profit forecast and investment advice: It is estimated that the company will realize net profit attributable to mothers in 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively.

2.1 billion, 61.

36 billion, 71.

7.9 billion, corresponding to 1, respectively.

13 yuan, 1.

46 yuan, 1.

71 yuan; corresponding to the current expected PE is 27 times, 21 times, 18 times; for the first time to give the “overweight” rating.

Risk factors: 5G construction fails to meet expectations, country risks, and Sino-US trade frictions intensify

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Daqin Railway (601006) Operation data review for September 2019: Overhaul affects traffic in advance Haoji railway can be controlled

The core point is that the daily traffic volume of the Daqin 杭州桑拿 Line in September was 113, and the autumn maintenance was a half month ahead of schedule.

On September 6th, the average daily coal consumption of the large power generation group is increasing for the first time. Considering that Q4 enters the dry season and overlaps with the increase in winter heating power demand, it is expected that the daily transportation volume of Q4 or above will be 120, thus the Daqin line 4.

About 300 million tons.

Assuming a dividend rate of 50% in 2019, the current market value corresponds to a dividend rate of about 6%, which is underestimated and the attractiveness of high dividend investment is enhanced.

   The daily traffic volume of the Daqin Line in September was 113, and the maintenance in autumn was half a month ahead of schedule.

In September 2019, the company’s core asset Daqin Line completed the largest cargo volume of 3383, a decrease of 10.


The average daily traffic is 112.

8 is the highest, basically in line with expectations.

On January 9, 2019, the Daqin Line gradually completed its traffic volume3.

2.3 billion tons, down 4 previously.


  The decline in traffic in September was mainly affected by the early fall maintenance. From the fall maintenance on September 15, 2019?
October 8, compared to September 29 last year?
14 days ahead of time on October 23.

Opening the sunroof for maintenance at 12 o’clock, it is expected to affect the daily traffic volume by about 20, and it is expected that excluding maintenance will affect the decline or narrow the traffic volume to 2.

About 5%.

   The average daily coal consumption of the power plant is increasing for the first time. It is expected that the daily traffic volume of Q4 or above will be 120, and thus the Daqin Line 4.

About 300 million tons.
As of September 30, the average daily coal consumption of the six major power generation groups was 66.

4 samples, the same increase by 5.

2%, the first positive increase since March; the coal inventory of the 6 major power generation groups was 1585 grid, down 2 from the previous month.

9%; Qingang coal inventory of 591 attachments, an increase of 2 from the previous month.


In August, the number of sudden changes in hydropower’s increasing growth rate. Considering Q4 entering the dry season, overlapping winter heating demand increased, it is expected that coal demand for Q4 power plants will maintain positive growth.

  Demand improvement and autumn maintenance mainly affect September, and it is expected that the daily traffic volume of the Q4 Daqin line may be more than 120.

   To meet the coal demand gap of the two lakes and one river, it is expected to replace 1,000 places in the Haijin River by 2020, and the variables of the collection and distribution system will become an important factor.

On September 28, the Haoji Railway was put into operation, and the first train of nearly 5,000 tons of coal reached Ji’an Station in 32 hours.

It is expected that in 2020, the two lakes and one river region (Hubei, Hunan, and Jiangxi) will have a shortage of coal.

4 billion tons, through the expansion of local production capacity and factory demand growth, the gap in electric coal has further expanded. Ordos and Yulin Coal meet the coal demand of the three provinces through the Haoji Railway, which has a certain impact on the formation of the Jiaoliu Line and the Beijing-Guangzhou Line.

From the cost point of view, the Ordos and Yulin to the north of Hunan, the Haoji Railway has advantages in economy and effectiveness.

In 2018, the Haijin River in Hubei Province was transferred to the coal-fired coal 2081 plan. Considering the structure of the bulk transportation system, it is expected that the Haoji Railway will replace Haijin River by about 1,000 in 2020, with limited impact on the Daqin Line.

   The source of coal and Daqin have little overlap, and the internal rate of return on capital invested in the Haoji Railway.

4%, underestimation, overestimation increased attractiveness.

