In-depth * Company * Xinhua Insurance (601336): Significant transformation effect In the first year, premium growth rate was nearly 20%

The company released the first quarter of 2019 report, the company achieved net profit attributable to mother 33.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 29 in ten years.

1%; gradually the original insurance premium income was 431.

700 million, an annual increase of 9.

5%; new premiums increased rapidly, and the first-year premiums for long-term insurance in 2019Q1 reached 71.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.


The growth of net profit is affected by the investment end and compensation expenses: 1) The company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in Q1 201933.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 29 in ten years.

1%; the growth rate of net profit is lower than expected of the listed peers, and it is expected that the investment end income will be lower than the peers and the expenses of compensation payments will increase.

2019Q1 payouts increase by 68 each year.

6% to 210.

5 billion; 2) The company’s surrender rate in Q1 2019 decreased by 2 year-on-year.

5 up to 0.

6%, benefiting from the transformation of the channel structure, the surrender costs of high-current-price products have been significantly reduced.

It is expected that in the first quarter of 2019, a new type of insurance industry will have a single transition industry, and the channel transformation strategy will have obvious effects: 1) The company’s original insurance premium income gradually increased to 431 in the first quarter.

7 ‰, an increase of 9 in ten years.

5%; the continuous inflow of renewal premiums brought about by the improvement of the product structure, and the pick-up of premium growth in the first year of long-term insurance are the primary reasons for premium growth.

2) The company continues to adhere to the transition strategy of reducing premiums and paying premiums. In Q1 2019, the premiums of premiums will decrease by 41 each year.

0%; 3) It is expected that the growth rate of new individual insurance companies in 2019Q1 can be expected.

According to the company’s disclosed data, the first year of long-term insurance premiums in the first quarter of 2019 reached 71.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.


Among them, one insurance channel has a long-term insurance premium of 55 in the first year.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

1%; premiums for the first year of long-term insurance from bancassurance channels reached 16.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.


4) The company’s “mainly supplemented” health insurance product structure drives new single premium growth and growth in the industry, and cardio-cerebral-vascular supplementary insurance to meet the needs of various groups.

The performance of the investment side is inferior to that of its peers, and the floating profit is still to be fulfilled: 1) The annualized total investment yield in 2019Q1 is 4.

2%, zero for one year.

1 unit.

It is expected that the annualized total investment yield will be lower than that of listed peers; 2) The company’s equity assets in 2018 totaled 1,160.

600 million, accounting for 14.

3%, it is expected that the company’s equity assets can sell a relatively high proportion of financial assets.

The company’s other comprehensive income in Q1 2019 was 42.

40,000 yuan 上海夜网论坛 (2018Q1 is a floating loss of 8.

100 million), floating profit has not yet reflected in net profit. Risk reminders: The growth rate of insurance premiums for protection-type insurance products is lower than expected; the dual impact of market fluctuations on industry performance and estimates; and the uncertainty of insurance company investment caused by downward interest rates.

Investment suggestion The company deepens the health insurance business, drives the value of new business, and the agent team is stable. It is expected that the premium rhythm in 2019 will continue to be balanced.1.

4% / 3.

1% / 5.

1%, EV growth rate is 13 respectively.

5% / 13.

2% / 14.


The company’s overall 2019 PEV is 0.

94. Maintain the overweight rating.

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Taiji shares (002368): Yangtze River data separates CLP Taiji CETC and CLP Taiji resources to accelerate integration


According to the public account of CLP Taiji Group, the transfer of Yangtze River data for free transfer will rank in Wuhan.

The meeting announced that Yangtze River Data officially replaced CLP Taiji, and read out the new leadership appointment resolution of Yangtze River Data.

Tan Jingxin, deputy general manager of CLP Taiji, Pan Zhenggang, deputy general manager of Dianke International, members of the old and new members of Changjiang Data, and all middle-level cadres and party members attended the meeting.

