Yoga that boosts sexual performance and stimulates hormone production

I. Young style-Elimination of menopausal symptoms: The young style can strongly stimulate the lumbar spine, make sexual hormones strong, strengthen the function of autonomic nerves, and effectively eliminate the headaches, dizziness, and back pain that men often exhibit during menopause.Insomnia, chills, and other symptoms make the practitioner young and healthy.

  1. Lie on your back with your legs straight, hands on your sides, palms down.

  2. Raise your left foot without bending your knees, perpendicular to the ground, and toe straight, then slowly raise your right foot with your toe straight.

  3. Swing your feet back and forth for about 30 seconds.

  4. Lower your right foot to about 15 degrees, keep it still, and keep your left foot back and forth for 15 seconds.

  5. Lower left foot to about 15 degrees, keep it still, and right foot continue to shake up and down for 15 seconds.

  6. Practice alternately until you are tired.

  Experience sharing: After the whole movement is done, the feet can touch the ground. This process is a test of physical strength and will for the practitioner, but it is still very fulfilling after persisting.

The young style also has the effect of reducing abdominal abnormalities. It can also serve two purposes as a fat reduction exercise.

It’s just that patients with high blood pressure are not suitable for practicing this action. Beginners can also lower the requirements according to their own physical conditions without having to force it.

  Second, the crane-promoting hormone secretion exercise effect: This action mainly uses one foot to support the entire body, which can improve the balance ability of the practitioner, and also expand the chest cavity, so that the practitioner’s breathing becomes deep and stable, and it stimulates the reproductive systemAnd urinary system, promote hormone secretion and enhance sexual performance.

  1. Stand upright with your legs close together and your hands drooping naturally.

  2. Take a deep breath, straighten your arm and lift it over your head, palms together, except for breathing, move your center of gravity to your right foot and signal your left foot backwards.

  3. Press the upper body forward, so that the hands, upper body, and left foot are in a straight line, and the whole body is T-shaped. Try to keep it longer.

  4. Exhale, slowly return to the starting position and repeat the process with another foot.

  5. Do 2 left and right feet.

  Experience sharing: With the eyes fixed on a fixed point, the body will feel much more stable. Unless the balance ability is very strong, do not close your eyes to practice this action.

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Yoga is a good habit and not fat

If one day you find that you have gained weight, don’t repeat it, refer to the following basic methods to become a yoga beauty.

  1, develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day, so that the toxins in the body can be smoothly discharged.

Sometimes the accumulation of toxins is also the reason why the behavior is difficult to control and the weight is delayed.

  2, yoga diet concept advocates, stay away from fried foods, try to eat steamed or boiled food.

Because greasy foods already contain too many raw foods with a super power of n-th power, and are also the number one killer of health.

  3. Do not eat snacks while watching TV (reading books), because this will make people unknowingly eat more than three times the food.

  4. Regarding the food that cannot be eaten, don’t lose your unfortunate attitude, don’t force yourself to eat it.

  5, yoga diet view that do not eat for two hours before sleep.

If you have always had the habit of eating supper, try fruit instead.

Remember that the cumulative storage of one meal late night is equal to the sum of your three meals a day.

  6. Please practice yoga instead of eating to resist stress. This is not only harmful to your health, it is also a major obstacle to weight loss.

  7. Don’t drink beverages and use boiled water instead, because no matter how low the sugar content of the beverage, transfer and chemical food additives are also considerable.

  8. Develop regular yoga practice.

Relaxed, slow-moving, gradual movements are easier and more effective than vertical movements.

  9. Please do not force yourself to fast, or do not eat your favorite dessert, reduce the number and quantity, so as not to overeating.

  10. Don’t be afraid to admit the fact that you are obese, be brave to accept yourself, like yourself, you can have the right mentality of weight loss. In fact, yoga is also a good psychological habit.Will continue to be perfect.

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Does postpartum depression affect children?

Postpartum depression usually develops within 6 weeks after delivery. Tiredness, irritability, worry, terror and depression are the main features of postpartum depression. If left untreated, the symptoms of postpartum depression may take several weeks.

About 10% to 20% of women will have postpartum depression after giving birth. Before the occurrence of depression, women often have postpartum psychological maladjustment, lack of sleep, and excessive fatigue in caring for the baby.

  Postpartum depression can cause mother-to-child connection disorders.

The mother-infant connection refers to the emotional bond between the mother and the baby. It determines a number of factors, including physical contact between the mother and the baby, the baby’s behavior, and the mother’s emotional responsiveness.

