How is neurasthenia better?

Nowadays, with the increasing pressure of life, more and more white-collar workers have neurasthenia, and neurasthenia has become a common disease.

So you know what to eat with neurasthenia?

Today, I will introduce several effective fruits to alleviate neurasthenia.

1: The fruit of apple apple is rich in minerals and vitamins, and it is one of the fruits that people often eat.

Apple can not only improve memory, but also improve insomnia.

It is called “memory fruit” and “wisdom fruit”.

2: Walnut walnut has always been regarded as fitness and longevity, kidney and anti-aging food, often eaten, is also very beneficial to human brain nerves.

Walnuts are rich in nutritional value and have the reputation of “Longevity”, “Longevity Fruit” and “Healthy Treasure”.

Walnut oil in walnuts has the effect of reducing blood static pressure, and changes in eating habits can better help our body cope with external pressure.

Many times, neurasthenia is caused by excessive daily stress, so it does not prevent you from eating more walnuts.

In addition, the performance of walnuts is sweet and warm.

Into the lungs, liver, kidney three classics, can kidney and help the yang, fill the lungs and lungs, laxative.

Reference rich in fecal oil, a lot of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, sugar, niacin and other ingredients.

3: Banana banana has high nutritional value. Banana contains a variety of trace elements and vitamins, which can help muscle relaxation, make people happy, and have certain weight loss effects.

At the same time, according to German researchers, the use of bananas can cure depression and emotional upset, because it can promote the secretion of endorphins from the brain.

It relieves tension and tension, improves work efficiency and reduces fatigue.

Therefore, eating more bananas has a good relief and treatment effect on neurasthenia.

4: The nutrients of grape grapes are delicious and have high nutritional value.

Mature high-grade grapes have sugar content as high as 10%-30%, mainly glucose.

A variety of fruit acids in the grapes help digestion, eat more grapes, and can be healthy and stomach.

Grapes contain minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin P. They also contain a variety of amino acids required by the human body.Greatly toxic.

5: Longan longan is also known as longan. It has the effect of nourishing blood and soothe the nerves. It is a good brain-healing product. It is especially suitable for over-consideration, neurasthenia caused by mental disability, forgetfulness and insomnia, flustered heartbeat, dizziness and fatigue.

What kind of fruit can you eat, you can eat longan, it can adjust the function of the cerebral cortex, improve or even eliminate insomnia, forgetfulness and memory.

Nowadays, with the increasing pressure of life, more and more white-collar workers have neurasthenia, and neurasthenia has become a common disease.

So you know what to eat with neurasthenia?
Today, I will introduce several effective fruits to alleviate neurasthenia.

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The body should pay attention to these signals!

People often ask what to do to make themselves live longer?

The answer of the old Chinese doctor is that the carrier that emphasizes the life of health is that everyone’s body is absolutely loyal to us. It will not speak. But if it needs to communicate with you, it will tell you some signals to remind you not to ignore it.Snoring normal conditions: often associated with cold or emotional changes in the stomach, eating too fast, the absorption of excess air in the stomach will cause snoring.

Drink some hot water or take a break to stop.

  Abnormal condition: However, if you have too much suffocation or snoring, it may be a pathological condition of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

At this time, gastric acid refluxed to the esophagus, causing a top scalp, which caused a more serious myocardial infarction.

[Recommended]If you are snoring or suffocating all day, or repeat medications frequently, you should go to the hospital for examination.

[Signal]The voice is hoarse and talks too much or the best error, caused by improper use of the dice for a short time.

Drink plenty of water to moisturize your throat and rest for a few days.

If the extreme sound is hoarse or suddenly hoarse, it may be caused by continuous loud shouting, smoking and drinking for a long time.

At this time, it is very important to pay attention to the vocal cords. It is very likely that the vocal cords will be seriously severe.

[Recommendation]In the early stage of laryngeal cancer, only the vocal cords are thickened, or the ligaments are involved, causing abnormal vocal cord vibrations and corresponding hoarseness symptoms.

This period is just the best time to treat, you can receive the effect of “knife” to the disease, and will not lose the voice.

[Signal]There is a small white spot in the mouth of the oral ulcer that makes the mouth red and swollen, and it often means that the small white spot is infected.

It may also be that your body is deficient in vitamin C or is allergic to certain foods.

Ulcers usually heal on their own, or they can go to the pharmacy to ask a counselor to recommend over-the-counter medicines.