CLP Yangtze River Data was officially transferred to CLP Taiji.

Recently, CLP’s Yangtze River data were transferred to CLP Taiji for free, and a new legislative resolution was read out.

The meeting announced the appointment of Lu Lu (stock company) as executive director, Wang Jing (stock company) as manager and legal representative, Li Jian (stock company) as executive vice president, and Li Xiang (China Power Taichi) as supervisor, with a term of three years.
CLP Changjiang Data is a smart solution provider and system integration business service provider, providing comprehensive, 佛山桑拿网 innovative and first-class services to government and enterprise customers.

The integration of resources between CLP Power and CLP Taichi has accelerated significantly.

The integration of resources within the CLP Power System is a follow-up to the scratch of China Power Taichi following the management of Puhua ‘s basic software business at the beginning of 2019.Another subsidiary, Changjiang Data, was transferred to CLP Taiji for free on December 5, 2019.

Through a series of resource integration, the main level and management relationship between CLP Power, the CLP Taiji platform, and the CLP Taiji affiliates will be more streamlined, which will help achieve China’s independent controllable industries in infrastructure, intelligent applications and services.The overall integration of the system promotes the 深圳桑拿网 preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets.

CLP Taiji Group has clearly positioned itself to be a leader in autonomous and controllable fields.

China Electronics Technology Corporation is an important backbone enterprise formed on the basis of the former Electronics Research Institute and high-tech enterprises directly under the Ministry of Information Industry. It is wholly-owned by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and is one of the top ten military industrial groups directly managed by the central government.One.
According to the official website of the 15 institutes, China Electronics Technology Corporation established the CLP Tai Chi Group, and strives to build the Tai Chi Group into a “pioneer in the autonomous and controllable field, a flag bearer in the software and information service industry, and a main force in the overall information system” to support the group company.Achieving the strategic goal of “a world-class innovative leader”.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the mother for 2019-2021 will be 3.

8 billion, 5.

7.6 billion, 8.

5.3 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 39.


Risk reminder: The integration of CLP and Taiji did not meet expectations, the system integration business grew faster, and the innovation business did not meet expectations.

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Depth * Company * SPDB (600000): Interest income maintains rapid growth, asset quality continues to improve

The overall performance of SPDB’s third quarter report is in line with expectations, asset quality has further improved, the NPL ratio has continued to decline, and non-performing loans have changed, but we expect that it will take time to digest the 杭州桑拿 bad stock.

Considering that the estimates have fully and fully reflected the expectations of the company’s asset quality, it is estimated that the safety margin is high, and the company’s holdings are maintained.

The main points of the support grade have maintained a good growth trend, and the fee income growth has accelerated the net profit or appreciation of SPDB in the first three quarters.

9%, revenue increased by 15 in ten years.

4%, down from the first half.

2 units, net interest income and program fee income increase extra.

Among them, net interest income increases by 21 every year.

1%, because the interest rate extension in the third quarter improved less than the same period last year, net interest income grew at a faster rate than the first half (25.

3%) content 4.

Two averages, but still maintain the industry’s faster level.

In terms of handling fees, the growth rate in the first three quarters was ten years (4.

3%) compared with the first half (14.

2%) narrowed nearly 10 copies, it is expected that due to the rise of credit card and consumer loan risks, the company will moderately control the development of related businesses.

The interest rate margin rose slightly from the previous quarter, and the regularization of deposits continued the net interest margin at the beginning and end of the third quarter of SPDB (2.

07%) Q2 (2.

(06%) increased by 1BP. Specifically, the asset-side rate of return increased by 7BP from the second quarter, while the liability-side cost rate basically increased simultaneously.

We believe that the optimization of the company’s asset-side structure is an important factor in improving the asset-side rate of return.

Loan issuance is fast in the third quarter (3.

(41%, QoQ), driving the proportion of loans to assets increased by 0 compared with the previous 2 quarters.

8 up to 55.


