Shanying Paper (600567): Third-quarter results slightly exceeded expectations, focusing on long-term cost advantages

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019: the company achieved revenue of 171 in the first three quarters.

34 ppm, a decrease of 4 per year.

48%; net profit attributable to mother 13.

2.5 billion, a decrease of 42 every year.

83%; net profit after deduction is 10.

79 trillion, down 44 a year.


In the third quarter alone, revenue was 59.

64 ppm, a decrease of 0 per year.

33%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

99 ppm, a decrease of 34 per year.

63%; net 上海夜网论坛 profit after deduction to mother 2.

74 trillion, down 39 a year.


  Opinion: The decline in the third quarter narrowed, and the performance slightly exceeded expectations.

The company’s 19Q1 / Q2 / Q3 achieved revenue of 52 respectively.



64 ppm, with a decrease of 3 each year.

74% / 8.

9% / 0.


19Q1 / Q2 / Q3 achieved net profit attributable to mothers4.



99 ‰, decreased by 4 each year.

33% / 57.

56% / 34.


Affected by the continuous tightening of waste policies and the continued weak downstream demand, the industry is still in a downward cycle, and the company’s earnings are under short-term pressure.

The third quarter was the peak season for packaging paper sales. The price of paper increased slightly, and the company’s decline in the third quarter narrowed.

  The gross profit margin decreased slightly, and the expense ratio increased slightly.

In terms of gross profit margin, the company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 19 was 19.

33%, down 2 each year.

86 points.

In terms of expense ratio: the company’s expenses during the first three quarters of 19 were 13.

61%, an annual increase of 3.

05pct, sales / management / financial expense ratios are 4 respectively.21% / 7.

16% / 2.

23%, respectively, the change is +0.

65 / +3.

70 / -1.


  Finance costs have fallen by 39 each year.

94%, mainly due to the decrease in exchange losses and gains caused by fluctuations in the RMB exchange rate.

  Production capacity continued to advance, and overseas raw materials were actively deployed to consolidate cost advantages.

The company continues to promote the production capacity layout. In 2018, the first and second phases of the Huazhong Papermaking Base invested in the new project were put into production this year, which will increase the capacity of 127-inch containerboard. One of the projects is expected to be trial production in November.The production capacity will be close to 600 mm.

Against the background of the continuous shrinking of external waste billets, the company arranged overseas waste pulp through an asset-light model, and started a technical renovation project for a 12-insertion waste pulp production line in Phoenix Paper in North America.

At the same time, the company and its Southeast Asian partners are expected to complete 30 initial waste paper pulp projects by the end of this year, and by the end of the year, they will have 42 waste paper pulp production capacity.

By actively deploying overseas raw materials, the company’s cost advantage will be further consolidated.

  Earnings forecast and estimation: The industry is expected to bottom out, the third quarter report exceeded expectations, and raised earnings forecasts.

EPS are expected to be 0 in 19-21.

40, 0.

49, 0.

53, corresponding PEs are 8X, 6X, 6X.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: downstream demand is less than expected, and raw material prices have risen sharply