This emotional disorder often causes adverse effects on children.

Studies have shown that mothers may refuse to take care of the baby when the mother-infant is poorly connected, causing damage to the baby and impeding the baby’s normal development.

It has been reported that ADHD is associated with poor maternal-to-infant connectivity during infancy.

  Mothers with postpartum depression are reluctant to hold the baby or cannot effectively feed the baby and observe whether the baby is warm or not; do not pay attention to the baby’s response, the baby’s crying or difficulty feeding cannot awaken the mother’s attention; due to the mother’s abnormal touch, the baby sometimesBecome difficult to manage; mothers and babies get along well, mothers often stretch their arms to hug children, do not witness the baby, in addition to the baby’s communication signals, the baby smiles or giggles as a sign of ventilation instead of social interaction; disgustThe child may be afraid to come into contact with the child, and even have some delusions, such as thinking that the baby is the new savior (disease of the disease), the child is sick or dying (disease of the disease), the child’s shape, size, color change (body image change) or the child becomesBeast or evil (beast delusion), etc.

  Adverse effects on early babies This effect will cause children to have behavioral difficulties in the first 3 months after birth, the baby is nervous, must be satisfied, easily tired, and has poor motor development.

  Studies on the effects of late infants (12 to 19 months) have shown that postpartum depression in mothers is associated with infant cognitive ability and infant character development.

The severity of maternal postpartum depression is directly proportional to the infant’s poor mental and motor development.

  Impact on Early Childhood (4 to 5 years old) Mothers with depression in the first year after delivery have significantly lower abilities and cognitive indices than those of healthy women.

  According to the adverse effects of postpartum depression on mothers and children, treatment should begin once the diagnosis is established.

This can not only prevent the mother from getting worse or even develop postpartum mental illness, but also cause the baby to cause mother’s love and warmth as soon as possible and grow up healthily and happily.

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Female psychological decompression

1.Use words and imagination to relax.

Through imagination, I train my mind to “walk around”, such as “under the blue sky and white clouds, I sit on the green grass in front”, “I soak in the bathtub comfortably and listen to the beautiful light music”.

Relax, rest in a short period of time, let yourself get a spiritual rest, you will feel serene, peaceful and peaceful.

  2.Support solution.

Please list the pressures in your life, one, two, three, four . Once you write them down, you will find it amazing that as long as you “break through”, these so-called pressures can be gradually resolved.

  3.Cry when you want to cry.

Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress.

Psychologists have measured blood pressure in some adults. As a result, 87% of normal blood pressure people said that they occasionally cried, while those with high blood pressure said they never shed tears.

It seems that letting the emotions out is better than burying them deeply.

  4.Hug the big tree.

In some parks in Australia, too many people are seen embracing big trees every morning.

This is one method they use to relieve psychological stress.

It is said that hugging the tree can release the happy hormones in the body, which is refreshing.

  5.Watch horror movies.

Experts in the UK have suggested that people feel pressured at work because of their sense of responsibility for the work.

What they need at this moment is encouragement and uplifting.

So with relaxation techniques to overcome stress, it is better to motivate yourself to face stressful situations, such as watching a horror movie.

  6.Put on your favorite old clothes.

Put on a pair of old trousers that you usually love, and then put on a loose shirt, your psychological pressure will be relieved unconsciously.

Because of the volume of clothes worn for a long time, people recall some of the feelings of a certain time and space, and their emotions also rise.

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Fun with parent-child magic

Since watching the magic performed by Liu Qian at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2009, the 6-year-old daughter has become a little magic fan.

From the time when my daughter became obsessed with magic, there was another fun in our family life. It was brought by magic . After dinner, I used magic seeds to make magic. After dinner, the family sat together while watching TV while嗑 Seeds.

  I want to use this opportunity to make a little magic for my daughter.

So, I asked my daughter to put a melon seed in my palm, and then I fisted and waved in the air, and at the same time, quickly hid the melon seed in the fingers, saying, “No!

“I looked at my daughter and slowly opened my palm.

“Oh, mother has nothing!

“Exclaimed her daughter.

Looking at her daughter’s rounded eyes, I said, “Don’t worry, I can change the seeds back again.

“I shook my fist in the air again and blew into my fist, saying,” Change!



With a few fingers, I rubbed melon seeds between the fingers and into the palms, and then I opened the palms again.

The daughter thought it was amazing and shouted excitedly: “Mom, change again, change again!

“After repeating this three times, my daughter finally discovered the mystery.