From the perspective of coal sources, the Haoji Railway is mainly from Ordos, Inner Mongolia and Hancheng, Shaanxi. It is expected that coal in Shaanxi will account for about 80%.

The main Nantongpu line in Shanxi area overlaps with the coal source of the Daqin line.

The company intends to 39.
85 trillion capital increase in Menghua, the cumulative holding of 10%.

The company calculated the internal rate of return on capital 7.

4%, the overall investment income is considerable.
Assuming a 50% dividend rate in 2019, the current market value corresponding index rate will be close to 6.

4%, underestimated, increasing attractiveness of high dividend investment.

   Risk factors: The demand for thermal coal is less than expected, the hydropower, imported coal exceeds expectations, and the impact of diversion is beyond expectations.

   Earnings forecasts, estimates and investment ratings.

The daily traffic volume of the Daqin Line in September was 113, and the maintenance in autumn was half a month ahead of schedule.

On September 6th, the daily average coal consumption of the large power generation group was increasing for the first time. Considering that Q4 entered the dry season and overlapping winter heating demand increased, it is expected that the large Qin Line traffic volume4.

About 300 million tons.

Assuming a dividend payout ratio of 50% in 2019, the current market value corresponds to a dividend yield of about 6%, making high dividend investment attractive.

Maintain “Buy” rating

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Magic formula for winter hair loss without worry

Dry weather in winter is not a test of the skin, and it is also very detrimental to human hair.

Because the humidity is too low in winter, the scalp is easy to dry and the hair is easy to dry.

If the nutritional intake of the human body cannot keep up at this time, it will be easy for the phenomenon to occur.

From the perspective of physiological metabolism, hair loss is a normal phenomenon, especially in winter.

  However, if it falls off every day and exceeds 100 roots / day, it should be considered as prolapse.

Therefore, if someone feels that the hair is significantly longer than usual in the fall, they should pay attention to conditioning from various aspects of life to reduce the degree of hair loss.

  First, you should still pay attention to sun protection in winter. The UV content in winter is not less than when it is hot in summer, especially when the weather is dry and the sun is violent. You must not forget the sun protection. Outdoor activities should also try to use an umbrella to reduce damage to hair.

  Second, reduce the number of shampoos. Do not wash your hair too frequently in the winter. Some people can change their hair as soon as they feel more hair loss. The result is counterproductive. The more you wash your hair, the more your hair will fall.

In winter, you should minimize the number of shampoos. Generally, you wash your hair every week?
2 times is enough.

  Do not use degreasing and dandruff types like shampoos in the summer; wash your hair with alkaline soaps as little as possible; use conditioners more; use some beer or use salt and vinegar in water.Wash your hair to prevent and reduce hair loss.

  Third, adjust the diet to better diet hair growth, metabolism and diet nutrition have a great relationship.

Iron, sulfur, vitamin A, vitamin E, and high-quality protein are essential nutrients for hair growth, so diet should be based on, eat more plant protein, such as beans, kelp, etc .; also arrange more nourishing and moisturizing on the dietLung foods such as sesame, honey, white fungus, walnuts, lily porridge and fruits, vegetables, etc.

Properly add some vitamin B2, these have better effects on preventing hair loss and so on.

  Tips for treating hair loss ★ Grapefruit treatment for hair loss: If the hair is yellow, peeled or alopecia areata, you can use 25 grams of grapefruit core, soak it in boiling water for 24 hours, and apply juice to the hair and scalp every day 2?
3 times.

This can accelerate hair growth.

  ★ Ginger for hair loss: Cut the ginger into pieces and wipe it repeatedly at the place where the hair is yellow, peeling off the root of the hair or alopecia areata, and stick to 2?
3 times.

This can stimulate hair growth.

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How to treat the bronchitis easily in autumn and winter?

Autumn and winter seasons are the most frequent seasons of chronic bronchitis in the elderly.

The main clinical manifestations of elderly chronic bronchitis are cough, sputum, and asthma.

Cough often worsens in the morning or at night.

The coughed sputum is white sticky or foamy sputum.