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Long Mang Baili (002601): The demand for titanium dioxide in the peak season is raised and the chlorination project is progressing smoothly
The company’s recent situation Longman Baili announced that from now on, the company’s titanium dioxide prices will increase by 500 yuan / ton for domestic customers and international customers by 50 dollars / ton, the second increase in titanium dioxide prices since August this year. Commentary inventory is the highest, raw material prices and demand peak seasons have pushed up titanium dioxide prices.Since mid-August, the price of titanium concentrate has continued to rise. The price of titanium concentrate in Kenya and Mozambique in Africa has increased by 5% / 14%. At the same time, the inventory levels of titanium dioxide manufacturers and downstream companies have fallen. At present, the company’s titanium dioxide inventory is about one month; demand side, Overseas titanium dioxide demand is strong, 1?Total exports of titanium nitrate in July totaled 57, an increase of 1.3%. At the same time, the peak season for domestic demand is coming, and demand for downstream orders has gradually improved.As the price increase of raw materials supplemented the inventory level and its order demand improved, the company raised the price of titanium dioxide for domestic customers by 500 yuan / ton (+ 3%) and raised the price of international customers by 50 dollars / ton.According to Baichuan Information, after the price increase, the domestic price of the company’s titanium dioxide will reach 17,100 yuan / ton, which is still down 7 from the same period last year.6%. The increase in the production capacity of the chloride method has contributed to the growth, and the integrated layout of the industrial chain has enhanced profitability.At present, the first production line of the company’s second-phase 20 short-term chlorination titanium dioxide project is running well and the output is gradually increasing. The company expects that the second production line will advance the trial operation at the end of September.The total production capacity of titanium dioxide will reach 30 indicators, and the expansion of chloride production capacity will help the company 苏州夜网论坛 expand its market, optimize its product structure and enhance its competitiveness.At the same time, the company will use the titanium concentrate resources in Panxi area to build 30 replacement titanium chloride slag projects, which can fully meet the second phase of 20 replacement chlorination titanium dioxide production. We expect to further improve the company’s industrial chain and enhance profitability. The acquisition of Xinli Titanium will help the company expand its business and improve its industrial chain.Xinli Titanium Industry has a complete supporting production line for the chlorination process. The production capacity of chlorinated titanium dioxide is 6. It also has a sponge titanium production line and an 8-inch high titanium slag production line.At present, the company is committed to the reproduction of Xinli 杭州夜网论坛 Titanium Industry. We expect that the consolidation of Xinli Titanium’s short-term transformation of the company’s performance will have a certain impact, which will be beneficial to the company’s titanium dioxide scale expansion and industrial chain extension. It is estimated to maintain the 2019/20 net profit forecast of 27/32 trillion. The current company merger corresponds to a 2019/20 P / E ratio of 10/8.4 times.Maintain target price of 20 yuan, 51% growth space compared to the previous, target price corresponding to 2019/20 P / E ratio of 15 / 13x, maintain outperformed industry rating. Risk: The price of titanium dioxide exceeded expectations, the progress of Xinli Titanium’s resumed production was gradually expected, and the progress of the chlorination project exceeded expectations.

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Zhenhua Co. (603067) Company Annual Report Comments: Domestic chrome salt faucet production and sales rose, performance steadily increased

The performance of domestic chrome salt leaders has steadily increased, and the attributable net profit for 18 years increased by 45 each year.


The company achieved operating income in 201814.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.

51%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

46 ppm, an increase of 45 in ten years.


The main reason for the increase in net profit is that the company maintains its scale advantage and actively explores the market to achieve an increase in product sales and a steady increase in operating income.

At present, the company’s comprehensive output of chromium salt products ranks first in the industry. Through the increase of the company’s R & D expansion and the continuous development of new customers, the market will further increase.

In 2018, the company’s average purchase price of chromite was 1629 yuan / ton, a continuous decline of 25.

39%, while applying new technologies, the production environment has been continuously improved, and scale effects have gradually emerged.

Production and sales of main products increased, and profitability improved.

Dichromate, chromium oxide and chromium sulfate are the company’s main products, and the total sales revenue accounts for 85% of the main operating income.

twenty two%.

In 2018, dichromate products achieved revenue3.

08 million yuan, an increase of 32 every year.

87%, realized gross profit 6811.

130,000 yuan, an increase of 3959 per year.

The 170,000 yuan is basically the decrease in the production capacity of domestic dichromate manufacturers. Due to the decrease in foreign production capacity, the number of imports has dropped sharply, and the export of goods has increased slightly.

During the same period, the price of dichromate rose, and the gross profit margin of the product was 22.

13%, an increase of 9 per year.

82 units.

Revenue from chromium oxide products8.

61 ppm, an increase of 17 per year.

69%, with a gross profit of 28327.

49 million, an increase of 7441 every year.

960,000 yuan, the first is that domestic manufacturers reduce production capacity, the company’s total sales volume increased significantly over the same period last year.

The gross profit margin of chromium oxide products is 32.

90%, an increase of 4 per year.

35 units.

Both domestic and foreign sales revenues have risen, and the metallurgical industry has a large demand.

The company achieved territorial revenue in 201813.

24 ppm, an increase of 18 per year.

12%, export sales account for a relatively low, the main categories of domestic metallurgical industry demand for chromium-related products decreased, the company’s current sales are mainly domestic customers.

Clients are mainly developing countries in East China, South Central China and North China.

