Wanda Film’s (002739) First Coverage Report: Industry growth initially puts pressure on company performance and develops the entire industry chain to boost future growth

The film market is growing rapidly, the company’s performance is under pressure, and it will lay out upstream to strengthen synergy. In the fierce competition in the industry, the company achieved operating income of 140.

88 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.

49%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies12.

95 ‰, a decrease of 14 per year.


As the movie industry enters a medium-speed growth stage, the country ‘s movie box office is likely to maintain a growth rate of about 10% in the next few years, and the adjustment period of the cinema industry has not yet ended.

As the industry leader, Wanda Films is affected by the industry 杭州夜网论坛 environment and its performance growth index.

Wanda Films began to distribute upstream, acquire Wanda Films, optimize costs and improve operational efficiency, and exert synergy effects across the industry chain. It is expected to boost overall performance growth in the future.

  The concentration of the cinema industry continued to increase, M & A and restructuring accelerated, and Wanda’s leader resettled and consolidated. The top ten cinemas in 2018 replaced 68.

7% share, growing by 1 every year.

1%, the market concentration tends to increase.

Wanda Cinema Line is 76.

Box office of 90,000 yuan (excluding service charge), 13.

The market share of 6% ranked first, and the market share rose by more than 0.

5%, stable in the eaves of the dragon head.

With the increase of theater operating difficulties, a large number of cinemas and theaters have closed down, large-scale theater companies have gone bankrupt, and the State Film Bureau has issued a document to encourage theater mergers and acquisitions. The industry merger and reorganization has accelerated, and leading theater companies are expected to continue to benefit in the future.

  Wanda Film & TV integration will be completed in 2019 to improve operational efficiency and continue to increase non-ticket revenue.
In 2019, the company will join the integration of Wanda Film and Television in organizational structure, personnel and business, and comprehensively upgrade to become a full industry chain company.

At the cinema line, the company will actively expand while ensuring the quality and profit of the cinema, and strengthen the first cinema line terminal advantage.

On the content side, the company will link up various parts of the business to give full play to the synergies and ensure that the film and television completes its annual goals as planned.

In terms of non-box office revenue, the company will continue to explore innovative operations, actively explore differentiated operations, expand derivatives and coffee business development efforts, strengthen the ability to develop high-quality content, and continue to increase non-box office revenue.

  We are optimistic about the company’s overall industrial chain integration and leading regional advantages. For the first time, we will give a “recommended” rating. We predict that Wanda Film’s revenue in 2019-2021 will be 154.

28 ppm, 168.

3.6 billion, 185.

54 ppm, a ten-year increase of 9.

51%, 9.

13%, 10.

20%; net profit attributable to mothers is 14 respectively.

5.4 billion, 16.

6.3 billion, 19.

56 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

33%, 14.

34%, 17.

60%; corresponding to 2019-2021, the EPS is 0.

83 yuan, 0.

94 yuan, 1.

11 yuan.

We are optimistic about the company’s integration of the entire industry chain and the advantages of leading companies.
  Risk warning: economic downside risks; policy risks.

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AVIC Aircraft (000768) incident review: Boeing’s continuous crash market calls for large domestic aircraft

Event: On March 10, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737MAX crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 157 people on board, including 8 Chinese passengers.

This is the second crash after the crash of JAL Airlines on October 29, 2018.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation. The Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a notice requesting that China’s domestic transportation flights suspend commercial operations of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft before 18:00 on March 11, 2019.

Views: 1. Boeing has frequently encountered new problems. The 103rd domestically produced large aircraft has successfully flown for the first time. This sample is the future main model of the Boeing 737, and its sales in the international market are good.

Boeing 737MAX is a derivative model of Boeing 737 equipped with new engines, including Boeing 737MAX-7, Boeing 737MAX-8, 737MAX-9, 737 MAX-10 and Boeing 737MAX200. The accident is a sample of Boeing 737MAX-8.

Boeing 737 MAX is equipped with the latest LEAP-1B engine, the engine thrust size, more energy-saving, is the fourth generation of the main model of the Boeing 737.

According to reports, as of January 2019, 350 Boeing 737MAX series aircraft have been delivered, and the number of orders has reached 5,077.

Currently, domestic airlines operate a total of 97 Boeing 737MAX-8s.

Affected by the air crash, the safety of Boeing aircraft was questioned, and the company’s prices continued to plummet.

The accident was the second Boeing 737MAX-8 crash in half a year. On October 29, 2018, a Boeing 737MAX-8 aircraft from Lion Air Indonesia flew into the sea shortly after taking off from Jakarta International Airport. All 189 people on boardDied, the plane had just flown for 3 months.

After the accident, although Ethiopian flight safety cannot be ruled out, the safety of the model itself has still encountered great challenges.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a notice requesting that China’s domestic transportation airlines suspend commercial operations of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft before 18:00 on March 11, 2019.

About 60% of Boeing’s revenue comes from aircraft sales, and the company’s (US stock) advance premarket prices fell by 8%.