The company’s recently issued $ 50 billion convertible bonds supplement core capital to better support the company’s business development.

It should be noted that we pay attention to the proportion of bill loans at the end of the third quarter (8.

36%) compared with the end of the six months (6.

59%), while corporate and retail credit ratios declined, to a certain extent, reflecting the increasing downward pressure on the economy, the company is more prudent in risk appetite.

On the debt side, the cost of interest-bearing debt in the third quarter increased by 7BP from the second quarter, and we believe that it is affected by the trend of regularization and the narrowing of the improvement in interbank compensation costs.

In the third quarter, the balance of deposits increased, and the scale was basically the same as at the end of the second quarter. Structurally, the proportion of regular deposits reached 56.

5%, an increase of 1 earlier in the season.

2 units.

Negative generation speed variable, provision level needs to be raised SPDB’s NPL ratio in the third quarter was downgraded by 7BP to 1 in the second quarter.

76%, the proportion of focus loans fell 2BP to 2 from the previous month.


According to our calculations, the company’s non-performing loan income in the third quarter1.

76%, a decrease of 0 from the second quarter.

Five single, the company’s asset quality presentation continued to improve, but it is expected that the stock of non-performing assets will still need to be invested.

In the third quarter, the company’s provision coverage ratio was up 1 in the second quarter.

46 per share to 160%, the loan ratio decreased slightly by 2BP to 2 from the previous quarter.

81%, the provision coverage ratio is at a high level within the industry, and the level of provision needs to be further improved in the future. It is estimated that in view of the increasing downward pressure on the economy, the company’s provisioning level needs to be further improved. We slightly reduced the EPS of SPDB in 19/20 to 2.


35 yuan / share (was 2).


40 yuan / share), corresponding to a net profit growth rate of 11.

2% / 11.

0% (was 13.

5% / 11.

0%), currently the PE corresponding to 2019/20 is 6.

03x / 5.

43x, PB is 0.

76x / 0.

68x, maintaining the overweight level.

The main risks facing rating economic downturn caused asset quality substitution to exceed expectations.

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Xingsen Technology (002436) 2018 Annual Report Review: IC Carrier Board Gradually Improves Profitability

The company’s 18-year revenue increased by 6%, and net profit attributable to mothers increased by 30%, in line with market expectations of 18-year revenue of 34.

73 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

80%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

15 ppm, an increase of 30 in ten years.


Q4 revenue 8.

69 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

93%, down 4 from the previous month.

72%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

380,000 yuan, an increase of 544 in ten years.

54%, down 51.


The company’s 18-year revenue and net profit have exceeded steady growth, mainly due to the company’s key projects on track.

The single Q4 net profit has almost no substantial increase, mainly due to the decrease in the base in 17 years, but a decrease from the previous quarter, mainly due to the company’s impact on the factors, and the financial expense ratio increased due to exchange rate reasons4.

71pct, as well as the year-end accrual of expense expenses, management expenses, and sales expense supplements have increased, resulting in a Q4 net profit margin of -4.


The IC package substrate project performed well, with major subsidiaries operating well1, and PCB revenues26.

32 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

19%; gross profit margin 30.

07%, slightly pitch 0.

93pct, the overall performance of the PCB business is stable.

Among them, Guangzhou factory Xingsen Express revenue 18.

1.9 billion, + 18% a year, net profit 1.

6.3 billion, previously + 116%, showing more outstanding operating conditions.

Sales revenue of Fineline 11.

0.6 million yuan, ten years + 0.

17%, net profit is 0.

730,000 yuan, at least -22.

49%, the decline was mainly due to the impact of Sino-US trade friction, and the weakness of overseas markets.

Revenue of the subsidiary Yixing Silicon Valley 3.

89 trillion, +3 for ten years.

20%, small error of 0.

At 09 ppm, its operating conditions in the second quarter improved significantly and remained stable; the British subsidiary EXCEPTION’s 杭州夜网论坛 operations improved significantly.