With the rapid growth of the macro economy and the intensification of competition 合肥夜网 in the domestic market, the company continuously strives to increase the development of the international market and its products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

Foreign income in 2018 was 7,659.

650,000 yuan, an increase of 26 every year.54%, accounting for 5 of the main business income.

47%; the company has the right to operate import and export, and overseas sales are completed through self-employment.

profit prediction.

The backward production capacity of the absolute chromium salt industry has been eliminated, creating a market pattern for environmentally friendly production enterprises.

As a domestic chrome salt leader, the company adheres to the green development path, cleanliness, and obvious advantages in scale.

We predict that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 1.

7.9 billion, 1.

9.8 billion, 2.

150,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.

58 yuan, 0.

64 yuan and 0.

70 yuan.

Give the company 20-24 times PE in 2019, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 11.


92 yuan, maintaining the sustainable market rating.

Risk warning: raw material prices rise, product prices fall.

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Meibang Apparel (002269) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Weak Retail Environment and Destocking Accumulate Profits
Since 19 years of revenue has continued to grow, the net profit end of the company in the first three quarters of 19 years to achieve operating income of 40.$ 34 trillion, an average of 27 a year.27%; net profit attributable to mother -2.3.8 billion yuan, deducting non-net profit -2.4.8 billion yuan, EPS-0.09 yuan.The highest net profit is mainly due to the decrease in gross profit margin and the rigidity of expenses under the background of reduced revenue. By quarter, 19Q1?Q3 income increased by 20.68%, -44.81%, -16.99%, affected by the weakness of terminal retail and the company’s closure and adjustment of inefficient direct-operated stores since 2019, the income side has continued to decrease. The increase in revenue in the first half of the year due to the delay in the spring and summer of 19 products has been reduced.This issue gradually improved in the second half of the year, and new products for autumn and winter were listed on demand, and the growth rate of revenue in the third quarter increased and narrowed.In terms of profit, 19Q1?Q3 single-quarter net profit was 0.3.8 billion, -1.76 trillion, -1 trillion, increasing continuously since the second quarter. Gross profit margin decreased, expense ratio increased, inventory turnover slightly, and gross profit margin was under pressure from accounts receivable and cash flow: the gross profit margin declined in the first three quarters of 19 and declined.33PCT to 41.42%.19Q1?Q3 single-quarter gross profit margins decreased by 1.40, 2.93, 7.69PCT, the increase in destocking efforts since the second quarter has dragged down gross profit margins. Expense rate: During the period, the expense rate is maximized by 1.23PCT to 43.63%.The sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratios were 37.34% (decade +0.22PCT), 2.51% (+0.14PCT), 2.17% (+0.16PCT), 1.61% (+0.44PCT).Expenses are relatively rigid, and the decline is smaller than income, resulting in an increase in expense ratios. Other financial indicators: 1) Inventory decreased by 8 compared with the beginning of 19.15%, down 13.16%, inventory turnover profit1.05 years ago had slight side effects. 2) Accounts receivable increased by 15 from the beginning of 19th.16% to 14.2 billion, mainly due to increased sales of credit commitments.Accounts receivable turnover high pressure3.08, 6. in the same period of the previous year.88. 3) Asset impairment losses decrease by 38 each year.19% to 1.23 trillion, mainly due to the decrease in the loss of inventory depreciation. 4) Net cash flow from operating activities decreases significantly each year.74% to 0.$ 5.1 billion, of which a 10-year reduction in cash from selling goods23.38% to 43.8.8 billion yuan, downgrade of cash for purchases of goods for ten years.22% to 26.1.5 billion US dollars, cash flow pressure mainly from income and support franchisees (increased accounts receivable increase). The speed of destocking will increase, and the pressure on the profit side will remain. In 2018, the company’s revenue began to improve. The revenue growth rate in several years increased from the positive and negative values of previous years to nearly 20%, which shows that the company’s active reforms in the early stage are effective, but 2019Affected by the weak terminal retail environment, the company continued to adjust and optimize the channel and the spring and summer of 19 years, the income has changed, and the profit side has also decreased, which is under pressure. The company expects net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 to be -10?-US $ 500 million, mainly due to the continued weakness of the terminal sales environment. Although the supply chain lead time problem has improved in the first half of the year, the company will further strengthen destocking.”,” Double Twelve “and other major marketing activities simultaneously launched vigorous promotional activities to accelerate cash withdrawal. The company intends to raise less than 13 through non-public offering.04 trillion investment to brand upgrade and product supply chain transformation projects (planned to use 成都桑拿网 raised funds) 9.9.9 billion yuan), repayment of bank loans (3.US $ 0.5 billion), and the lock-up period for issuing shares is one year, subject to the approval of the CSRC. We believe that the short-term company performance is under pressure, and the first half of the year is mainly affected by the spring and summer goods delivery period.The above factors will be alleviated in 2020, and we will try to achieve improvement in the low base of 19 years.Considering that there has been no significant improvement in the retail demand side and the pressure on the company’s performance has increased, the decrease is 19?The 21-year EPS is -0.23, 0.01, 0.05 yuan, downgraded to “Neutral” rating. Risk warning: Consumption continues to be weak, the product is not digested as expected or the inventory is backlogged, and fees are not controlled properly.