  ”Mom, I will change this magic.

I’ll show it to my dad!

The daughter said.

I quickly encouraged her to say, “Okay, you can do it.

The daughter quietly clamped a melon seed between her fingers, then raised her little hand in front of her husband, and said, “Dad, look, I have nothing in my hand, right?


“Husband cooperated.

  ”I caught it in the air.

“Speaking, my daughter caught in the air,” Change!

Look, Dad, I’ve made a seed.

The daughter opened her palm to show her husband, only to see that the melon seeds between the fingers between the children exposed only one tip, half of the seeds are still sandwiched between the index finger and middle finger.

Suddenly, we laughed together.

The husband touched his daughter’s head, and said happily, “My baby is so good, it will become magic!

“Going out, my daughter invented a little magic Sunday. Our family went out, and we rested on the grass at noon.

  Daughter secretly took a banana and ran behind a big tree.

Just when my husband and I were wondering, she bounced back with the banana.

  ”Mom and Dad, there is a banana here with a skin. Let’s eat for three of us.

“Her husband said first:” Baby, there are two bananas here, you can eat them alone.

The daughter listened and waved her hands quickly, saying, “No, three people will share it!”

However, there is a condition-you can’t cut it with any tool, and you can’t poke with your hand.

“My husband and I looked at her in fog.

“Not going to divide, right?

I’ll help you share.

The daughter held the banana in her left hand and put her five fingers together in her right hand. She pretended to cut the banana twice and shouted, “Break!”Then the daughter smiled and said to us,” Now, who will peel the banana? ”

“I pretend I can’t wait to peel the banana, and exclaim:” Ah!

Baby, bananas have broken into 3 paragraphs at your command!

“My husband and I saw a few small eyes that had been pierced with toothpicks on the banana peel, but still felt that my daughter was really smart, and thanked her for the surprise!

  This is the magic and fun in family-parent-child magic, which brings us happiness and surprise.

  Parent-child Magic Three The following three little magics are played by me, my husband and daughter, and I will introduce them here.

  Parent-child magician: Little old man’s day preparation: Use hard white paper to roll into a cone-shaped paper tube, draw eyes, nose, etc. on the paper tube as the head of the old man, if you can paint himWith a goatee, he is even more cute!

Then, wrap the paper tube over your thumb.

When the little old man has caught the eye of the child, the magic can begin.

  Magic steps: ⒈ Language: In the morning, the little old man is at home.

Action: Put the paper tube on your thumb.

  Language: In the afternoon, the little old man is not at home.

Action: Align the hand of the paper tube to the front limb socket on the other side, and turn the paper tube into the palm of your hand!

Then lift your thumb up and show it to the audience.

  ⒊ Language: At night, the little old man is back again.

Action: Turn your hand once under the limb socket on the opposite side, and the paper tube returns to your thumb.

  Parent-child Magic 2: Preparation of guessing cards: 30 playing cards, called A and B, which are divided into red and black.

  Steps to magic: ⒈ Language: Do you believe it?

I can guess what card you choose without looking at it.

Now, please draw a piece of paper from this card (Group A), read it clearly, remember what card it is, and put it into this card (Group B).

Action: Ask the child to draw a card from group A and put it into group B.

  Language: Now, let’s shuffle.

Action: You shuffle the cards of Group B twice in front of the child, then ask the child to shuffle the cards of Group B twice, and then hand them to your hands.

  ⒊Language: Let me think about it, isn’t it?

Action: You open the cards in group B (the back of the card is facing the child), and easily find the card that the child just chose-the card in group A.

(Unveiled: This card-the color of Group A is different from that of Group B.

) Parent-child magic three: rubber bands move to prepare: (This is a “hand Caier” type of magic.

The props can be taken from the place) rubber bands and head ropes are fine, as long as they are elastic rope loops.

But need to practice a few times beforehand.

  Steps for the magician: ⒈ You can borrow a rubber band or headband from your child during the show, or you can prepare one in advance.

  ⒉ Put it on the little finger and ring finger of your left hand, and pull the rubber band back and forth to prove that the rubber band is intact and flexible.

  Language: In order to let everyone remember that the rubber band is indeed put on the little finger and ring finger, I “locked” it here.

You see, I clenched my fist, it couldn’t run.

Action: Talk into a fist.

At this time, the back of the left hand must be facing the child, the right hand pulls the rubber band of the left hand towards the arms, and when the left hand fists, take the opportunity to insert all four fingers into the rubber band.