2. The company’s IC semiconductor business increased rapidly with revenue 5.

7.4 billion, previously + 17%, gross margin of 15.

75%, ten years +2.

66 points.

Among them, the IC package substrate business performed well and achieved revenue2.3.6 billion, previously + 64%.

The company’s storage products account for more than 70% of the volume, and its production capacity has reached full production capacity. By September 2018, it has passed Samsung certification and became Samsung’s sole domestic supplier in the mainland. The transformation of Samsung’s demand and the introduction of the company’s IC substrate capacityExpand production capacity to 1.

800,000 square meters / month, profitability is expected to increase again.

With an “overweight” rating, we expect to gradually implement the Yixing factory and IC carrier board business. The company’s net profit and profitability will significantly improve, and its performance is expected to usher in an upward turning point.

We expect the company’s 2019-2020 net profit of 297/370 million yuan, EPS 0.


25 yuan, corresponding PE is 29 / 23X, given the “overweight” rating.

risk warning.

The prosperity of the PCB industry was less than expected, and the company’s business improvement exceeded expectations.

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Three Gorges Water Conservancy (600116): Relocation of self-generating power drags down performance, significant asset restructuring and expansion of long-term space

Event Three Gorges Water Conservancy released its 2019 semi-annual report, and net profit attributable to mothers decreased by 20.

90% of Three Gorges Water Resources released the 2019 half-year report, and the company achieved operating income in the first half of 20195.

31 ppm, an increase of 4 per year.

85%; Realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

10 ‰, a decrease of 20 per year.

90%; expected average ROE is 3.

81%, a decrease of 1 per year.

17 units.

  A brief comment on the continued growth of electricity sales, the reduction in self-generated electricity has a significant impact on performance. The company is a local power company that integrates power generation and power supply. The power distribution business is concentrated in Wanzhou District, Chongqing City.

In the first half of this year, benefiting from the increase in demand for power within the region and the company’s expansion of the market to supplement major industrial power customers, the company completed the sale of electricity.

8.8 billion kWh, an annual increase of 5.

59%; operating income of 5.

31 ppm, an increase of 4 per year.


Due to the decrease in water supply in the basins of the company’s power plants in the first half of the year, the company gradually completed its power generation2.

2.3 billion kWh, a decrease of 39 per year.


Affected by the sharp decline in the amount of self-generated electricity in the first half of 19, the company ‘s external power purchase costs increased slightly, and the assets of the overlapping rural power grids were upgraded and their depreciation and interest expenses increased, resulting in a decline in power business profits to zero.

59 trillion, a decrease of 46 a year.


  The impact of lowering power prices is limited. The increase in rural power subsidies to hedge the scope of power business impacts Chongqing City from July 1 to reduce the general industrial and commercial electricity sales and transmission and distribution prices.

83 cents / kWh, the collection rate for major water conservancy project construction funds levied with electricity prices was reduced by 50% (0.

197 minutes / kWh).

The electricity price adjustment affected the company’s 2019 net 成都桑拿网 profit of approximately 780 million, and the overall impact was relatively limited.

The company achieved other income in the first half of the year.

520,000 yuan, 0 compared with the same period last year.

The increase of 10,000 yuan is obvious, and to a certain extent, it has hedged the substantial impact of the profitability of the power business.

The company’s other income is mainly government subsidies, including a special subsidy fund for rural power grid upgrading and transformation of 19 million yuan (related to revenue) and a rural loan repayment fund of 26.18 million yuan (related to assets).

The special subsidy funds for the upgrading of rural power grids have lasted for 5 years since 2015, with an annual value of 19 million yuan, and were finally received at the beginning of this year.

The fund for repaying loans by the Rural Power Grid will continue to be recognized within the depreciation period of the Rural Power Grid assets, which is expected to continue to improve the company’s other income.