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7 whitening masks that can fade into a yellow face wife before you marry can save you

The leftover girls who entered the “Huanglian Po” in advance were unwilling, so that the declining status before marrying could not continue!

Adding “de-yellow” to your daily skin care products is a must, and a mask with intensive repair is a very good choice.

In this article, we have selected 7 “Sweep Yellow” masks to recommend to you, they are suitable to be your “add meal” or “emergency” good product.

  Reasonable Materia Medica Inoherb Rhodiola Young White Essence Mask Reference Price: 85 yuan / 5 tablets Recommended reason: It has a high-concentration lotion of more than 27 grams, which intensively imparts nourishment to the skin.

Contains Rhodiola rosea, Centella Asiatica and Paeonia lactiflora extracts to fight against oxidative damage. Under the action of “Introduction Element”, it directly improves skin whitening power and brightness, and improves rough yellow skin.

After removing the mask, the skin is fair, smooth and bright.

  Nuerna Luke White Magnolia Snow Ear Drill Firming Good Night Jelly Film Reference Price: RMB 100 / 60ml Recommended Reason: Use at night for a golden beauty compress, which will continue to penetrate the skin for the ultimate whitening and firming ingredients all night.

It exerts the effects of deepening and dimming, focusing on the three major functions of anti-glycation, anti-oxidation and whitening, which can significantly reduce the chance of melanin formation, prevent skin aging caused by the saccharification process, and quickly exert moisturizing, whitening, repair, soothing and anti-wrinkle, firming, etceffect.
  Jia Mei Le Camenae Ginkgo Fruit Whitening and Rejuvenating Mask Reference Price: 179 yuan / 220g Recommended reason: It contains a variety of plant ingredients such as ginkgo, which can fully replenish skin moisture and allow natural whitening ingredients to be absorbed by the skin in time.

After use, it can fully replenish the skin’s moisture, repair dry and dull skin from the inside out, make the skin brighter, more translucent, and present a fairer, more delicate skin feeling.

  LANEIGE colorful yogurt nutrition health mask reference price: 220 yuan / 80ml Recommended reason: the mask ingredients in colorful replacement extracts and innovative acidity, promote collagen synthesis, and create healthier and more elastic skin.

The special fermented cheese ingredient Sogurty promotes the synthesis of collagen, effectively strengthens the resistance to external harmful environmental damage and has a highly effective anti-inflammatory effect, caring for healthier skin and full of elasticity.

Cranberry, blueberry, western snowberry, cranberry, strawberry and other berry extracts are rich in nutrition and antioxidant effects, which effectively fight free radicals and make the skin more transparent and beautiful.

The natural moisturizing factor ingredients NAG and vitamin B3 ingredients care for the fine horny ingredients remaining after exfoliation, and achieve a gentle removal effect, making the skin smoother and more delicate.

  Clinique CLINIQUE Crystal Whitening Mask Reference Price: 490 yuan / 100ml Recommended reason: rich nourishing formula injects powerful moisturizing into the skin, especially rich, and the luxurious cream smoothness brings luster, fullness and bright luster to the skin.

Green apricot extract from Japanese apricots can help promote microcirculation, thereby regenerating the skin’s natural radiance and eliminating the problems of dullness and pigmentation.