If the aircraft ‘s automatic anti-stall system has hidden safety hazards, it will definitely delay the pace of Boeing 737 upgrades and also make way for the large domestic aircraft to make a considerable domestic market.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation. In contrast, large domestic aircraft are conducting test flights in accordance with established procedures.

According to Xinhua News Agency, on December 28, 2018, 103 large-scale C919 domestic passenger planes landed safely at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, successfully completing the first flight, marking a total of three C919 aircraft currently in test flight.

According to Xinhua News, the 104, 105, and 106 test aircraft of the C919 aircraft are undergoing partial assembly and final assembly as planned, and they plan to participate in the test flight certification process next year.

The chief designer of large domestic aircraft said that the C919 large domestic aircraft is expected to obtain an airworthiness certificate in 2021.

2. AVIC Aircraft is the main contractor for large domestically produced aircraft. In the near future, AVIC Aircraft will fully benefit from the main military aviation products business of AVIC Aircraft. The main business includes military aircraft, civil aircraft, international cooperation subcontracting projects, and large aircraft.Airframe structure, as well as aircraft landing gear and braking systems, accounted for more than 94% of its main business revenue.

The company is a supplier of large aircraft structural parts. It undertakes six work packages for C919 large aircraft, including the middle chassis (including the central wing), the outer wing box (including the fixed front and rear edges), the aileron, the trailing edge flaps, and the leading edge.Slats and spoilers.

The C919 belongs to the “medium and short-range dual-engine narrow-body civil transport aircraft” and is a single-aisle medium-sized passenger aircraft. Its adjacent aircraft are the American Boeing B737, European Airbus A320, Canadian Bombardier CS300, and Russian United Aircraft Corporation MS21.

The demand for civil aircraft in China is increasing, and the civil aviation fleet will increase to four times in the next 20 years.

On September 19, 2017, COMAC released the Annual Report of COMAC’s Civil Aircraft Market 2017-2036. It is expected that there will be 8,575 new aircraft demand in the next 20 years. By 2035, the size of the Chinese fleet will reach8,684 aircraft, while the size of China ‘s civil aviation fleet was only 2,370 in 2014, which has nearly quadrupled in 20 years.

In the next 20 years, the total value of passenger aircraft will exceed 2 trillion.

According to the civil aircraft market forecast annual report, there will be 8,575 new aircraft demand by the end of 2034, of which 8232 are large jet airliners and 343 are regional jets.

According to Netease information, the unit price of a large jet passenger aircraft in the spring is about 50 million US dollars, and the unit price of a regional airliner is about 30 million US dollars. This translates into a value of 28,263 civilian aircraft over the next 20 years.


3. Development platform of the company’s strategic and strategic transport aircraft and bomber AVIC aircraft has successively developed Yun-8, Yun-9 and Yun-20 in the field of transport aircraft. Among them, Yun-8 and Yun-9 are still the main models of increasingly transport aircraft.The market space of -20 is huge.

The performance of Yun-20 Il-76 is close to that of C-17.

The development of the Yun-20 refers to the aerodynamic shape and structural design of the Il-76, and incorporates some features 杭州桑拿 of the C-17. It is equipped with a Russian-made four-engine D-30KP turbofan engine (the WS-20 will be gradually replaced in the future) for maximum flight.The weight is 220 tons, and the payload is over 66 tons.

The comprehensive performance of the Yun-20 upstream Il-76 (engine, electronics, load capacity and short-track take-off and landing performance is better), close to the C-17.

The Xinyun-9 was officially equipped with the Air Force in 2012. At the same time, multi-type special aircrafts based on the Yun-9 were also launched in sequence, including Air Police-500, Gaoxin-6 (anti-submarine), Gaoxin-8 (intelligence collection), and Gaoxin-9 (electronic interference), Yun-9 special warfare (special operations) and new high-level aircraft (psychological warfare), most of them have entered the mass production stage.

The company is also an annual strategic bomber development platform.

At present, the main bombing bomb of the country is still the H-6K. However, it is mentioned that the US B2 has the disadvantage of hindering the bomb load and range, and it does not have the stealth capability.

Strategic bombers are scarce, but a new generation of long-range strategic bombers is already under development.

At present, there are sufficient technical reserves for stealth materials and aerodynamic layout. Therefore, mature technologies that can be used in new strategic bombers play a role in boosting fighter performance.

4. Investment suggestions We expect the company’s main operating income for 2018-2020 to be 338, respectively.

45 billion, 390.5.7 billion and 462.

5.0 billion, net profit attributable to mothers was 5 respectively.

25 billion, 7.

02 billion and 9.

37 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.

19 yuan, 0.

25 yuan and 0.

34 yuan, corresponding to PE is 88 times, 66 times and 49 times respectively, maintaining the company’s “strongly recommended” level.

Risk warning: The development progress of large aircraft is less than expected, and the order and delivery of military aircraft is less than expected.