If there is a lump in the soft tissue or the tongue inside the mouth, it is necessary to pay attention to oral cancer.

In particular, beware of the growing range of oral ulcers as they gradually transform into white pieces.

[Recommended]Once you find out that you are going to the hospital as soon as possible.

[Signal]Gingival bleeding when brushing your teeth, may be a problem with the gums, or gingivitis.

Bleeding of the gums indicates that there are too many plaques around the teeth, causing inflammation of the gums.

Although it is a small problem, but don’t even know it, just go to the hospital and see it.

Severe gingivitis is usually associated with more types of dental diseases.

Dental root inflammation is one of them, but timely treatment is no problem.

Inflamed gums release bacteria that are transported to other organs when they enter the bloodstream.

[Recommended]If your gums often have a lot of blood, remind you not to neglect and go to the hospital for treatment.

[Signal]Nasal nasal congestion continues to be non-ventilated or has a sense of oppression, due to a cold caused by nasal congestion.

In this case, the nasal congestion is not a problem, and the cold is cured, and the nasal congestion is gone.

The nasal cavity continues to be non-ventilated or has a sense of oppression and may be a manifestation of a low-grade suppurative infection.

However, many people with long-term nasal congestion mistakenly think that they are allergic and do not seek treatment, which is very dangerous.

[Recommended]Continuous nasal congestion, runny nose, facial pressure, should seek medical advice in time to prevent infection.

[Signal]The human body that is sensitive to light and noise is under constant pressure for a long time. The nerves are highly nervous. The brain is in a state of alert for a long time. It becomes very sensitive to the surrounding places. Once the light, sound changes, the brain’s “alarm”It will be ringing.

[Recommended]Take out half an hour every day to completely empty yourself and meditate. On weekends, you can go to the suburbs with friends, stay away from noise and let the pressure be released.

[Signal]Normal work seems to be difficult under pressure, and people’s ability to control and analyze information will be affected.

At this point, the usual seemingly ordinary work will make people feel powerless.

Stress does cause people’s attention, and the reaction speed decreases, which affects work efficiency.

[Recommendation]In the face of “difficult” work, you can do it step by step and appropriately reduce the requirements.

If there is a situation in which the work efficiency is low and the mistake is easy to make, the work order can be adjusted, and the daily transaction work should be handled first. If it is so long, it is best to consider the vacation and make adjustments in time.

[Signal]Shortness of breath, body aches and pains Long-term high-load work will consume a lot of body energy, causing soreness in muscles, cervical vertebrae, etc., while the body’s demand for oxygen increases, leading to shortness of breath.[Recommended]Deep breathing exercises every day can relieve stress and increase the body’s oxygen content.

The most scientific method of breathing is to “suck–stop” (screening 10?
20 seconds) — call” form, trying to suck deeply, and then spit out.

Three times a day, three times a day, every 10 minutes will have an effect.

[Signal]Long-term high-load operation that likes to talk to yourself can cause people to worry, helpless, and fear, which leads people to think and express their opinions and opinions, and fear that their own words and deeds will cause unnecessaryTrouble.
At this time, everyone will pursue safety in the subconscious, and the performance of men and women will be different. Men think that they are alone, their own digestive pressure, and women prefer to express their emotions, become embarrassed or ambiguous, and sometimes appear often.Self-talking situation.

[Recommended]Turn off the mobile phone and computer, occasionally disturbing the external crowd, and properly adjust the requirements for yourself. It is an effective way to calm down the mind and relieve stress.

[Signal]Love to eat sweets.

The pressure is high, the body consumes more energy, and the desire for energy will increase. Therefore, it will become sweet, sweet, and sweet, and the euphoria brought by eating sweets can also eliminate the fear to some extent.

Many people will become overeating, boots will stimulate the digestive system, leading to constipation, diarrhea and other issues.

[Recommended]When you want to eat sweets, you may want to try to distract yourself, or eat healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts to satisfy your appetite.

[Signal]Less sleep, stress during the day can seriously affect the quality of sleep, leading to insomnia or too shallow sleep, and it is easy to get sleepy during the day.

At the same time, after entering the age of 60, people’s sleep time will also decrease, and the quality of sleep will gradually decline.

After entering the old age, the various functions of the human body enter a falling period, and the attenuation of the function also requires higher requirements for the sleeping environment. Such sleep is easily affected by external influences and becomes more fragile.