(This is the key to the success of this magic!

) Language: Sprinkle some magic powder, change!

Action: The right hand pretends to throw something from the air and throws it to the left.

  Language: Hey, rubber bands have moved!

Action: Stretch out the five fingers to show that the elastic band will naturally jump to the index and middle fingers.  Family parent-child magic is a good helper for parents and children to communicate.

Parents can be a good magician or perform with their children.

Remember that the magician’s function in parent-child interaction is that parents and children can have a good time together.

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Big S high-profile show off rich is accused of being rich in hatred?

Core tip: Big S high-profile Hyun Fu said that shoes under one million are cheaply approved, only to show that some people are rich in hatred, and they do n’t see people who are rich and dare to speak.

  Wang Das, who replaced the younger host S, “Kangxi is here”, really lived up to expectations, not only maintained the ratings of “Kangxi is here”, but also surpassed the ratings of the young S host.

It seems that the popularity and hosting skills of Big S are worthy of praise.

  However, in Sanya’s luxury wedding has been approved high-profile show off the big S, a few days ago in “Kangxi is coming”, a sentence “I think shoes under one million are very cheap” has caused strong resentment from netizens, once again being criticized “Hyunrich”.

But Big S said through his agent: “Artists spend money on clothes and clothing because of their work. It is a professional attitude, and good shoes are very expensive. If good shoes are cheap, I will buy them too!

“Kangxi is here” brought in a number of female stars to talk about the topic of high heels. Among them, Liu Zhen and Da S’s love for high heels is the most unbearable: both have high heels of millions of yuan or more, even on different occasions.To buy the same newest pair of shoes, the big S loves shoes, and even mother Xu sighed that she was a concubine and needed so many shoes.

And said, “I think shoes under one million are very cheap.”

  I am not a big S fan and I do n’t like her very much.

However, I still take a very neutral stand on what this Big S says.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with Big S’s words.

Imagine that for a big S with annual income of several million, shoes under one million are themselves very cheap goods.

Besides, she is a popular star, and in the era when the actresses in the entertainment industry are comparing their looks and clothes, it is true that shoes under one million can not be sold.

Therefore, the big S who likes to play the mobile version of cool my music in his spare time is just speaking from his own standpoint.

Of course, luxury weddings may be showing off their wealth, but the fact is that the wedding of the century was actually more of a hype, for Wang Xiaofei and his mother, and live advertising in Qiaojiangnan.

  This world is so weird. People tell the truth, they say they are showing off their wealth, or they are pretending, they say flattering words, they say they are hypocritical.

The big S high-profile Hyun Fu said that shoes under one million are cheaply approved, which only shows that some people are rich in hatred, and they do n’t see people who have money and dare to speak.

However, how can you be rich and hate to change your fortune? It is better to copy a humanitarian psychology and bless the other person. Anyway, you have to change your compassion or generosity!

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Everyone is a little depressed

Everyone has a bit of depression. In the first movie “A face and B face” about “mental illness”, there was a line saying “Everyone is a bit mentally ill.”Not without reason.

Look at the tragedies caused by psychological problems around us. Corporate executives end their lives due to depression. Depressed mothers abandon their biological children. A female auditor in Chongqing is too worried about “discussing people who violate discipline” and has to watchPsychologists . “Depressed, unhappy, and unwilling to work” seems to be the norm in life.

A psychological survey of interventions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou showed that more than 80% of people think they are often unhappy, and 70% say they have suffered from depression.

Life, work, and interpersonal pressures put a lot of weight on our hearts, and we can’t push them.

The latest research published in the journal Nature by psychiatrist Andreas Meyer and other psychiatrists at the German Central Institute of Mental Health found that the stress of modern life makes the brain’s ability to withstand, and it is more prone to anxiety, depression, and attention.Damage and other issues.

At the same time, the fast-paced life makes it difficult for us to breathe and even lose the necessary psychological adjustment opportunities.

Even if there are real psychological fluctuations and distortions, I am too busy to feel and discover it.

“There is always a telephone ringing and there are always things to remember.” No wonder some netizens ridiculed, “Easy life, easy life, just life is not easy.”

Therefore, in such an environment, depression may be noticed on everyone.

Professors from the Shanghai Center for Psychiatric Clinic Medicine said that about 13% -20% of people may have a depression experience in their lifetime.

According to incomplete statistics, patients with depression worldwide have reached at least 1.