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Financial Street (000402): Urban layout tends to achieve balanced growth in asset management business
Investment points: 1.The event company released its 2018 annual report.At the core of the report, the company achieved operating income of 221.1.3 billion, down 13 each year.35%; the company achieved net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company.69 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.72%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deduction is 29.82 ppm, a 69-year increase of 69.78%; the company’s basic earnings are 1.09 yuan, an annual increase of 7.92%.The company’s profit distribution plan is: based on the company’s total share capital on December 31, 2018, a cash dividend of 3 yuan (including tax) will be distributed to all shareholders for every 10 shares.  2.Our Analysis and Judgment (I) Revenue decreased and gross profit of development business increased rapidly. In 2018, the company realized operating income of 221.13 ppm, a decrease of 13 per year.35%; net profit attributable to mother 32.69 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.72%, net profit after deduction is 29.82 ppm, a 69-year increase of 69.78%; affected by the reduction in the scale of the company’s completed projects, revenue declined, of which the real estate development business realized operating income of 195.9 trillion, down 15 a year.72%, gross margin is 45.77%, an increase of 20 from 2017.The 42 single ones are mainly related to the improvement of cost control and structural factors of settlement projects; the property rental business realized operating income.4 ‰, an increase of 11 in ten years.60%, mainly due to the increase in rental income; real estate operating business realized operating income6.700 million, an annual increase of 4.71%.  (2) The sales amount hit a record high, and the urban layout tended to be balanced. In 2018, the company achieved a sales contract value of about 30.7 billion, a 30% increase over the previous year, a record high.Among them, commercial real estate projects achieved sales contract value of 24.8 billion US dollars.The company has basically completed the layout of 15 cities / regions in the five major urban agglomerations. The city’s revenue distribution is more balanced than in previous years. Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Huizhou, Tianjin, and Chongqing each accounted for 28 revenues.03%, 27.33%, 13.45%, 11.82%, 10.44%, 8.93%, the ability to resist market risks improved.The company added 20 new projects through the bidding, auction, merger and acquisition, cooperative development and other methods, with an added equity building area of 3.56 million square meters, an equity investment of USD 19.1 billion, and an overall billable resource planning building area of 15.33 million square meters.The company replenishes project resources at a reasonable price and abundant soil reserves, which helps the company’s performance to improve steadily.  (3) The asset management business has grown steadily, and the profitability of self-sustaining business has improved, and the company’s asset management business as a whole achieved operating income25.1 ‰, an increase of 11% in ten years; realized profit before interest and taxes12.9 trillion, an increase of 9% in ten years.Operating income of the company’s asset management business and profit before interest and taxes hit a record high.The report summarizes that the company holds 118 high-quality properties in the core areas of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other central cities.20,000 square meters, the company gradually carried out the management output and asset securitization of asset management business, the profitability of self-owned properties continued to improve, while providing stable cash flow while providing financing for the company’s development business.  (IV) The overall controllable leverage and increased financing costs At the end of the reporting period, the company’s assets and liabilities replaced 74.96%, increase by 1 every year.88%, the level of leverage is generally controllable.The company completed the resale of corporate bonds with rights. The “15 Golden Street 01” bond has a coupon rate of 4 for three years after adjustment.74%.On January 17, 2019, the company completed a US $ 2 billion non-public issuance of corporate bonds (the first instalment), of which the coupon rate of “19 Golden Control 01” was 4.33%, “19 Gold Control 02” coupon rate is 4.47%.At the same time, the company declared private placement of corporate bonds and obtained 6 billion registered quotas.The company’s financing cost budget and long-term budget funds provide guarantee for the company’s business development.China Chengxin Securities Appraisal Corporation rated the company as AAA.  3.Investment advice Financial Street’s self-sustaining business has grown steadily and is expected to benefit from the rapid development of asset securitization and Reits.The company deeply cultivated the five major urban agglomerations and moderately expanded the project of satellite cities, and the city distribution was more balanced.The three businesses of company development, property leasing and property management all achieved high levels of gross profit margin.Based on the consideration of the company’s development project reserves and the company’s layout of market sales, we expect the company’s revenue from 2019 to 2020 to be 1.21, 1.38 yuan.Take March 29 at 8.At the closing price of 58 yuan, the corresponding dynamic price-earnings ratios are 7 respectively.09, 杭州桑拿网 6.22 times.With reference to comparable companies’ estimates, the company’s dynamic urban surplus for 2019 is reset7.09 times, lower than the average of 9.93 times attractive, giving the first “recommended” rating.  4.Risks suggest that real estate growth is higher than expected, and the risk of falling house prices is falling.

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Kang Hong Pharmaceutical (002773): Compaq continues to increase its traditional business in an attempt to improve

Investment Highlights Event: The company achieved revenue in 201829.

2 ‰, an increase of 4 in ten years.

7%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

10%, an increase of 7 per year.

9%; net profit after deduction 6.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.


2 for every 10 shares.

80 yuan (including tax). At the same time, the capital reserve will be transferred to all shareholders by 3 shares for every 10 shares.

The performance was slightly lower than expected, and Lang Mu showed a rapid growth trend.

The company’s 2018 revenue and attributable net profit growth rates were 4 respectively.

7% and 7.

9%, lower than expected performance, the company’s business is mainly divided into three major sectors of proprietary Chinese medicines, chemical drugs and biological products (Lang Mu).