[Recommendation]Different people should make a difference in the face of sleep problems: young people due to stress-induced sleep problems, you can first adjust yourself, such as taking a deep breath before going to bed, meditating, turning off electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers, creating aGood sleep time, while increasing the amount of exercise, pay attention to diet, eat less or not before going to bed; the elderly should take a scientific view of insomnia, do not worry because you can’t sleep, if you can’t sleep well at night, you can moderately sleep at noon.

Moderate exercise every day also helps improve sleep quality.

Make a cup of old Chinese medicine every day[always can’t sleep], give you a good sleep and sleep well.

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Elderly diet health: breakfast should be late should not be early

“Getting up early and getting up early and getting good” is the health care of many old people. Get up at 5 or 6 o’clock every day.

As everyone knows, this may lead to gastrointestinal diseases.

  At night, in order to ensure the normal operation of the organs the next day, most of the organs that worked for one day were at rest.

However, the digestive system still has to go to work on the ground at night, and digest and absorb the food remaining in the rehabilitation road until the morning breaks.

Plus the physical function of the elderly is diminished, the function of the digestive system is weakened, and at least 2 breaks in the morning?
3 hours to resume normal function.

If the elderly eat too early for breakfast, they will interfere with the hospitalization and increase the burden on the digestive system. Over time, they will easily suffer from digestive diseases.

  In addition, the human body is in the natural environment during the morning, the blood in the body is turbid, and the metabolites of the previous day need to be cleaned up. If you eat too early, this replacement work may be affected.

Therefore, the breakfast for the elderly cannot be eaten too early.

  TCM health experts suggest that the breakfast arrangement for the elderly is more appropriate between 8:30 and 9:00.

Don’t wake up immediately after waking up in the morning, first lie flat on the bed 15?
30 minutes, then get a cup of warm water to clean up the garbage in the stomach.

  For the elderly to eat what is good, Chen Wei said that it is best to eat warm and easy to digest, soft food, especially convenient to drink some porridge, it is best to add some lotus seeds, red dates, yam, longan and glutinous rice in the porridge.

Do not eat greasy, fried, hard and irritating food.

In addition, the breakfast should not be excessive, so as not to exceed the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in decreased digestive function.

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Do not sleep cold in the hot summer days

The hot summer season is on schedule, and the heat of the high temperature makes it difficult for many people to fall asleep, so some people use some methods to sleep well when they are sleeping.

Health experts in our city reminded that in the summer, if you want to have a good sleep, you can’t do it at will, and some practices will hurt our own health.

  When the summer heat is cool, many middle-aged and elderly people love to sit on the stone bench for a cool summer. At the same time, many young people who are afraid of heat are used to driving fans and air conditioners all night while sleeping.

However, the cool breeze blowing the shoulders in a row can easily cause frozen shoulder.

In fact, the occurrence of frozen shoulder is not only closely related to the lack of old age, but mainly because the shoulder is affected by the wind, cold and dampness. For example, if the long-term wetland, the night squats and the shoulders are blocked, the wind and cold dampness will cause the blood and muscles to be unobstructed.

Therefore, experts reminded that in the summer, special attention should be paid to avoid cold and direct air-conditioning and cool air. After the symptoms are discovered, they should be treated early to alleviate the pain and inconvenience.

  ”Rhinitis is a disease that is more likely to recur in the summer.

The reason is that many patients in the low-temperature air-conditioned room after sitting for a long time, suddenly arrived when they arrived, suddenly suddenly and suddenly, a cold and a heat, easily cause intranasal capillary dilation and contraction, resulting in rhinitis, throat inflammation orLead to aggravation of leading symptoms.

Experts said.

Therefore, expert experts, rhinitis patients should be more vigilant in this season.

“In addition to rhinitis, some people in the summer every year have caused the mouth to be skewed because of the cold wind or the air conditioning.

Therefore, it is recommended that if you open the window to sleep in the summer, you can block the curtains and prevent the wind from blowing your face.

“16, some people like to use the cold water to put a mat in the summer, the bamboo bed is wet and sleep, think it is so cool.

In fact, it is easy to get sick in this hot and humid environment.

In the summer, people continue to sweat, the bed is not dry, and the air humidity is high. If you use a wet cloth to wipe the bed, it will increase the humidity of the bed.

When people sweat, the pores are open, mold and other bacteria are easy to invade the human body, causing diseases, so experts reminded that in the summer, avoid using cold water.