German chamomile extract, white birch, and curcumin constitute an “antioxidant cocktail”, which can effectively prevent histamine activity and help combat the skin consequences caused by the condition.

  Petrov PTR Bright White Translucent Bubble Mask Reference Price: 530 yuan / 100ml Recommended reason: a “bubble” mask that directly emits a unique light feeling on the skin, which is effective in brightening, moisturizing and anti-oxidizing. The patented ingredient FIFLOW containsIt transports oxygen to the skin cells affected by environmental factors and brings out carbon dioxide, making the skin delicate and bright.

The first accident, also added SYMWHITE?


Together with a variety of plant ingredients such as bear fruit, mulberry leaf and vitamin C, it helps brighten skin tone and reduce pigmentation caused by UV rays.

  Estee Lauder Brightening Whitening Intensive Repairing Essence Mask Reference Price: 580 yuan / 50ml Recommended reason: Inject the super concentrated whitening essence into the moisturizing cream until the skin becomes cloudy.

Unique melanin suppression technology, with a variety of super-effective antioxidant and anti-irritant ingredients, can penetrate deep into the skin and help neutralize one of the culprits that cause pigmentation.

A skin barrier repair complex consisting of barley extract, cucumber extract and phytosphingosine helps to rebuild the skin’s own hardening, prevent water loss, and further protect the skin from the surrounding environment.

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Is staying up late related to weight loss?

Staying up late greatly reduces sleep time, and the brain and organs are not adjusted for rest, which brings serious harm to health.

  Day and night to bring harm to people instead of dark circles, long acne or liver fire rises so simple, it is extremely harmful to the body, so that the human body is in a sub-health state and even damage the body organs and various diseases.

The harm of staying up late is as simple as the following: A.

Insufficient sleep increases the levels of stress hormones, and the pressure we are aware of is rapidly increasing to new levels.


Both physical fitness and toxicity are significantly reduced due to lack of sleep, and intelligence, concentration, and decision-making ability are also affected to varying degrees.


Insufficient and abnormal sleep can seriously affect the progress of learning. The amount of information that can be recovered in the brain per unit time is reduced by nearly half, and learning new things is extremely frustrating.


Too little sleep may cause you to feel depressed without any restrictions, and your mental capacity is significantly reduced.


The perfect enemy of the perfect skin stays up late and even makes the face dull and dull, and is covered with acne. The nose and nose are also hopelessly climbing up the fine lines, and the eyes grow into a “panda eye”, which will feel the skin of the face.There is a feeling of tight itching or peeling.

  The harm caused by staying up late to the human body is far more than the above. Irregular, unhealthy lifestyles, of course, need to be completely changed, but the biological clock can not be adjusted to the best state in a day or two.

  When you have to stay up late, it is necessary to prepare and protect in advance, at least to minimize the damage to the body during the day and night.

  For example, although you sleep late but eat on time, you must ensure that the dinner is nutritious.

Fish and bean products have brain and brain function, and should also be separated from dinner recipes.

Pay attention to hydration during the day and night, you can drink jujube tea or chrysanthemum tea, both for supplement and fire.

In addition, proper consumption of some nourishing drugs such as Liuwei Dihuang Pill has a good nursed back effect.

The study found that Liuwei Dihuang Pill can increase the activity of interleukin II in spleen and has certain anti-cancer effect.

At the same time, it has obvious two-way regulation on the immune function of polymorphonuclear leukocytes, which can effectively prevent and regulate sub-health status.

However, attention should be paid to the characteristics of the drug and it should not be taken at will.

  After staying up late, the best protection is naturally “to make up for lost sleep.”

If you can’t do it, a 10-minute nap at midday is also very useful.

In addition, playing badminton and going outdoors can help your health and spirits, and it is also a good way to complication after staying up late.

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Changing Identity for a Good Workplace Lesson One

For workplace professionals, the last thing they want to hear from customers is “still like a student.”

Indeed, there is a great balance between workplace ecology and campus geography, and new entrants need to be prepared for changes in all aspects of identity, mentality, role, and attitude.

How to make these changes, workplace counselors have the following suggestions.

  How to change the role of new employees in the first lesson of changing the workplace?

Wang Baohai, director of Lenovo’s Huiyang branch, reminded newcomers not to take themselves too seriously.