  In the progress of major asset reorganization, the growth space of the power distribution business is opened. On March 9, 2019, the company’s shareholder Changdian Capital (Changjiang Power Subsidiary) and Xinhua Hydropower signed a Concert Action Agreement.Changed to SASAC.

On the same month, the company announced that it plans to purchase United Energy 88 by issuing shares and convertible bonds and paying cash.

55% equity and 100% equity of Changxing Power (Changxing Power holds 10 of United Energy.

95% equity).

  Prior to the termination date, this major asset reorganization is still in progress.

Judging from the combined financial value of 58.

30,000 yuan, annual net profit is about 2.

7.3 billion; Changxing Power ‘s net assets are about 5.5.3 billion, annual net profit is about 0.

08 thousand yuan.

On the whole, after the completion of this major asset reorganization, Changdian United Energy and Liangjiang Changxing’s high-quality grid assets will help the company break through the development situation, and the company is also expected to become the best carrier for the Three Gorges Group to build a southwest power sales platform in the future.

If the company can lead the Three Gorges Hydropower into Chongqing in the future, the high-quality and low-cost outbound hydropower of the Three Gorges Group is also expected to reduce the company’s outsourced power costs.

  Considering that the company’s power sales business is stable, the self-generation capacity has been significantly shifted due to the dry water this year. Without considering the replacement of the major asset restructuring for the time being, reasonable consideration of the replacement role of Three Gorges Power, we forecast the company’s EPS in 2019-2021 to0.

23, 0.

32 and 0.

36 yuan.

We are optimistic about the huge development space brought by the Chongqing Electric Power Reform and the Three Gorges Group’s integration of the local power grid to maintain the buying level.

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Computer skin cannot be destroyed by radiation

Can you work without a computer?

Can you entertain without a computer?

We can definitely live in the 1970s and 1980s.

But now, we are used to having a computer in our lives, but do you know how much damage the computer radiation has caused to your skin?


hzh {display: none; }  不要认为电脑辐射是小问题,其实很多时候你忽略了这些小细节就会让肌肤变得又黄又粗糙。Don’t blame your computer, in fact, you don’t pay attention to protect your skin.

So, let’s start paying attention to the radiation resistance of MM’s skin. The special operation to save the little face will start from now!

  The easiest way to prevent computer radiation is to drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea and an orange every morning.

Tea is rich in provitamin A, which can be quickly converted into vitamin A after being absorbed by the body.

Green tea not only eliminates the dangers of computer radiation, but also protects and improves vision.

  The second method is to use an isolation cream, which can effectively prevent the radiation from polluting the environment, but do not use oily foundation.

  After the third method of using the computer, the particles at both ends will absorb too much electromagnetic radiation. Wash your face with clean water in time, which will reduce the radiation received by more than 70%!

  The fourth trick computer radiation can cause skin dryness.

So MM should replenish moisture for their skin in time!

Do some hydration homework every day when you go home!

Products such as essences, hydrating masks!

  The fifth trick is to eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes and other vegetables appropriately. If possible, you can also squeeze some fruit and vegetable juice to drink!

Fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices are good body cleaners!

  [DIY Class-Homemade Toner]1) Anti-radiation toner: Use 1: 5 ratio of glycerin and white vinegar to coat the skin, making the skin smooth and tender, and saving money.

Drinking more water can not only replenish skin moisture loss, but also promote metabolism.

  2) Green Tea Toner Green Tea Toner with good shrinking effect can make the skin more elastic.

Among them, lactic acid protein can also shrink pores, which is also effective for acne-prone skin.

  Production method: a.

Bring the water to a boil and cool slightly, then add green tea leaves to soak.


After the tea becomes cold, filter out the tea leaves, add glycerin, and store in the refrigerator.