By segment: 1) Biological products: 2018 revenue reached 8.

80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 42.

8%, accounting for 30% of the company’s overall revenue.


In terms of gross profit margin, the gross profit margin of biological products in 2018 reached 94.

7%, up 5 per year.

Seven averages, Kanghong Bio’s 2018 net profit was 2.

05 ppm, net margin reached 23.

2%, a substantial increase of about 8 each year.

8 units.

First, after Lang Mu entered the national medical insurance, although the price has been reduced, the scale effect has been further reflected, and the profitability has been significantly improved; 2) Chemical drugs: the income in 2018 was 11.

7 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

0%, gross profit margin rose by 0.

22 single, 重庆耍耍网 basically in line with expectations; 3) Chinese patent medicines: 2018 revenue is 8.

600 million, down 20 a year.

4%, gross margin decreased by 0.

87 units, a drag on the company’s overall performance.

In terms of period expense ratio: In 2018, the company’s sales expense subsidy was 47.

1%, rising by 1 every year.

3 units, management expenses 21.

1%, rising about 3 integers per year.

The company’s overall gross profit margin was 92.

2%, up by 1 each year.

The 8 averages were mainly due to the increase in the proportion of Lang Mu’s income.

Compaq market space is further opened, and the non-biopharmaceutical sector is expected to improve.The company’s flagship product, Compaq’s sales, has a higher growth trend, and is currently developing in the field of new indications, and the market space is expected to further open.

1) Domestic: New indications for diabetic macular edema (DME) have entered priority review and are expected to be approved in the second half of 2019; retinal vein (RVO) indications are in phase III clinical trials and are expected to be approved in the next two years.
2) Overseas: The company has started a phase III clinical trial of non-inferior counterparts with aflibercept, focusing on the advantages of low injection frequency.

Composip is similar in structure to aflibercept and has higher affinity than ranibizumab, but it can replicate all VEGF-A isoforms, VEGF-B and PLGF. After the indication is approved, the overseas market space will be significant着 Extended.

As for the non-biological medicine segment, the company is adjusting the sales structure and improving operating efficiency. The revenue growth rate of chemical medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine in 2018H1 was 3 respectively.

7% and -27.

0%, the growth rate in 2018 was 8 respectively.

0% and -20.

4%, the scale of the second half of the performance has improved significantly, we expect the non-biological medicine sector in 2019 will stop the downward trend and resume stable growth.

Profit forecast and rating.

We expect EPS to be 1 in 2019-2021.

36 yuan, 1.

76 yuan and 2.

32 yuan, corresponding estimates are about 41 times, 32 times and 24 times respectively.

Considering that Compaq’s growth is good, the non-biopharmaceutical sector has the potential for continuous improvement, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: the risk of drug prices falling; the risk of new drug approval progress is lower than expected.