Occupational groups with high stress and long-term mental stress, women in hormonal changes such as menstruation, postpartum, and menopause, lonely elderly people in the empty nest, and people who experience adverse life events such as divorce, unemployment, poverty, are more vulnerable to depression.
“Everyone is a little depressed,” revealing a sigh for modern life, but we can change our lifestyle.

First, take the courage, recognize your inner needs, do not compete with yourself, do not compare with others, and choose the life you want.

Basically, lowering the material needs and expectations of oneself may be more satisfying and pleasant in spirit.

In the end, take a few thoughts and keep adding something to your life.

For example, telling a little joke and treating frustration with Ah Q’s spirit may change the mood of depression.

Of course, if you are really staring at depression, feel depressed for at least two consecutive weeks, have no interest in doing anything, do n’t sleep well, do n’t sleep well, you must find out early, intervene early, and go to a mental clinic or psychiatric hospitalSeek cure.


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Moisturizing in a dream, flattening shine all night

Although the humidity in the air is not low, my cheeks feel dry?

Woke up all night, the T-shaped oily shiny, but his face was dull?

Although this is the scourge of summer weather, it is also closely related to your neglect of moisturizing care.

Do not believe?

Try the moisturizing mask at night and then fall asleep to ensure that you look good the next morning and reduce the shine!

  A good way to solve the greasy face in your sleep, let’s find out together!

  Hydrating in dreams: For OLs who don’t have enough skin care time, sleep masks are simply the most trouble-free masks in the world. As long as you apply an extra layer of mask after all skin care procedures, you can go to bed directly after it is completely absorbedAlready.

  Extreme fit: For facial masks, fit is one of the important indicators to judge the quality of a facial mask.

Because only when the degree of fit is high, can the skin be temporarily in a “vacuum-like” state, and the skin care essence can be transformed into ground to relax the skin by external air pressure.

  ● Tip: Generally speaking, if a mask is cut by more than 8 knives, its fit will be higher.

If you are unlucky, you bought a mask that does not fit your face well, then you may look into the mirror first, you ca n’t see where the fit is, and then cut it slightly with sterile scissorsWith one shot, the situation may change.

  Quickly soothing A high-quality moisturizing mask, in addition to having excellent moisturizing functions, it also needs to enhance the skin’s water storage capacity and achieve an ideal water-oil balance.

Of all the masks, only moisturizing masks can be made daily if your skin is extremely dry.

  ● Hint: Do n’t think that everything is fine with a mask.

The mask is just a tonic for the skin. The key to making the skin lasting and hydrated is also the daily skin care processing and living habits.

  Affordable choice: Sometimes, the skin itself is not a big problem, you just want to give the skin a regular moisture.

At this time, you can choose some cheap and beautiful mask products, you know, their efficacy is not inferior to those of the big-name masks.

  ● Hint: Moisturizing gel can actually be your simple moisturizing mask, just apply a thick layer and wait for 20 minutes.

  The color of the sleeping mask is mostly colorless and transparent, so you can also put on a layer of sleeping mask when you are on a long-haul plane or staying up all night, which can replenish water in time and not scare others.

  The color of the sleeping mask is mostly colorless and transparent, so you can also put on a layer of sleeping mask when you are on a long-haul plane or staying up all night, which can replenish water in time and not scare others.

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Jujube diet therapy, how to eat the most

As the saying goes, “I eat three dates a day, not a lifetime in my life.”

The most prominent feature of jujube is its high vitamin content.

Chinese medicine believes that jujube can replenish vital energy and nourish blood.

  Fresh dates are more abundant in vitamins; however, they are sometimes sexual, not always available, and eating more may harm digestion.

Although dried jujube has decreased vitamin content, its iron content is increased, and its nutrition is more easily absorbed, which is more suitable for diet therapy. Here, several kinds of jujube diet treatments are introduced.

  The experiment proves that drinking jujube water for people with poor liver function every day can increase the serum protein of human body for one week, and it can achieve the effect of protecting liver and detoxification.

  Jujube soaked in water, a brewing detoxification red jujube a brewing detail determines its level of efficacy.

Jujube peel is tough and tough to digest. If it is brewed, it is difficult to completely dissolve its active ingredients, so it is best to pry it and brew it.

  Also note that fresh red dates should not be brewed or boiled.

This is because its vitamin C content is very high, and boiling in hot water can seriously damage the vitamin C.

  Jujube tea, qi and sputum, red dates, fried black tea, can treat stomach cold, stomach pain.

  If you add longan, it is a blood-filling qi tea, suitable for teachers, salespersons, etc. who use the frequency of scorpion.