  Easy experience: a touch of green tea fragrance, leaving a faint fragrance while moisturizing: vitamin C3 tablets (to accelerate skin metabolism, repair the skin, whiten skin) vitamin B6 tablets (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, effective for acne skin)B2 tablet (good for acne, can eliminate trace particles) Oryzanol tablet (sedative skin, anti-allergic) Salicylic acid tablet (because the skin is weakly acidic, adding salicylic acid can help the skin absorb nutrients) Specific methods:Put all the above things into a small bottle and add 50 ml of purified water.

Spray it when it’s all right, the skin will become watery, and the small acne will slowly disappear.

  4) Lavender toner tea tree oil has good anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.

Lavender Pure Lotion has the functions of astringent, whitening and softening horny.

Roman chamomile pure dew calms, soothes, whitens, and hyaluronic acid combined with glycerin can achieve better moisturizing effect.

  Material: Glycerin 10%, Lavender Pure Dew 40%, Roman Chamomile Pure Dew 20%, Pure Water 27%, Hyaluronic Acid 3% (or 1% Aqueous Solution), Tea Tree Essential Oil 3 Drops Production Method: After mixing all the materials evenly, Become a lavender toner, and then combine in a beautiful bottle.

  Easy experience: After use, the skin feels very refreshing, and its elegant fragrance makes people refreshed!

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Cripples for pregnant women do not change frequently!

I often hear many expectant mothers disappointed and say that they always do n’t sleep well after pregnancy.

Below, Doudou Mom will share with you his successful sleep experience, hoping to help mothers to solve this problem.

  Special recommendation: DIY pregnant woman belly pillow Convert a pillow into a pregnant woman belly pillow, put the bulging belly “pillow” on it, you will feel comfortable: Disassemble a large pillow and cut it into a meniscus; one of themThe filling is re-flocculated to low and horizontal high; it can be replaced at the end.

  Principle: When the pregnant mommy sleeps on the side, the meniscus-shaped belly pillow is placed under the bulging abdomen, which can accommodate the discomfort of the abdominal left and right falling forces, and give the belly a certain support, so that the pregnant mommy can sleep peacefully.Effectively mitigates sleep traps during pregnancy.

For pregnant moms with twins and large babies, the effect is better.

  Is your sleeping posture correct?

  After pregnancy, the fetus continues to grow and develop in the mother.

In order to meet and adapt to the needs of hypertension, some changes in the physiological function and anatomical structure of pregnant women’s body will occur.

In particular, the uterus is gradually enlarged, and the blood flow of the uterus is also greatly increased.

Before the birth, the entire abdomen is almost covered by the uterus, which will inevitably cause different degrees of displacement or compression of the heart, lungs, and urinary organs.

  If a pregnant woman is sleeping in a supine position at this time, the increased uterine pressure is on the aorta behind the uterus, and the blood supply to the uterus is significantly reduced, which directly affects the fetal nutrition and development.

  If a pregnant woman suffers from pregnancy poisoning, sleeping in the supine position can affect the blood supply to the kidneys. If the flow is significantly reduced, the urine output will also decrease.

Pregnant women ‘s body ‘s sodium salts and toxic substances produced during the metabolism process cannot be discharged in time, which will aggravate the condition of pregnancy poisoning, increase blood pressure, proteinuria, lower extremities and edema, and even cramps and coma.””, Improper handling will threaten the lives of mothers and children.

  During pregnancy, often lying on the right side is not conducive to fetal development and childbirth.

As the uterus continues to expand, other organs in the abdomen are squeezed.

Sometimes, the sigmoid colon in the lower abdominal cavity is squeezed, causing the pregnant woman’s uterus to rotate to the right to varying degrees, thereby putting the ligaments and mesentery that maintain the normal position of the uterus in tension.

The nutritional uterine blood vessels in the mesangium are stretched, which can affect the oxygen supply of blood pressure, cause chronic chronic hypoxia in the uterus, and severely cause suffocation or death.

  Intimate reminder: The reasonable sleeping position during pregnancy is to lie left, so as to avoid the above serious occurrence.

To ensure the health of your baby and yourself, you must develop the habit of lying down from the sixth month of pregnancy.