Chinese medicine believes that this disease should be treated with the principles of “spleen spleen and phlegm elimination, clearing lungs and relieving cough, and invigorating kidneys”.

Western medicine regards “anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic and asthma, expectorant and cough, and improve immunity” as the treatment principle.

But no matter which therapy is used, developing a scientific diet is very important for elderly patients with chronic bronchitis.

In many cases, scientific diet is more conducive to illness and fitness than medication.

As early as the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao once said, “If you want to be treated, you should first use food therapy.

What Sun Simiao is talking about is the principle of “food treatment should precede medicine treatment”.

So, how should elderly patients with chronic bronchitis carry out daily diet conditioning?

  1. Need to eat less fatty and fatty food, and eat more light food. Chinese medicine believes that “the spleen is the source of sputum and the lung is the device for storing sputum.”

The formation of phlegm is related to diet.

Excessive eating of fatty things for a long time can cause too much, and too much can cause qi stagnation and dampness, and wet accumulation can cause sputum.

Therefore, people suffering from chronic bronchitis should eat less or not eat those trace amounts of fatty pork, seafood, goose, chicken and other foods.

Instead, eat more light and wet products, such as winter melon, radish, bamboo shoots, crickets (tone nose), etc.

You can also mix these light and wet products with various foods, such as rice wonton radish (boiled with radish), steamed spring bamboo shoots (fresh bamboo shoots are cooked and peeled and seasoned).

Such fluctuations are not only nutrient-rich, but also can reduce phlegm and cough.

  2. Choose food to treat phlegm and eat less sputum. In daily life, many foods have the effect of reducing phlegm and cough.Lily can moisturize the lungs, fat sea can expedite phlegm and relieve phlegm, Tremella can fill lungs and relieve cough.

Thoroughly make these sputum-controlling products into Tremella lilies, Baiguohaitang, etc. for people with chronic bronchitis to eat more.

For those who keep phlegm and phlegm, such as warm and hot, sticky stomach, and fishy hair, such as belt fish, stinky tofu and high sugar, high fat foods, people with chronic bronchitis should not eat more or banfood.

  3. When making food, you should use steamed stew method more, and less use fried frying method. Steamed stew method uses the original flavor of the food. Not only will the nutrients not be destroyed, the loss will be small, and it will taste refreshing and fresh.Raw phlegm.

Such as steamed river eel, stewed turtle, stewed white fungus, stewed lotus root, stewed lily porridge and so on are all good food for elderly patients with chronic bronchitis.

And fried fried food, heavy oil, strong taste, high fat and sugar, easy to produce phlegm, so people with chronic bronchitis should not be replaced.

  There are currently three recipes formulated based on the above dietary principles for selection: 1. 200 g of raw materials of rock sugar, radish, radish, 100 grams of carrots, 50 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of rock sugar, and appropriate amount of rice flour.

  System usage, wash carrots and cut into small cubes.

Wash the lotus seeds, peel and watch carefully, and cook after use.

Add boiling water to the pot and boil it. Add the radish diced and carrot diced and cook. Then, add the lotus seeds and boil for a while. Add the rock sugar and cook for 3-5 minutes.

  The characteristics and effects of this product are both tonic and tonic, but not greasy to eat, and have the effects of strengthening the spleen, reducing phlegm, moistening the lungs and relieving cough.

Those who have chronic cough in the elderly, have more than one cough, have a bad bronchodilator or cough, or have blood in their sputum can often take this product.

  2, 8 grams of Cordyceps quail raw materials, 8 quails, ginger, light green, pepper, salt, fresh soup (soup with water and seasoning) appropriate amount.

  System usage 8 copies.

After the quail is slaughtered, its hair, head, claws, internal organs are removed, and it is drained after washing.

Slice ginger and shallots for later use.

Simmer the quail in boiling water and let it cool.

Fill each quail with 1 part of Cordyceps, then wrap the quail tightly with a cotton thread, place it in a clay pot, mix fresh soup, ginger, green onion, pepper, salt and taste into the pot. Use wet cotton paper to fill the mouth of the pot.Seal well, put the pot into a steamer, steam for about an hour, then take out the can and let it cool, then remove the tissue paper, and you can eat the quail.

