Everyone is a little depressed

Everyone has a bit of depression. In the first movie “A face and B face” about “mental illness”, there was a line saying “Everyone is a bit mentally ill.”Not without reason.

Look at the tragedies caused by psychological problems around us. Corporate executives end their lives due to depression. Depressed mothers abandon their biological children. A female auditor in Chongqing is too worried about “discussing people who violate discipline” and has to watchPsychologists . “Depressed, unhappy, and unwilling to work” seems to be the norm in life.

A psychological survey of interventions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou showed that more than 80% of people think they are often unhappy, and 70% say they have suffered from depression.

Life, work, and interpersonal pressures put a lot of weight on our hearts, and we can’t push them.

The latest research published in the journal Nature by psychiatrist Andreas Meyer and other psychiatrists at the German Central Institute of Mental Health found that the stress of modern life makes the brain’s ability to withstand, and it is more prone to anxiety, depression, and attention.Damage and other issues.

At the same time, the fast-paced life makes it difficult for us to breathe and even lose the necessary psychological adjustment opportunities.

Even if there are real psychological fluctuations and distortions, I am too busy to feel and discover it.

“There is always a telephone ringing and there are always things to remember.” No wonder some netizens ridiculed, “Easy life, easy life, just life is not easy.”

Therefore, in such an environment, depression may be noticed on everyone.

Professors from the Shanghai Center for Psychiatric Clinic Medicine said that about 13% -20% of people may have a depression experience in their lifetime.

According to incomplete statistics, patients with depression worldwide have reached at least 1.


Occupational groups with high stress and long-term mental stress, women in hormonal changes such as menstruation, postpartum, and menopause, lonely elderly people in the empty nest, and people who experience adverse life events such as divorce, unemployment, poverty, are more vulnerable to depression.
“Everyone is a little depressed,” revealing a sigh for modern life, but we can change our lifestyle.

First, take the courage, recognize your inner needs, do not compete with yourself, do not compare with others, and choose the life you want.

Basically, lowering the material needs and expectations of oneself may be more satisfying and pleasant in spirit.

In the end, take a few thoughts and keep adding something to your life.

For example, telling a little joke and treating frustration with Ah Q’s spirit may change the mood of depression.

Of course, if you are really staring at depression, feel depressed for at least two consecutive weeks, have no interest in doing anything, do n’t sleep well, do n’t sleep well, you must find out early, intervene early, and go to a mental clinic or psychiatric hospitalSeek cure.


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