The biggest difference between old employees and new employees is that they have different perceptions and behaviors about the company’s work.

In terms of mentality, old employees realize that they are part of the company, and they must be responsible, rules, team, and performance when they are doing things. New employees often take themselves as the center, and they like to talk about personality, hard work, and rewards.

  In terms of behavior, the old employee knows that after complaining, the job must be done well; no word of mouth, you must use data to speak; it cannot be useless, you must find a way to solve the problem; no matter the opinion of the superior, you must obey.

New employees generally answer the tasks assigned by their superiors. They are passionate about doing things, but their persistence is poor. They like to think of ways to solve problems and avoid communicating and coordinating with colleagues. When they find problems, they like to make suggestions, and they have a weak ability to solve problems and make continuous improvements.

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What do you want to do to lose weight?

Carrot juice material: carrot, a bottle of mineral water practice: peel the carrot into the juicer, pour the mineral water and stir.
Efficacy: Carrots can increase appetite and vitamin supplements, and can also slim down and slim down.
Lactating mothers drink more carrot juice every day, and the quality of the milk that is secreted is much higher than that of the mother who does not drink it; people with ulcers who regularly drink carrot juice can significantly alleviate the symptoms.
Cucumber juice material: cucumber, a bottle of mineral water, milk 30ml practice: peel the cucumber into cubes, pour the mineral water and milk, cucumber into the blender and stir.
Efficacy: able to clear away heat and detoxify, lose weight and lose weight.
Celery juice material: 50 grams of celery, a bottle of mineral water.
Practice: Wash the celery and cut into sections, add water and pour into the blender to stir.
Efficacy: Celery can not only defecate and reduce the body’s lack of vitamins.
Tomato juice material: tomato, sour milk practice: Cut the tomato into diced pieces, and pour it into the juicer with the yogurt to stir.
Efficacy: Tomato contains a lot of citric acid and malic acid, which is beneficial to the metabolism of the whole body, can promote the formation of gastric juice, and strengthen the digestion of greasy food.
[1+1>2]In fact, fruits and vegetables can also be matched with each other. The vegetable juice after the matching is not only delicious, but also has unexpected effects.
But before you mix it, be sure to know which fruits and vegetables can’t be eaten together.
1 Papaya + honey + orange juice = suitable for lack of physical strength, indigestion, constipation, weak stomach; 2 tomatoes + celery + lemon juice = weight loss; 3 grapefruit + pineapple + apple + lemon + honey = skin care after sun; 4 kiwi +Apple + mint leaves = nourish the skin, nourish the whitening, reduce the production of wrinkles; 5 cucumber + lemon + orange + carrot + honey = beauty, the skin can be soft and smooth.
Cucumbers and carrots should be added last because they are rich in vitamin C biochemical enzymes.

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How should a thin man get fat?

The curve of a woman needs to be bumpy, and a lot of thin men are also worried about their “bean sprouts” body shape. The lean body shape is an unhealthy performance, so solve the problem in time, actively gain fat and test it thinly. A person is fat or thin.According to the following formula, you can calculate whether you are weak or thin: multiply the number of centimeters per hour by 100 and multiply by 0.

9, the answer is my standard weight.

If the individual is 180 cm tall, the standard weight is (180-100) × 0.

9 = 72 kg, which is normal below or above 10% of the standard weight.

If your actual weight is less than 10% of the standard weight, consider whether you are too thin and need to gain weight.

  In particular, under normal circumstances, underweight is related to genetic factors. At the same time, some people who are prone to excitement can accelerate the consumption of transformation due to the influence of endocrine.

Some people are prone to nervousness. The result may be a missed meal or loss of appetite. It is natural to lose a thousand card gaps at a time, so it will definitely not be fat.

If you find yourself underweight and your body is too thin, first check to see if it is a potential effect of the disease.

Such as thyroid, diabetes, adrenal glands, digestive diseases, etc., are easily caused to lose weight.

The disease-removing plan can only be implemented if the disease is ruled out.

  Men with a balanced diet are over-eaten and partial eclipse in the diet.

Therefore, these bad habits should be removed and the expected amount of supplementation should be increased. The compensation should be rich and varied.