  This product features and functions, crispy and tender.Those who have chronic chronic cough and who have asthma can eat regularly.

You can also use this method to make stewed chicken with cordyceps.

  3, Houttuynia cordata mixed with tofu ingredients 250 grams, tender tofu 100 grams, sesame oil, MSG, garlic, ginger, vinegar each amount.

  For system usage, after washing, cut into 3-5 cm long sections, put them in boiling water and simmer them. After picking up, drain, cool, and set aside.

Cut tender tofu into pieces.

Cut the shallots and garlic into shreds.

Cut ginger into slices for later use.

Set the pot on fire, add sesame oil, and add ginger slices.

Remove the ginger slices, stir-fry the onions, garlic, and vinegar. Add the tofu cubes and stir-fry slowly. Then put the Houttuynia cordata in the pot, mix with the tofu, sprinkle with MSG, and serve as a meal.

  The characteristics and effects of this product are slightly bitter and appetizing.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and phlegm, and detoxifying and clearing the lungs.

Those who have chronic cough in the elderly with yellow sticky sputum, more than cough or acute recurrence of chronic bronchitis can take this product regularly.

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Six practical benefits of celery

Celery has certain pharmacological and therapeutic value.

Modern pharmacological research shows that celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

Because their roots, stems, leaves, and seeds can be used as medicine, they are called “medicines in the kitchen”.

Celery has the following six major effects: Pinggan antihypertensive celery contains acidic antihypertensive ingredients, which has a significant antihypertensive effect on rabbits and dogs with intravenous injection; vascular perfusion can vasodilate; using aortic arch perfusion method, it can fight nicotine,The pressure-increasing response caused by theophylline causes the hypotension.

  Clinically effective for primary, gestational and menopausal hypertension.

  A basic ingredient isolated from celery seeds. It has a sedative effect on animals and can stabilize the human body. Oral celery or apigenin can fight the excitement of mice caused by cocaine, which is good for calming mood and eliminating irritability.
  Diuretic and Swelling Celery contains diuretic active ingredients to eliminate sodium retention in the body and diuretic and swelling.

Clinically, the effective rate of decoction with celery is 85.

7% can treat chyluria.

  Anti-cancer and anti-cancer celery is a high-fiber food. It produces a substance of lignin or intestinal fat through intestinal digestion. This substance is an antioxidant and can inhibit carcinogens produced by intestinal bacteria at high concentrations.

  Generally, it can speed up the running time of feces in the intestine, reduce the contact between carcinogens and colonic mucosa, and prevent colon cancer.

  Nourishing blood and tonicating celery has a high iron content, which can supplement women’s menstrual blood loss. It can prevent the skin from being pale, dry, and bleached, and it can have eyesight and black hair.

  Clearing away heat and detoxification The autumn climate is dry, people often feel dry mouth, asthma, asthma, and discomfort. Eating celery often helps to clear away heat and detoxify, and to strengthen the body.

Liver fire is too strong, rough skin and often insomnia, people with headaches can eat more.

  Celery fried dried silk celery 25Og, dried tofu 300g, light green, ginger amount.

Wash the celery and cut off the roots, cut into sections; cut the shredded tofu, cut the onion into sections, and ginger and shoot loose; set the wok on a hot fire, pour in peanut oil, and cook until 70% hot.Add tofu and stir-fry for another 5 minutes. Add celery and stir fry.

  The dish is fresh and delicious, has the effect of lowering blood pressure and smoothing the liver, and has a laxative effect, and is suitable for complications such as hypertension and dry stool.

  250 grams of celery with walnuts and celery, 50 grams of walnut kernels.

Cut the celery into filaments, put it in a boiling water pot, remove it, and put it in a dish. Put the washed walnut kernel and some refined salt, and sesame oil into the mixture.

  Celery previously rice porridge 40 grams celery, previous rice 50 grams, scallion 5 grams.

Pour the peanut oil in the pot and heat, scallion, add rice, water, salt, and cook into porridge.