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BTG Hotels (600258) Annual Report Review: Net Profit Speeds Up Significantly
The event review company released the 2018 annual financial report, which included 杭州桑拿网 revenue growth1.45%, net profit growth rate of 28.38%; the proportion of mid- to high-end hotels is expected to further increase to 50%; in the fourth quarter of 2018, the occupancy rate improved due to the slight increase in average room rates; and the reported expense ratio decreased by 1.76 to 80.1%.In 2018, the overall revenue was initially 85.3.9 billion (+1.45%), net profit attributable to mother 8.5.7 billion (+35.84%), net of non-attributed net profit6.900 million (+15.99%). The hotel management output business is expanding rapidly, with profit growth far exceeding revenue growth.The company achieved revenue of 85 in 2018.3.9 billion (+1.45%), of which Home Inn Hotel Group 71.4.5 billion (+1.45%), the first travel stock hotel 9.3.6 billion (+1.57%), attractions operation 4.500 million (+1.26%).Company maximizes 杭州龙凤桑拿网 profits12.9.6 billion (+28.38%), of which hotels contributed 11.08 thousand yuan (+30.07%), attractions contribute 1.7.8 billion (+18.80%).The monopoly in revenue growth was mainly caused by the closure of directly operated stores.The increase in performance over the previous year mainly comes from: the company’s accelerated market development, cost control, and profitability continued to improve; cash management capabilities improved, repayment of bank loans to save financial costs; sale of 20% equity of Yanjing Hotel, 10% equity of Shouqi, 100% equity of Bibang Hotel received incremental investment income1.4.4 billion. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the pace of new stores accelerated, and the proportion of mid- to high-end hotels is expected to further increase.At the beginning of 2018, 622 new stores were opened, which exceeded the quota of 450 new stores.247 new quarters in Q4 (+6 for the whole year.5%, +58.3%).By the end of 2018, the company had a total of 4,049 hotels, of which 720 were mid-to-high-end, accounting for 17.8%; there are 397,561 guest rooms, 87,094 mid- to high-end rooms, accounting for 21.9%; there are 530 stores that have not been opened and are contracted, and the stock is abundant.Target operating income for 2019 is RMB 8.68 billion-8.8 billion (corresponding growth rate is 0.71% -3.1%), the number of newly opened hotels is not less than 800, and the mid-to-high end accounts for more than 50%.The company plans to accelerate the expansion of its mid-range franchise stores with gradual profitability, close economical direct-operated stores, and optimize the store structure. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the occupancy rate was affected by the slight increase in average house prices.2018Q4 Home Inn RevPAR 152 yuan (+2.8%), subject to an average house price of 187 yuan (+5.9%), with a occupancy rate of 81.2% (-2.5%) slightly decreased; such as RevPAR / average room rate / occupancy rate of mature hotels operating for more than 18 months increased by 1.4% / 3.7% /-1.9%, 2% faster than the third quarter.4% / 4.The improvement of 6% /-2% was mainly due to the insufficient growth of consumer power in the second half of 2018, the economic growth was less than expected and the off-season impact of the hotel industry. The cost rate decreased by 1 each year during the reporting period.76% to 80.1%.The sales / management / R & D / financial expense rate increased by -2.25% / 0.98% / 0.14% /-0.63% to 65.70% / 12.04% / 0.35% / 2.01%.Among them, the decrease in the sales expense ratio was due to the increase in depreciation stalls in some directly-operated stores, store leases, and reduced employee expenses; the increase in management expenses was caused by the increase in the number of franchised stores to the increase in labor costs of the franchise manager; the increase in research and development expenses was due to the increaseCustomers expect that the increase in investment in information systems; financial costs decreased due to strengthening cash flow management, repayment of some bank loans to save financial costs. Investment suggestion: The company currently accounts for mid- to high-end hotels.8% is at a high level among the three major hotel groups. After the increase in the number of newly opened hotels in 2019 and the joint venture with Hyatt to launch a new hotel brand to serve the high-end market, we believe that the company’s competitiveness in the high-end market will be significantly improved.At the same time, the company will implement an equity incentive mechanism and plan to distribute 0 to all shareholders.11 yuan (including tax) is expected to be beneficial to the long-term development.The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.97\1.07\1.35, corresponding to the company’s closing price of 21 on April 18.93 yuan, PE for 2019-2021 is 22.1\19.6\16.5. For the first time, we give the rating of “overweight”. Existing risks: The risk of rapid macroeconomic growth or fluctuations; the risk of rising operating costs of the company; the consumer demand for residents is less than expected.

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I often look down on my phone and watch my wrinkles creep over my face

In modern life, we often see such people, no matter they are on the subway, bus, or dining table, they continuously hold mobile phones or various electronic products and read or play games, send messages, scan Weibo, and read news ., Staring at one thing to see more and more muscle and nervous tension, robes revealed neck wrinkles, facial wrinkles and other skin aging problems.

  The skin aging caused by the “low heads” is mainly manifested in the generation of three types of wrinkles: chuanzi lines, head lines and neck lines.

When you stare at your mobile phone in a rickety car or subway seriously, your brows are actually unconsciously frowned.

Over the years, once the Chuanzi pattern between the eyebrows is formed, don’t even think about erasing it.

People with long, slender, low-headed heads who look at something intently will have “three” wrinkles as soon as they lift their heads, because the skin on their foreheads is loose and taut (due to skin dehydration, aging, etc.)

Theoretically, there are two reasons for wrinkles: one is that the epidermal skin is dehydrated, the cells lose vitality, and the skin becomes rough, causing wrinkles; the other is that the internal collagen of the skin is gradually reduced and the internal tissuesThe structure collapsed.

When the skin loses its elasticity, it will naturally produce various “textures” due to bowing its head.

Therefore, changing the habit of “low-headed wrinkles”, externally moisturizing skin care, internally replenishing collagen, having enough sleep, and saying no to cigarettes and alcohol are the correct ways to combat “low-heading wrinkles.”

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All yoga classes are paid for classical Hatha Yoga

All yoga classes are paid for classical Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga practice integrates asana (body posture), breathing, and meditation.

Practicing yoga can help open and strengthen your body and mind, and can help you return to health, joy, and peace.

This exercise that creates our strength gives us the opportunity to understand and develop our best qualities.

Yoga helps us discover our self and encourages us to show ourselves in everything we do.

  Hot Yoga Hot Yoga is a deliberate exercise in high temperature (36-40 ° C), ready to enjoy sweating!

Hot yoga is an ideal exercise to help the body detoxify and increase body softness and strength.

In each lesson, students face the mirror and armour to observe their body position and progress.

Hot yoga poses have been specifically designed to allow practitioners to discover their progress through systematic teaching methods before and after transmission.

All postures can be adjusted according to personal conditions.

This set of cardiopulmonary exercises strengthens, sculpts, and stretches the muscles while at the same time precipitating and decompressing the mind.

Regular exercises can help you improve your concentration, balance, endurance, and eliminate fatigue.

Hot yoga is not recommended for pregnant women, patients with high or low blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

  Active Yoga Active Yoga is a dynamic exercise that combines movement, breathing, and body order.

The yoga participants rhythmically synchronize their breathing with their breathing and let the posture follow their breathing.