  Do you drink a lot of water before going to bed?

  During pregnancy, the most annoying thing may be getting up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom a few times.

If you can control the amount of water you drink within a few hours before falling asleep, you can reduce the number of convenient times to get up in the middle of the night.

  It ‘s important to keep your body hydrated during pregnancy, so make sure you are “hydrated” during the day or elsewhere.

  Intimate reminder: Try to avoid caffeinated drinks before going to bed, such as soda, coffee, tea. If you really want to drink, please rest in the morning or afternoon.

This way, when you fall asleep at night, you will not be so excited.

  How are you feeling before bed?

  Keep a list of “to do things”, make a list at dinner, wait until the next day to handle the list of things, make sure to handle all chores during dinner, so you can go to bed before going to bedCan relax.

If you’re the kind of person who wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about a tight job, put a notepad by the bed so you can quickly jot things down before you fall asleep again.

  Intimate reminder: At the beginning of pregnancy, many prospective mothers will be worried about the arrival of a new life and the major changes in their life.

Eating light snacks, taking a warm bath, trying yoga, etc. will all relax your mood and sleep better.

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Barley red bean porridge is not as effective

The way to get rid of the moisture in the body is very simple, just two flavors of “medicine”.

The two flavor medicines can be used as tea and rice, and can solve the problem. One is barley and the other is red beans.

It is not necessary to grab a knife in proportion to each time. After cleaning, put water in the pot and boil. After cooking, it is the best product for removing dampness and spleen-red rice porridge.

  The red rice porridge has the advantage that it will not become sticky and thick when it is boiled. The red beans and barley that are always rotten underneath are topped with a light red soup, and most of the active ingredients of barley and red beans are in the soup.

When porridge, put some water, as for the effect, it is no small matter.

Rice, also known as “coix seed”, is listed as a top grade in “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, which can cure dampness and paralysis, improve gastrointestinal tract, eliminate edema, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and lighten and strengthen Qi.

Red beans, also known as “red beans”, are good for water, swelling, and spleen and stomach, because red is in the heart, so it can also make up the heart.

Modern people have high mental stress, heart qi deficiency, inadequate diet, less exercise, and weak spleen.

It is necessary not only to remove dampness, but also to replenish the heart, and to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Boil it into porridge, which is intended to transform the effective ingredients to be fully absorbed by the human body without causing any burden on the spleen and stomach.

  The “swelling” effect of barley and red beans is very interesting. Do not think that swelling is edema.

Let’s look at today’s people. At least five or six of the ten people are blessed. This is also swollen, which is called bloated body.

In Chinese medicine, obesity and edema all mean that the body is wet.

The water cannot flow with the blood and qi, and stays between the cells of the human body, causing the human body to expand rapidly.

This is the case with edema and obesity, but only to a lesser extent.

Drugs or foods with strong dehumidifying properties can remove these stagnant fluids and reduce swelling.

Therefore, red beans must be used in the treatment of edema. Practice has proved that barley red bean porridge has a good weight loss effect, which can lose weight without harming the body, especially for middle-aged and obese people, the effect is better.

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Understanding the developmental characteristics of children’s memory

1. Remember less and forget faster. The range of children’s memory and the time of memory retention are expanded and prolonged by aging.

The range of memory for children around 1 year old is very small. At first, they can only recognize mothers and loved ones, and then they can recognize things around them.

Their memory is kept for a short time.

  For example, they separated them from the relatives they lived with for a month, and did not know each other when they met again; the children in the kindergarten could learn a nursery rhyme or a story in a class, and soon forgot it.

  2. Lack of memory Purpose The memory of preschool children is difficult to obey a purposeful activity. Their memory is mainly unconsciously remembered. They can only remember objects with clear images, things that cause interest or things that cause strong emotional experience.
It is difficult for young children to devote their memory exclusively to purposeful activities.