  This dish has the effect of clearing away heat and water, and can be used as an auxiliary food therapy for patients with hypertension and edema.

  200-400 grams of celery, celery and 50-100 grams of red dates.

  In addition to treating hypertension, it can also treat acute jaundice hepatitis and cystitis.

  Celery gravy 150 grams of celery, 50 ml of cream, 150 ml of milk, moderate flour.

Boil the celery with 150 ml of water, add salt, cream and 2 spoons of flour into the milk, pour into the celery soup together, and serve immediately.

  This soup is light and palatable, delicious and appetizing.

  Fresh celery apple juice 250 grams of fresh celery, 1-2 apples.

Place fresh celery in boiling water and blanch for 2 minutes, chop and squeeze green apple juice, 1 cup each time, 2 times a day.

  Can lower blood pressure, calm the liver, sedate, dissolve, and antiemetic, diuretic.

It is suitable for patients with hypertension, dizziness, headache, facial flushing, and mental excitement.

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Remove dark circles to make you more dazzling

Often working overtime and staying up late can easily cause skin blood circulation around the eyes, which can cause problems such as bags under the eyes or dark circles. After staying up late and want to stay energetic the next day, learn how to effectively remove dark circles.

  The eyes are the windows of the soul and age, so the care around the eyes is especially important.

Xiao Bian today brings 4 ways to remove dark circles, so that you can look 5-10 years younger, you must not miss the beauty!

  Q: Why are there dark circles?

  Dark circles are often caused by staying up late, emotional fluctuations, eye fatigue, and aging, resulting in too slow venous blood flow, insufficient oxygen supply of red blood cells in the skin of the eyes, excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste in the veins, and chronic hypoxia.The blood is dark and stagnant and causes pigmentation in the eyes.

There are two types of dark circles, one is cyan dark circles, which is due to venous blood retention in microvessels, and the other is dark brown circles, which are caused by melanin production and incomplete metabolism. The causes of the two types of dark circles are completely different.

  Blue-and-black eye circles usually occur around 20 years of age. People with abnormal daily routines are particularly difficult to avoid. Because of the slow blood circulation in their microvessels, the increase in blood volume and the increase in oxygen consumption, the result of a large increase in hypoxia hemoglobin., The skin appears a dark blue tone.

Due to the micro blood vessels around the eyes, insufficient sleep, eye fatigue, stress, anemia and other factors can cause skin congestion and edema around the eyes.

  The cause of tea black eye circles is closely related to the increase of age. Long-term sun exposure causes pigment to settle around the eyes, and over time, black eye circles will form. In addition, the melanin metabolism retardation caused by blood retention, and the skin is too dry.Causes the formation of dark brown circles.

  Method 1: Thorough Eye Makeup Remover: ★★★★★ Cosmetics usually contain pigment particles. Regular use of makeup may cause dark pigment particles to penetrate into the eyelids and form dark circles after accumulation.

The correct way to remove makeup is the first step in maintenance. First, remove makeup with a special makeup remover for eye makeup. When removing makeup on the eyes, start gently with the middle and ring fingers from the upper eye socket, and then slide along the upper eyelid.Lower your eyelids and back to the upper eye socket.

  Even if only a layer of concealer is applied, the eyes should be cleaned with a special eye makeup remover.

Residual dust in the air, computer radiation, sunscreen, etc. on the eyes will cause great damage to the skin.

Incomplete cleaning and incomplete absorption of eye skin care products may cause unfortunate particles and dark circles.

  Method 2: Sunscreen eye cream does not leave the body: ★★★★ The eye skin is the thinnest and most vulnerable part of the whole body, its thickness is only about 1/2 of the thickness of the face skin, and the sweat and sebaceous glands, moisturizing and selfThe protective capacity is very low.

90% of the external factors that cause aging of the eye skin come from ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet damage to the eyes will cause our eye skin to quickly become dull in a short time, and also accelerate the formation of melanin, forming permanent dark circles.

  In the ordinary people’s maintenance concept, eye care is nothing more than the prevention and repair of dark circles, bags under the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.In fact, that can only be considered as half of the eye care.