Yoga moves from a specific posture to each posture.

In active yoga, the victory-style breathing method and the deepest energy seal of the muscles allow you to naturally generate body heat from the inside out.

Each lesson is an all-encompassing adventure that takes you beyond the boundaries of body and soul.

Each lesson has an emphasis, such as back bend, hip joint or forward bend, or a series of challenging and energetic asanas.

Active yoga is suitable for all levels of practitioners.

  Static Yoga Static Yoga is a joyful, gentle, deep healing and meditation exercise.

The function of static yoga is to reduce stress and tension, and to help connect the internal tissues and internal systems of the body.

All postures are taken or sitting or leaning and maintaining for 5-15 minutes in length, supplemented by aromatherapy and yoga props (blankets, yoga pillows and yoga tiles).

In static yoga, deep continuous breathing is encouraged.

Static Yoga is an excellent exercise that matches between hot yoga and active yoga. SPACE recommends at least one week of static yoga to balance your personal yoga practice.

  Anusara is one of the fastest growing factions in the world today.

The word Anusara means to dance with the grace of heaven.

On the basis of deep philosophy, it combines the characteristics of many classical factions to develop a set of creative, strong and powerful Hada Yoga.

This group was created by the American yoga master JohnFriend after spending his life studying in the United States with India and many world-class masters.

JohnFriend was a certified yoga teacher of the Iyengar faction when he met Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, a master teacher in India. He was deeply inspired by the master to decide to establish Anusara faction yoga.

Anusara uses the principle of universal inversion to open the body and is highly effective.

When we practice our bodies in this way and are positive about everything, we can bloom the mind and understand the infinite potential of being a person.

Anusara is a tribute to the soul, and is uniquely gifted for each student’s ability or limit.

Anusara’s unique feature is to occasionally stop to learn special order methods or partner exercises in a fluid posture full of energy, fun and transforming energy.

  Anusara has the highest rigorous training and certification courses in the world today.

Each certified teacher has thousands of hours of training in yoga body order and rehabilitation, anatomy, yoga history and philosophy, leadership, teaching skills.

  Ashtanga Ashtanga Yoga, the original meaning of the word surface is eight-limb yoga, by SriK.

Professor of PattabhiJois.Patanjili, an Indian wise man, explained the doctrine of eight-limb yoga in the Yoga Sutra. The so-called eight branches are abstinence (temperance), refinement (observation), asana (posture), breath regulation (mastery of breathing), and sense of control(Perceptual withdrawal), attentiveness (attention), inattention (meditation), and samadhi (meditation or bliss).

  Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient yoga system by SriT.

Krishnamacharya has been transmitted to SriK since 1927.


PattabhiJois is the master of the eight yoga systems today and leads the eight yoga research institutes in Mysore, India, bringing eight yoga to the west.

His grandson Sharath Rangaswamy is A.




The vice president of the eight yoga colleges also teaches yoga with his grandfather.

  Ashtanga Yoga is a series of powerful Hada series of asanas. Practice a smooth series of movements (series) combined with bandhas (contraction of internal muscles), laryngeal breathing and gaze (focused gaze).

Ashtanga Yoga is a challenging exercise that deepens mental concentration, forged chains of strength and endurance and increases lung capacity.

This exercise creates a deep state of inner heat and relaxed meditation.

If you enjoy Hatha Yoga or Active Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga will follow you into a deeper and more extreme experience.

  There are six series in the Ashtanga Yoga system, and scholars will prepare for the next series in each series.

When the first class (basic series) is proficient in practice, scholars can advance to the second class (intermediate series).

Each level unlocks a unique physiological slenderness.

The first type, called Yoga Chikitsa (yoga therapy), readjusts and repairs and detoxifies the body.

The second type, called Qi pulse Shodana, cleanses and strengthens the nervous system and connects the delicate energy pathways of the seven chakras.

The next four senior series are known as SthiraBhaga (Magic Balance).

These series further extend the strength, softness, concentration, vitality, and other aspects of the basic and intermediate series.

SPACE’s Ashtanga courses are the first level basic series, the intermediate series are taught in the Mysore course, and the advanced series are taught by senior teachers certified by Guruji PattabhiJois.

  Energy Yoga is taught in a warm, thirty-degree classroom. Energy Yoga combines concentration, awareness, and vitality, combined with breathing and breathing and powerful and smooth movements to create a fierce and exhilarating lesson.

Energy Yoga is characterized by a well-designed and fixed flow (ie asana practice sequence).

This set of movements connects smoothly and strongly strengthens the abdominal core.

Start with an optimal and balanced posture that helps open the body, release tension and promote energy flow. It ends in a slow, calm posture that cools down, guiding you back to your inner center and innate calm.

Such lessons can help you build strength, softness, and mental calmness.

  All SPACE classes end with a big break.

In this style, our bodies will be completely put down after integrating and harvesting our exercises.

This is a time to rest and taste the sweetness of life, and to be closely connected with our beautiful inner being.

Through this exercise, a process of fading us to arm ourselves is about to begin.