  When sleeping on a summer night, experts recommend that you wear a pajamas that will absorb sweat well while preventing cold and habitual diarrhea.

Experts also recommend that summer pajamas should be light and soft, all cotton, which is good for absorbing sweat on the skin and reducing skin irritation.

The color should be light and light, which is good for the eyes and eyes. The style should not be too small, because it is easy to lose sleep and nightmares when sleeping tightly on the chest, abdomen and head.

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The benefits of Qigong beauty can be adjusted first.

Practicing qigong is not a form of exercise that regulates physiology and health. It is also a way of keeping people’s youthful vitality and positive movements in the future. Many people who have contacted qigong all the time are radiant and unremarkable.The eyes are not spent, the ears are not listening, and the teeth are not loose.

The mindset is very positive.

This is the health mode and beauty effect of Qigong.

  Qigong beauty is a way to achieve therapeutic or health care through qigong exercise.

Various physical rejuvenation techniques in Qigong can be used for beauty.

Because the gas function comprehensively adjusts the human physiology, it can bring a deeper beauty to the shape and temperament.

  Qigong Beauty, like ordinary Qigong, achieves the purpose of exercise through the methods of adjusting, adjusting and adjusting interest.

  Tuning refers to the exercise of mind.

The human mind activity is the function of the mind and heart, so it is tempered.

  Tonality refers to the exercise of posture or movement.

There are many postures for practicing, each with its own form, but there is a general requirement for them to be beneficial to the operation of the blood inside the body, and the five internal organs.

After posing, you should pay attention to the adjustment of the facial features, so that you can have eyesight (that is, the inner view of the drape), the rhyme of the ear (that is, forget the sound), adjust the nose (that is, adjust the softness into the fine), and sigh the tongue))), light teeth (ie teeth bite).

Because the five senses are connected with the five internal organs, the five internal organs are connected with the five gods. Therefore, after the above postures are set, the five senses, the five internal organs, and the five gods can be combined.

Action refers to the action when practicing the power.

Because of the similarity with gymnastics, the movement is similar to the function of evacuating the meridians, running the blood, and exercising the body, making the body light and healthy, and bodybuilding.

  Adjusting interest refers to the exercise of breathing and internal gas. It is the main part of practice and an important part of Qigong beauty.

People’s breathing activities are autonomous, but through exercise, they can be artificially controlled to better play its role.

The human breath is dominated by the lungs, and the lungs are the mainstay. Therefore, the clean air sucked from the natural world not only enriches the infuriating, but also further promotes the operation of the blood in the whole body, making the whole body qi and blood, the internal organs and the limbs.骷髅 Get bred, this is the foundation of bodybuilding.

The blood is full, the talents are not easy to get sick, and the person can enjoy the beauty and the hair.

Qi plays an important role in the beauty of people.

The luster of the skin is closely related to the rise and fall of the gas. No matter whether it has a complexion or not, once it is swelled, it will have a luster and a god, so that even a blackish, yellowish complexion can give people a sense of beauty.

The qigong’s interest rate adjustment is just tempering and inflating, so Qigong exercise can make the facial color normal and achieve the beauty effect.

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How to adjust the 6 recipes and your skin color

Papaya red jujube lotus seed honey – blood and nourishing papaya is not only a breast enhancement, but also a super good whitening food, its vitamin A content is extremely rich.

Chinese medicine believes that papaya is sweet, flat, can eliminate stomach, beauty and nourishing, and has a good therapeutic effect on people with indigestion or constipation.

In the beauty diet, papaya can be used with milk, and it can also be used to make stuffing or porridge.

Jujube is a traditional food that regulates endocrine and nourish blood. If red dates are served with lotus seeds, it increases the effect of regulating the body and nourishing the body.

Dry autumn and winter season, make a hot papaya red jujube lotus honey, not only warm and warm, but also help the skin resist the dry climate.

Prepare papaya, red dates, lotus seeds, honey, rock sugar.

First, add red dates and lotus seeds to the right amount of rock sugar and cook for later use.

Then cut the papaya and remove the seeds, put the red dates, lotus seeds and honey into the papaya, and steam them after serving.

Alcoholic Eggs – Gives you a good complexion. Quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins and vitamins A, E, etc., cooked together with wine, it produces enzymes and active substances that are beneficial to women’s skin.

A bowl every day to make your skin tender and shiny.