Even in autumn and winter, you should pay attention to the sun protection of the eyes. It is recommended that you have a sunscreen eye cream. Try to keep the sun protection for a week. Your dark circles will obviously improve.

  Method 3: The effect of applying whitening eye mask before cosmetology: ★★★★ One of the reasons for the formation of dark circles is the precipitation of melanin, so in addition to some moisturizing and soothing eye masks to relieve eye fatigue, you should also cooperate with someWhitening eye masks containing vitamin A and vitamin C to deepen dark circles. Now there are more and more whitening eye masks on the market. They can directly target the source of melanin formation and can effectively improve dark circles in a short time.try it.

  Method 4: Persistent acupoint massage around the eyes: ★★★★ One of the important causes of dark circles is poor blood circulation. Our traditional Chinese medicine acupoint massage helps to open the blood vessels and effectively relieve and eliminate dark circles and eye puffiness.Eye problems.

Apply eye massage cream or eye nutrition cream on the skin around the eyes, insert it with the ring finger at the end of the eye, in the middle or outer 1/3 of the lower eye socket, the inner corner of the eye, the eyebrow, and the outer side of the eyebrow. Each of these pointsRelax after 3–5 seconds and do it 10 times in a row.

Finally, use your index finger, middle finger, ring finger to flick the eye area, 3–5 circles, insist on acupoint massage of the eyes, dark circles will soon leave you.

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Moisturizing in a dream, flattening shine all night

Although the humidity in the air is not low, my cheeks feel dry?

Woke up all night, the T-shaped oily shiny, but his face was dull?

Although this is the scourge of summer weather, it is also closely related to your neglect of moisturizing care.

Do not believe?

Try the moisturizing mask at night and then fall asleep to ensure that you look good the next morning and reduce the shine!

  A good way to solve the greasy face in your sleep, let’s find out together!

  Hydrating in dreams: For OLs who don’t have enough skin care time, sleep masks are simply the most trouble-free masks in the world. As long as you apply an extra layer of mask after all skin care procedures, you can go to bed directly after it is completely absorbedAlready.

  Extreme fit: For facial masks, fit is one of the important indicators to judge the quality of a facial mask.

Because only when the degree of fit is high, can the skin be temporarily in a “vacuum-like” state, and the skin care essence can be transformed into ground to relax the skin by external air pressure.

  ● Tip: Generally speaking, if a mask is cut by more than 8 knives, its fit will be higher.

If you are unlucky, you bought a mask that does not fit your face well, then you may look into the mirror first, you ca n’t see where the fit is, and then cut it slightly with sterile scissorsWith one shot, the situation may change.

  Quickly soothing A high-quality moisturizing mask, in addition to having excellent moisturizing functions, it also needs to enhance the skin’s water storage capacity and achieve an ideal water-oil balance.

Of all the masks, only moisturizing masks can be made daily if your skin is extremely dry.

  ● Hint: Do n’t think that everything is fine with a mask.

The mask is just a tonic for the skin. The key to making the skin lasting and hydrated is also the daily skin care processing and living habits.

  Affordable choice: Sometimes, the skin itself is not a big problem, you just want to give the skin a regular moisture.

At this time, you can choose some cheap and beautiful mask products, you know, their efficacy is not inferior to those of the big-name masks.

  ● Hint: Moisturizing gel can actually be your simple moisturizing mask, just apply a thick layer and wait for 20 minutes.

  The color of the sleeping mask is mostly colorless and transparent, so you can also put on a layer of sleeping mask when you are on a long-haul plane or staying up all night, which can replenish water in time and not scare others.

  The color of the sleeping mask is mostly colorless and transparent, so you can also put on a layer of sleeping mask when you are on a long-haul plane or staying up all night, which can replenish water in time and not scare others.

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Will hair removal be “off” healthy?