  The conscious ability of a 5 or 6-year-old child begins to develop. If an adult commissions him to do something, he will use simple memory methods, such as repeating what the adult said to remember it.

After entering primary school, under the influence of education, the ability to remember consciously has developed rapidly.

  3. Memorizing method The memory of a dull adult is generally through understanding of things to be remembered, becoming the main feature and internal connection of things, discarding non-major parts of objects, and carrying out meaningful memorization, while children are limited by knowledge and experience and cannotWith this analysis, the surface of the object is mechanically anisotropically recorded.

  For example, an adult and a child meet a person who meets for the first time. The adult remembers the appearance of the person, and the child may remember the color of the person and so on.

But pre-school children are not completely meaningless, and will also carry out some meaning-keeping on things they can understand.

  4. Inaccurate memory The accuracy of children’s memory also increases with age.

Inaccurate memory in young children manifests in incomplete memory, overlapping, distorted facts and susceptibility to hints.

For example, when a child listens to a story, he only remembers a certain detail of concern, but the plot of the entire story cannot be remembered, or the plot of another story is mixed.

  Another example is a mother asking a child who came back from kindergarten, did you come to see you in kindergarten today?

He replied yes, in fact, he didn’t come here today another day before, and when asked by his mother, he thought he had come today.

This is caused by inaccurate memory and supplementary memory with imagination.

This will change with age.

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Bathing health 2

First, the temperature of the bath water used in the cold water bath is lower than 25 ° C, so that the body of the bather receives the stimulation of the cold water temperature, and the method of adjusting the function of each system and improving the immunity of the body is called a cold water bath.

  Cold water includes bath surface, bath body, bath foot, bath, shower, winter swimming and other forms.

The human body is generally divided into three reaction stages for cold stimulation; that is, the initial cold stage, when the skin vasoconstriction, heat dissipation is reduced; the warm phase of the reaction, at this time, the interval of blood vessels is dilated, the body is hot, the blood pressure is normal, the duration of this phase is long, and the water temperature, temperature, human cold tolerance and other factors.

The third stage is the chill period. At this time, the local blood vessels contract again, the skin is pale, the lips are purple, the body is chilly, and the fainting is disgusting.

The cold water bath should be completed before the third period, so that the body’s blood vessels can be swelled and exercised without any damage to health.

  Cold water bath has many curative effects, can exercise the body, enhance disease resistance, and resist cold. In the process of shrinking the table, the breathing is deepened, the respiratory function is enhanced, and respiratory diseases such as colds and bronchitis can be prevented.Vascular function, bodybuilding and beauty effects.


Cold water bath surface first wipe the face with a wet towel, then immerse the face in cold water, then close your breath or exhale, then raise your head to inhale from the water (at this time, be careful not to draw water into the trachea), repeat 5?
6 times, then wring the wet towel, rub the face and neck with a cold towel, and finally massage the face and neck and the temple with the palm of your hand to make it red and hot.

This method is very effective for beauty and eliminate wrinkles.


The cold water bath is a cold water rubbing bath, and the towel is rubbed with cold water to wipe the body, in the order of the face-upper limb-chest-chest-chest-lower limbs.

When scrubbing the limbs, rubbing away from the trunk to the torso can help the venous return. The technique changes from light to heavy, and the skin becomes red and hot. Finally, it is dried with a dry towel.


Cold water showers usually refer to cold water baths in the society.

The method is to first wet the hands, face and limbs with cold water, then brush the chest back several times with a wet towel, then rub the wet towel against the chest back several times.

Finally, shower under the nozzle or pour cold water on the body, while scrubbing with a wet towel, the length of time is flexible, and ends before the cold war.

After bathing, dry the body with a large dry towel until the body is reddish.


After the winter swimming in the system indoor cold water bath exercise, the body has the ability to resist cold, before it can be carried out.

Prepare for exercise before winter swimming, the time should not be too long, should be flexible according to the climate and personal physical conditions.

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