  Jujube soup, cough and lungs Tang Dynasty cylinders, “Bai Fang”, recorded red dates, white fungus and rock sugar soup together, can stop cough and lungs.

  Ingredients: Tremella: 20 grams (about half a flower), red dates: 20, rock sugar: 60 grams (can be added according to the taste of each person) Practice: put the white fungus in the clear water, remove the pedicle, tear intoSmall pieces, put together with red dates, rock sugar into the pot, add 6 bowls of water, boil after the fire, then use the simmer for another half an hour, you can turn off the fire.

  Jujube boiled eggs, blood and beauty with red dates and longan blush sugar, when the jujube rotten longan, hit the eggs; continue to use small fire to cook eggs.

  Red dates, longan and brown sugar have the effect of enriching blood, and the boiled eggs are very nourishing.

  Jujube porridge, soothe the sleep of traditional Chinese medicine, women have depression, restlessness and other symptoms, can be used with the right amount of lily, lotus seeds with red dates conditioning.

If you cook with millet, you can better play the role of red dates and soothe the nerves.

  Jujube soaked wine, vascular fluent red dates in the soaking process, notice that nutrient organic matter is more likely to dissolve in the wine.

It has a certain effect on keeping the blood vessels open.

  Xiaobian reminder: 1.

Dried red dates vary in size, although they are relatively small in nutrition and therapeutic effects, but it is recommended from the taste. When making soaked tea, it replaces the big red dates, especially the red dates produced in Xinjiang. The taste is very sweet, it is best to tear it.Split into a few and reuse; porridge, sparkling wine, etc. can be freely chosen.


Jujube is good for health, but not much better.

Medium-sized red dates, preferably no more than 15 at a time. Excessive consumption is detrimental to digestive function, causing hyperacidity and bloating.

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Summer is not a “light” mistake

When talking about diet in the summer, the word “light” became popular, and articles on “light” were numerous.
In order to carry out the “light route”, the fish and poultry eggs that I used to eat often are rarely eaten; even the milk that I usually drink every day has stopped, and it is said that drinking the milk is “hot”. Many people also reduce the number of dietNow, it has a taste of “shrinking food”.
As a result of this, many people’s physiques have fallen rapidly, weight loss, wasting and fatigue, their ability to resist high temperatures and diseases, their work and study efficiency have decreased, and some people even have a “summer summer” phenomenon.
In summer, people’s body consumption exceeds the spring, autumn, and winter seasons. In addition, people’s poor sleep and rest quality in summer requires more nutrition to support them.
If you blindly follow the “light line”, eat less or even more nutritious foods, and reduce your diet, the result will inevitably make ends meet, which will lead to a great decline in physical fitness.
Of course, if “light” just means eating more hygienic, not eating too much greasy food, eating more fruits and drinking more water, then it makes sense.
The human body must adapt to changes in the natural environment and seasonal climate. Summer is characterized by “hotness”, so the key to health is “clearness”.
  Thoughts should be quiet: in the hot summer heat, people are prone to sultry and irritability.
So first of all, you must calm down your mind, be calm and calm, avoid violent temper, and jump into trouble when you are in trouble. Because of irritability and heat, you must prevent internal fire.
Maintaining a light-hearted attitude will lead to peace and tranquility, to avoid anxiety, tension and other negative emotions affecting normal life and induce the occurrence of various diseases.
  The diet should be light: the diet of the hot summer should be light and soft, easy to digest, and eat less high fat and thick taste and spicy hot things.
A light diet can clear heat, prevent heatstroke, gather sweat, rehydrate, and increase appetite.
Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can not only meet the required nutrition, but also prevent heat stroke.
Staple food is appropriate, such as mung bean porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on.
You can also drink some cool drinks, such as plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.
But the cold drink should be moderate, do not favor cold and cold products, otherwise it will hurt the sun and damage the body.
In addition, eat some vinegar, can not only Shengjin appetizers, but also inhibit the killing of germs and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
  Amusement should be quiet: You shouldn’t travel long distances in the hot summer.
In the morning, the dawn is shining, and the air is fresh. You can take a walk in the lush garden to exercise, and rejuvenate.
In the evening, if you stroll along the banks of rivers and lakes, the cool breeze will make your heart feel like water, and you will feel as if you are dreaming.
  The room should be cool: morning and evening the indoor temperature is low, the doors and windows should be opened, ventilated.
At noon, the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature. Doors and windows should be closed tightly and curtains pulled up.
The shady environment will make people calm down.

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