Core Tip: Women with thick hairs hope to solve the problem of “hairy feet” by hair removal, and some people worry that hair removal will “get off” health.
  1. Does hair removal affect metabolism?
  The reporter learned from the Department of Dermatology of Guilin Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Guilin Yasanna Beauty and Body Chain, etc. At present, there are two main ways to remove hair in Guilin: one is to use various instruments to scrape hair; the other is to take special measures.Such as laser, surgery, etc., destroy the hair follicles and prevent hair growth.
  Many people question whether hair removal will affect the body’s metabolism?
  Answer: The impact is not great. Deng Cuirong, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology, Guilin Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, introduced that there are three main ways of metabolism: urine, stool and sweat.
There are many kinds of hair removal. The sweat gland is the gland next to the hair follicle. Generally, some small hairs on the hands and legs are mainly small sweat glands, while in the armpits and other places, the apocrine glands are perspiration. If the sweat glands are not destroyed, it is notAffect the metabolism of the human body.
  Fang Xianfeng, professor of dermatology at Ruikang Hospital affiliated to Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that general hair removal by laser is the purpose of destroying hair follicles to achieve hair removal. In this process, it may damage sweat glands and affect some perspiration functions, but it should have little effect.
  2, take off “bikini hair” less suffering from gynecological diseases?
  According to some online media reports, in western countries, the incidence of female genital tract infections is much lower than that of Asian women, thanks to one of their traditions: many women will take off the “bikini hair” in the private triangle.
Can this practice really reduce the incidence of gynecological diseases?
  Answer: There is no necessary connection between hair and gynecological diseases Wei Yong, a gynaecologist at Guilin Women and Children’s Hospital, believes that there are many reasons for inducing female genital tract infections and diseases, but it is not necessarily related to whether or not to remove “bikini hair”.
  Wei Yong said that the summer is hot, the lower body of the woman is hot and humid, and the genital tract is more likely to breed bacteria. Therefore, the genitals should be cleaned at ordinary times. Health should also be paid attention to during sexual life. Do not overuse the genital lotion to destroy the acid and alkali of the genitals.
Women who wear short skirts should not be seated in unclean places.
Only by paying attention to the above problems can we better prevent infection of the reproductive tract.
  Wei Yong believes that the “bikini hair” of the female genitals can actually buffer and protect the genitals.
If you easily “take off” it, if you sweat too much in the summer, the clothing that comes into direct contact when walking is easy to scratch the female pussy, but it is not worth the loss, so she suggested that it is best not to take off the “bikini hair.”
  3, shaving will make the skin worse?
  Some women have found that hair removal by shaving, the more hair removal looks like the rougher the skin, is that really true?
  解答:不当刮毛确会刺激毛囊  广西中医学院第一附属医院皮肤科副主任医师欧柏生认为,用刮毛刀刮毛时,往往会刺激毛囊,毛发因此会长得更密,毛孔也更显得粗大So, the more scratched, the thicker the hair is, and the worse the female skin will be.
  4, hair loss can cause skin disease?
  Some women who often use a shaving knife to remove hair, found that after hair removal, the skin will grow a lot of small red spots, itching and pain, they are worried about allergies caused by hair loss and skin diseases such as folliculitis?
  Answer: Scientific hair removal does not cause folliculitis. Fang Xianfeng believes that people now mainly remove mane hair for the purpose of aesthetics.
For some people, depilation can even play a role in preventing skin diseases.
He said that some people’s mane hair has a yellow crusted layer, which is caused by a pathogenic bacteria, and it is more odor-prone.
If you scratch it when itching, it is easy to scratch the skin and cause skin irritation.
Therefore, people who have licking hair, the benefits of hair removal are more than disadvantages.
  If the laser used is too strong when shaving, or if it is shaved with a razor, it may damage the skin.
Fang Xianfeng believes that similar practices may indeed cause folliculitis, but it does not mean that hair loss must cause folliculitis.
  5. Is permanent hair removal reliable?
  At present, many hair removal agencies in Guilin have launched hair removal projects. Some institutions claim that hair removal can be permanent. Some people say that hair removal can only be removed every year. Can we permanently remove hair?
  Answer: Deng Cuirong said that if some hair removal methods are to destroy the hair follicles, it is indeed possible to permanently remove the hair, but some methods are not.

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