  Energy Yoga’s weight-enhances strength-increases softness-strengthens muscle endurance-helps self-awareness-comprehensive and healthy exercise-injects a more complete focus into the bodyYou metabolize and integrate with physiological balance.

When practicing posture, proper spine alignment can help the body heal and prevent injuries, muscle tension, and spinal dislocation.

With the promise of practicing yoga, every student can gain a lot.

The course will teach everyone how to give strength and adjust softness and correct posture at different stages.

  What is energy yoga?

  Energy yoga is a collective term for powerful exercises in western society. Most of the energy yoga is based on Ashtanga Yoga.

In the mid-1990s, when yoga mentors tried to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible, the name energy yoga became widely used.

SPACE Energy Yoga follows a set of postures to practice.

  Who Created Energy Yoga?
  The American yoga teachers who were most praised when they noticed the origin of energy yoga were BerylBenderBirch in New York and BryanKest in Los Angeles, both of whom were taught by SriK, the great master of Ashtanga Yoga.
Basically, the general public recognizes yoga in soft levels and meditation. The energy yoga they teach is a powerful and smooth form of yoga.

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Tips for young executives


Steen (StefanStern) 34-year-old George?

Osborne was appointed last month as the second most important post within the British Conservative Party, making him the longest-standing Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon in 182 years?

Brown’s shadow opponent.

People reacted both unexpectedly and with jealousy and disdain.

  ”This is a complete mistake.

“A Tory colleague said,” It’s stupid to offer this position, and it’s stupid to accept it.

“Every time an old man who is full of energy but does not experience training comes to power, it is noticeable.

Fast-moving young executives returned to the company from business school, with ambitious plans in their minds and eloquent words, which might win the support of colleagues.

In the field of sports, excellent athletes can easily be welcomed.

Former England football coach Glenn?

Hoddle is making Michael?

When Irving first participated in an international competition, he said, “As long as you are good enough, your age will not be a problem.


Irving was a world-class shooter when he was 18 years old.

Can colleagues also?

  ”The temptation at the top” is that there is a risk that younger managers will be tempted by the obvious promotion.

George, a faculty member of Ashridge School of Business and author of LivingLeadership?

Bini said, “Promotions are proposed in some way-like an ‘excellent opportunity’.

  At the same time, temptation can cause managers to sell themselves too much.

This may ultimately disappoint.

They will be under pressure to come up with quick solutions.

Successful job transitions generally start with expanded positions, rather than jumping from one end of the board to the other.

Rob, Managing Director of Psychological Business Psychology Company WaterforFish?

Davis said that young executives who are rapidly advancing need to take full advantage of their youth and energy consumption.

“Energy and energy can be both attractive and unpleasant. The line between the two is very delicate,” he said. “This is what we call ‘excessive advantage’.

If you over-express the advantages on which your promotion depends, you will be alienated.

But if you do n’t show enough, everyone will say, ‘well, like everyone else.

“” A fast-moving manager needs to take some practical steps to avoid an Icarus-like fall?

“The biggest challenge is lack of experience, and experience is the basic requirement.” Steve, managing director of DDI, a management development consulting firm?

“This will affect how people think of you,” Newhall said.

Many things happen to you for the first time.

You must build credibility with key stakeholders in a one-on-one manner and beat any doubts about your ability to work.

“It is also important that young managers recognize their weaknesses and have supplemented them.

“Managers may be very good at understanding their strengths, but they are not very good at understanding their shortcomings,” Newhall said. “So you need an experienced and good mentor right away. He can realize what you can accept.feedback of.

When you learn how to do a job you are doing, your position is very interesting.

You need support and lots of good advice.
“For young executives who are rapidly advancing, appearance and behavior are important.
Leaders are always under supervision, and supervision is not always in good faith.

How to show your behavior to the outside world is very important.

  Judy, a consultant and body language expert who keeps young people true?

James said it was wrong for younger people to try to pretend that they had grown up.

“It’s a bad idea to try to be mature,” she said.

It’s like kids wearing adult clothes. Oversized jackets, collars and sleeves can only highlight your youth and make you look lacking in depth.

James said that if managers are promoted partly because they are young, then they should take advantage of that.

“Do things that match your age, use your strengths, and use your strengths.

“She also warns that the wording used by young managers is important and it creates the right impression.

“‘Whatever you think?’

‘This reminds colleagues of their teenage children.

After 30 years of age, the word ‘cool’ should no longer be used.

“In the United States and the United Kingdom, it’s becoming more common for relatively young people to be at the top of the company.


Sir Leahy became CEO of Tesco when he was only 40 years old in 1997.

Justin, CEO of Sansbury?

King is only 43 years old.


Immelt was elected to take over from Jack?

Welch was only 44 when he held a position with General Electric, the world’s largest company.

British retailer Next CEO Simon?

Wolfson inherited his father’s business at the age of 33.


Murdoch was in charge of satellite broadcaster BskyB when he was only 30 years old.

  Elsewhere, young people are not always valued.

For example, in Japan, until recently, it was impossible to imagine managers under the age of 50 climbing to the highest positions.