Eat more carbohydrates, pasta is the most useful, average, high-protein foods, vegetables and fruits can not be less, on weekdays, it is better to not leave those healthy snacks, such as peanuts, toffee, etc., drink beer and drink some juice is also goodThe idea.

In the case of adequate protein intake, it is advisable to eat more foods containing trace amounts of glucose (ie starch, sugar, etc.).

In this way, the excess energy can be converted into unfortunate storage under the skin, so that the thin person is physically strong.

Thinner gastrointestinal tracts are used to replace the liver of chickens, ducks, fish and sheep. After the fish are also easily digested and absorbed.

  To ensure that you want to gain weight in your sleep, you can first achieve scientific fertilizer and improve your health.

In addition to a balanced diet, you should also maintain adequate and good sleep.

If people have enough sleep, their appetite is better, and it is also conducive to digestion and absorption of food.

Too many thin people like to live fat, play an all night, and the next day they must fight hard to go to work, seriously affecting the quality of sleep, so it is not thin to be strange.

Also pay attention to personal mental health.

The tension and pressure in the work, some small things in life can not be opened, more than the “crazy” learning or work of the human body load, will make people even thinner.

On the contrary, a happy state of mind and a harmonious interpersonal relationship are beneficial to fattening.

  Appropriate exercise For those who are sitting in the office for a long time, they should take some time to exercise every day. This will not only improve the appetite, but also make the muscles strong and physically fit.

The muscles of the human body are “used in and out.” If the exercise is not exercised for a long time, the muscle fibers will shrink relatively, become weak and weak, and people will seize the thinness.

In terms of exercise style, jogging is a good choice, because the number of gastrointestinal motility increases significantly when jogging, so that it can consume human energy, and the appetite is good when eating.

First of all, high-volume exercise, short-term exercise and rapid explosive exercise all achieve the effect of fattening, and it is also the most taboo for people who lose weight.

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The body should pay attention to these signals!

People often ask what to do to make themselves live longer?

The answer of the old Chinese doctor is that the carrier that emphasizes the life of health is that everyone’s body is absolutely loyal to us. It will not speak. But if it needs to communicate with you, it will tell you some signals to remind you not to ignore it.Snoring normal conditions: often associated with cold or emotional changes in the stomach, eating too fast, the absorption of excess air in the stomach will cause snoring.

Drink some hot water or take a break to stop.

  Abnormal condition: However, if you have too much suffocation or snoring, it may be a pathological condition of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

At this time, gastric acid refluxed to the esophagus, causing a top scalp, which caused a more serious myocardial infarction.

[Recommended]If you are snoring or suffocating all day, or repeat medications frequently, you should go to the hospital for examination.

[Signal]The voice is hoarse and talks too much or the best error, caused by improper use of the dice for a short time.

Drink plenty of water to moisturize your throat and rest for a few days.

If the extreme sound is hoarse or suddenly hoarse, it may be caused by continuous loud shouting, smoking and drinking for a long time.

At this time, it is very important to pay attention to the vocal cords. It is very likely that the vocal cords will be seriously severe.

[Recommendation]In the early stage of laryngeal cancer, only the vocal cords are thickened, or the ligaments are involved, causing abnormal vocal cord vibrations and corresponding hoarseness symptoms.

This period is just the best time to treat, you can receive the effect of “knife” to the disease, and will not lose the voice.

[Signal]There is a small white spot in the mouth of the oral ulcer that makes the mouth red and swollen, and it often means that the small white spot is infected.

It may also be that your body is deficient in vitamin C or is allergic to certain foods.

Ulcers usually heal on their own, or they can go to the pharmacy to ask a counselor to recommend over-the-counter medicines.

If there is a lump in the soft tissue or the tongue inside the mouth, it is necessary to pay attention to oral cancer.

In particular, beware of the growing range of oral ulcers as they gradually transform into white pieces.

[Recommended]Once you find out that you are going to the hospital as soon as possible.

[Signal]Gingival bleeding when brushing your teeth, may be a problem with the gums, or gingivitis.

Bleeding of the gums indicates that there are too many plaques around the teeth, causing inflammation of the gums.

Although it is a small problem, but don’t even know it, just go to the hospital and see it.

Severe gingivitis is usually associated with more types of dental diseases.

Dental root inflammation is one of them, but timely treatment is no problem.

Inflamed gums release bacteria that are transported to other organs when they enter the bloodstream.