Scorpion is a good nourishing liver and kidney, and is also one of the commonly used raw materials in beauty medicinal diets. Vitamin A is also very rich in content.

When these foods are added together, they can promote the absorption of nutrients, and the face of women after eating is more moist and moving.

When brewing eggs, first brew 200 grams of wine, then add 5 grams of wolfberry, add the right amount of rock sugar and 50 grams of evenly mixed quail egg liquid, and then boil over high heat.

Peanut Sesame Paste – Anti-Aging Peanut and Black Sesame is the first choice for anti-aging in 30-year-old women. This is mainly due to its vitamin E, while preventing the effect of brown pigment on the skin and avoiding the formation of spots and butterfly spots.

Sesame contains a strong anti-aging substance, sesame phenol, which is an important nourishing food for preventing female aging. The B vitamins are also very rich, which can promote the body’s metabolism, and also facilitate the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone.efficacy.

Walnut pine kernels – beauty and healthy chestnuts and pine nuts are classic nourishing foods for women. These vitamins E and zinc help to moisturize the skin and delay skin aging.

In addition, these proteins, minerals, and B vitamins are also very rich in content, which is a good product for beauty and hairdressing.

Walnuts and pine nuts are good sources of linolenic acid, which is the most popular health care ingredient in the skin, which stimulates the synthesis of estrogen.

The vitamin E of corn itself is also a skin care food that experts admire.

Yam green bamboo shoots fried chicken liver – improve skin color yam is a tonic of Chinese medicine, with spleen and kidney, replenishing vital energy.

Chicken liver cancer iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A and B vitamins, etc., even conducive to the synthesis of estrogen, or the preferred food for blood.

Green bamboo shoots are potential fiber beauty vegetables.

The combination of the three, with nourishing blood, improve the skin’s moisturizing and color effects.

Double bean chicken wing soup – added skin elasticity Soybean and green beans supplement protein, lecithin, also contains phytoestrogens, this isoflavones can effectively increase the level of estrogen in the body, thus making women more youthful and beautiful.

Moreover, isoflavones also have the effect of preventing osteoporosis.

In addition, many people only know that trotters are good for beauty, but they don’t know that chicken wings also contain a lot of collagen, and the protein content is higher than that of trotters. It is eaten with soybeans and green beans, which is very beneficial for increasing skin elasticity and moisturizing the skin.

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Be wary of 10 common drugs and food

Be wary of 10 common drugs and food.

Calcium tablets and spinach conflict Spinach contains a lot of potassium oxalate, which hinders the body from absorbing calcium after entering the body, and is also prone to calcium oxalate stones.


Aspirin and alcohol conflicts after taking aspirin, can aggravate symptoms such as fever and body aches, and can easily cause liver damage.


Berberine and tea conflict tea contains about 10% of sulfide, which is easily decomposed into synthetic acid in the body, and precipitated acid will precipitate alkaloids in berberine, reducing its efficacy.


Ibuprofen and coffee, Coke conflict, ibuprofen (Fenbid) is irritating to gastric mucosa, caffeine in coffee and cocaine replacement in cola stimulate gastric acid secretion, aggravate the replacement of ibuprofen on gastric mucosa, and even induceStomach bleeding, gastric perforation.


Antibiotics and milk, juice conflict milk will reduce the antibiotic activity, so that the efficacy can not be fully exerted; juice (especially fresh juice) not only reduces the efficacy, but also may increase toxic side effects.


Anti-allergic drugs conflict with cheese and meat products. Take anti-allergic medicines and avoid foods such as cheese and meat products instead of histidine. Otherwise, it may cause dizziness, headache, palpitation and other symptoms.


Antidiarrheal drugs and milk conflicts can not take milk, because milk not only reduces the efficacy of antidiarrheal drugs, but also contains lactose which can easily aggravate diarrhea.


Diuretics and bananas, oranges in conflict with diuretics, potassium will stay in the blood, if you eat potassium supplementation of bananas, oranges, excessive accumulation of potassium in the body, easy to induce heart, blood pressure complications.


Vitamin C and shrimp conflict. You can’t eat shrimp within 2 hours before taking vitamin C, because the copper in the shrimp will oxidize vitamin C and turn into a drug.


The antihypertensive drug conflicts with the grapefruit juice to prevent the antihypertensive drug from colliding with the grapefruit juice, which is likely to cause the drug concentration in the blood to be too high and increase the substitution.


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