Richard, director of international communications training company Canning?

Poole said foreign holdings are slowly bringing about a change in attitude.

  Management Problems Caused by Young Managers The changing age situation of employees can cause dilemma management problems in the long run.

A recent survey of more than 400 British employees showed that if the company appoints a boss younger than them, more than half of them will find another job.

Sam, the director of the Employee Age Forum?

Mercer said that if there is a lack of respect between generations, the problem will result.


Osborne recently announced that at Michael?

After Howard stepped down later this year, he will not be a candidate for the new Conservative leadership.

This suggests that he may be aware of the dangers of being too young to climb too high.

Now, speculation has turned to his friend, David, in his 30s?


But as he begins to challenge the world’s most respected finance minister, all eyes will remain on Oss itself.
  How to avoid becoming a meteor?
  Build alliances now.

Show your colleagues that you know your experience is limited.

Let people see that you are interested in accepting suggestions.

A balance of improvement between fullness and pride.

You were chosen because of your youth and vitality. Use this, but don’t overdo it.

  Dear older colleagues, learning from their experience, almost Nodo cashed in.

Your first day of speech is exciting, but if the market is against you, your speech will sound very stupid.

  In addition, stay calm under high pressure.

Some colleagues may expect you to crash.

Don’t let them succeed.

Act by your age.

Don’t be hypocritical or “politician-like”.

Similarly, dress up for your age.

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Music can change the appearance of children

In today’s era, science has developed extremely rapidly, and ancient and young music has been re-recognized and applied by people.

Studies by relevant US scientific research departments have found that listening to music often can change a child’s appearance and make a child’s face beautiful.

  Human happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy are all generated by receiving external information, that is, information is transmitted to the brain through organs such as the ears, eyes, and the brain, after processing, allocates nerves in certain parts to change.

  Children often receive sadness, fear, fright, and unpleasant information. Compared with receiving often happy, joyful, and joyful information, children’s facial muscles are fundamentally different.

Because the brain nerves make certain facial muscles under tension for a long time, the happy or sad facial expressions over time are difficult to return and settle.

  Children are often allowed to listen to cheerful music, use music to stimulate the nerves and regulate the spirit, so that the children’s body can grow up healthy.

To this end, the Japan Child Development Association has conducted experiments and achieved good results.

They brought together dozens of recently born children, taking snapshots and videos one by one as raw materials.

Then he plays Mozart’s serenade three times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.

There were no changes at the beginning, but after four months, the faces of these children changed a lot, their expressions were more lively and their movements were coordinated, and even their eyes were fundamentally different from those of ordinary children.

  It can be seen that in the early childhood, letting them listen to some beautiful music, in addition to being beneficial to the child’s intelligence, can also make the child beautiful.

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Big S high-profile show off rich is accused of being rich in hatred?

Core tip: Big S high-profile Hyun Fu said that shoes under one million are cheaply approved, only to show that some people are rich in hatred, and they do n’t see people who are rich and dare to speak.

  Wang Das, who replaced the younger host S, “Kangxi is here”, really lived up to expectations, not only maintained the ratings of “Kangxi is here”, but also surpassed the ratings of the young S host.

It seems that the popularity and hosting skills of Big S are worthy of praise.

  However, in Sanya’s luxury wedding has been approved high-profile show off the big S, a few days ago in “Kangxi is coming”, a sentence “I think shoes under one million are very cheap” has caused strong resentment from netizens, once again being criticized “Hyunrich”.

But Big S said through his agent: “Artists spend money on clothes and clothing because of their work. It is a professional attitude, and good shoes are very expensive. If good shoes are cheap, I will buy them too!

“Kangxi is here” brought in a number of female stars to talk about the topic of high heels. Among them, Liu Zhen and Da S’s love for high heels is the most unbearable: both have high heels of millions of yuan or more, even on different occasions.To buy the same newest pair of shoes, the big S loves shoes, and even mother Xu sighed that she was a concubine and needed so many shoes.

And said, “I think shoes under one million are very cheap.”

  I am not a big S fan and I do n’t like her very much.

However, I still take a very neutral stand on what this Big S says.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with Big S’s words.

Imagine that for a big S with annual income of several million, shoes under one million are themselves very cheap goods.

Besides, she is a popular star, and in the era when the actresses in the entertainment industry are comparing their looks and clothes, it is true that shoes under one million can not be sold.

Therefore, the big S who likes to play the mobile version of cool my music in his spare time is just speaking from his own standpoint.

Of course, luxury weddings may be showing off their wealth, but the fact is that the wedding of the century was actually more of a hype, for Wang Xiaofei and his mother, and live advertising in Qiaojiangnan.

  This world is so weird. People tell the truth, they say they are showing off their wealth, or they are pretending, they say flattering words, they say they are hypocritical.

The big S high-profile Hyun Fu said that shoes under one million are cheaply approved, which only shows that some people are rich in hatred, and they do n’t see people who have money and dare to speak.

However, how can you be rich and hate to change your fortune? It is better to copy a humanitarian psychology and bless the other person. Anyway, you have to change your compassion or generosity!

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