[Recommended]If your gums often have a lot of blood, remind you not to neglect and go to the hospital for treatment.

[Signal]Nasal nasal congestion continues to be non-ventilated or has a sense of oppression, due to a cold caused by nasal congestion.

In this case, the nasal congestion is not a problem, and the cold is cured, and the nasal congestion is gone.

The nasal cavity continues to be non-ventilated or has a sense of oppression and may be a manifestation of a low-grade suppurative infection.

However, many people with long-term nasal congestion mistakenly think that they are allergic and do not seek treatment, which is very dangerous.

[Recommended]Continuous nasal congestion, runny nose, facial pressure, should seek medical advice in time to prevent infection.

[Signal]The human body that is sensitive to light and noise is under constant pressure for a long time. The nerves are highly nervous. The brain is in a state of alert for a long time. It becomes very sensitive to the surrounding places. Once the light, sound changes, the brain’s “alarm”It will be ringing.

[Recommended]Take out half an hour every day to completely empty yourself and meditate. On weekends, you can go to the suburbs with friends, stay away from noise and let the pressure be released.

[Signal]Normal work seems to be difficult under pressure, and people’s ability to control and analyze information will be affected.

At this point, the usual seemingly ordinary work will make people feel powerless.

Stress does cause people’s attention, and the reaction speed decreases, which affects work efficiency.

[Recommendation]In the face of “difficult” work, you can do it step by step and appropriately reduce the requirements.

If there is a situation in which the work efficiency is low and the mistake is easy to make, the work order can be adjusted, and the daily transaction work should be handled first. If it is so long, it is best to consider the vacation and make adjustments in time.

[Signal]Shortness of breath, body aches and pains Long-term high-load work will consume a lot of body energy, causing soreness in muscles, cervical vertebrae, etc., while the body’s demand for oxygen increases, leading to shortness of breath.[Recommended]Deep breathing exercises every day can relieve stress and increase the body’s oxygen content.

The most scientific method of breathing is to “suck–stop” (screening 10?
20 seconds) — call” form, trying to suck deeply, and then spit out.

Three times a day, three times a day, every 10 minutes will have an effect.

[Signal]Long-term high-load operation that likes to talk to yourself can cause people to worry, helpless, and fear, which leads people to think and express their opinions and opinions, and fear that their own words and deeds will cause unnecessaryTrouble.
At this time, everyone will pursue safety in the subconscious, and the performance of men and women will be different. Men think that they are alone, their own digestive pressure, and women prefer to express their emotions, become embarrassed or ambiguous, and sometimes appear often.Self-talking situation.

[Recommended]Turn off the mobile phone and computer, occasionally disturbing the external crowd, and properly adjust the requirements for yourself. It is an effective way to calm down the mind and relieve stress.

[Signal]Love to eat sweets.

The pressure is high, the body consumes more energy, and the desire for energy will increase. Therefore, it will become sweet, sweet, and sweet, and the euphoria brought by eating sweets can also eliminate the fear to some extent.

Many people will become overeating, boots will stimulate the digestive system, leading to constipation, diarrhea and other issues.

[Recommended]When you want to eat sweets, you may want to try to distract yourself, or eat healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts to satisfy your appetite.

[Signal]Less sleep, stress during the day can seriously affect the quality of sleep, leading to insomnia or too shallow sleep, and it is easy to get sleepy during the day.

At the same time, after entering the age of 60, people’s sleep time will also decrease, and the quality of sleep will gradually decline.

After entering the old age, the various functions of the human body enter a falling period, and the attenuation of the function also requires higher requirements for the sleeping environment. Such sleep is easily affected by external influences and becomes more fragile.

[Recommendation]Different people should make a difference in the face of sleep problems: young people due to stress-induced sleep problems, you can first adjust yourself, such as taking a deep breath before going to bed, meditating, turning off electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers, creating aGood sleep time, while increasing the amount of exercise, pay attention to diet, eat less or not before going to bed; the elderly should take a scientific view of insomnia, do not worry because you can’t sleep, if you can’t sleep well at night, you can moderately sleep at noon.

Moderate exercise every day also helps improve sleep quality.

Make a cup of old Chinese medicine every day[always can’t sleep], give you a good sleep and sleep well.

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