Make your baby’s favorite cereals

The nutritional value of various cereals is far more than that of various polished rice noodles, but they are often replaced by most babies and parents because of poor taste.

The problem actually lies in the method of making food. If the method of making food can be improved, the baby will readily accept the grains.

The coup is as follows: 1.

Coarse rice-White rice and coarse rice are placed at a ratio of 3: 1, and more water is added when cooking, so the cooked rice will be soft and smooth.


Duobao porridge-cook white rice and various miscellaneous grains, such as coarse rice, black glutinous rice, barley, millet, oatmeal, red beans, mung beans, corn kernels, etc. Don’t forget to add red dates and raisins (the porridge is more sweet,(Baby likes), this kind of porridge is not only rich in nutrition, but also good for mouth.


Whole wheat bread-cut into small pieces of different shapes, coated with fruity yogurt or whipped cream. This can increase the smoothness and taste of the bread.

It’s even better if it’s whole wheat bread with raisins.


Corn-Polenta with brown sugar or tahini.

Fresh corn is cooked. Peeling corn kernels can be a snack for your baby.

You can also buy frozen sweet corn kernels from the supermarket and steam them.

Too small babies cannot eat to prevent them from getting stuck.


Sweet potato-Boil sweet potato porridge with white rice.

Peel the steamed sweet potatoes into a paste, knead them into small balls, and add some black sesame seeds to the baby doll head.


Taro-choose small taro, steamed and peeled, dipped in sugar to eat.

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Beloved girl, beware of piercing you!

Wearing a pair of delicate earrings that complement each other’s clothing is sure to add a landscape that sways in your ears.

Now, some fashion-conscious young people even wear earrings on the earlobe, pierced ears above the ears (the ribs on the outer edge of the auricle), and wear cool and cool earrings.

In the process, experts reminded that piercing the ears above the ears may cause incurable infections and cause permanent ear deformation, not to mention any charm.

  Wound infections have to be operated, according to the Associated Press. Earlier in February, four teenage boys in the United States were forced to undergo an ear resection, because after they pierced the ear hole above their ears, the wound site became infected and passed antibiotics.The treatment still couldn’t heal, so I had to have surgery.

These young people are pierced in a jewelry store.


Dr. Rosey is an authority in the field of plastic surgery for adolescents. When he mentioned this, he was very sorry: “In fact, not only the United States, Britain, but also many countries have experienced cases of pierced ear infections. Often boys are more severe than girls.

Boys prefer to pierce the ears and show off who wears multiple.

And they don’t worry about wound care at all and don’t pay attention to hygiene.

“Piercing holes in the upper ear are very painful. Complication earrings have been popular for a short time. Why has this serious ear infection occurred in recent years?

The reporter reported interviewing Ms. Kate from the Georgia Plastic Surgery Association.

  Ms. Kate said that there must be wounds in the pierced ears, which will inevitably lead to infections, which can usually be treated with antibiotics.

However, because the outer ear is mainly composed of plasma, the blood volume of the outer ear is small in the entire head organ, and it is difficult to see the effect with antibiotic treatment.

The soft blood circulation in the upper part of the ear is worse than that of the earlobe, so the probability of infection of bacteria after puncture is also greater than that of the earlobe.

  Once the ear infection expands, it develops into suppurative sinusitis, and even when the auricle is necrotic, surgery must be performed.

  Ms. Kate said that in fact, it is much more painful to pierce the hole above the ear than to pierce the earlobe.

It’s really not worth it to endure the pain and pursue the fashion, but at the same time risk the serious infection.

  Ear piercings should go to professional hospitals. American epidemiologist Keane advises young people who want to be different: If you have to pierce your ears, you must first understand the danger, and you must pay attention to maintaining perforation.Local hygiene.

  Ms. Kate told reporters: No matter which part of the ear to pierce, in fact, it should be a “very particular” thing, you must go to a professional plastic surgery hospital for surgery.

  It is cheap and time-saving to pierce small shops, but there is no sanitation guarantee.

Strength, the clerk is not a professional, the technology is good and bad.

At the same time, the operating tools are not clean, and if the spray gun or needle used for piercing the ear is not disinfected thoroughly, it will become a carrier of infectious diseases.

The serious infection in the United States was due to the bacteria in the jewelry store’s bottle of disinfectant used to disinfect the jewelry.

  In addition, before piercing the ears and before the wound is healed, it is best to apply anti-inflammatory drugs daily to reduce the chance of infection.

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Three tips to prevent athlete’s foot when it’s cold

As the weather gets cold, everyone will arm themselves to the feet, right?

However, at the same time of wearing warmth on the feet, some people’s athlete’s foot problems have also emerged. When occasionally it is necessary to take off shoes in front of people, it will inevitably add a lot of embarrassment.

However, the Japanese “Women’s Guide” broke the news that according to a sample survey of working women, only 20 were found.

1% of people will work hard to prevent foot odor, so what methods do these people use?

Let’s take a look together!


Use foot deodorant products “use foot odor-resistant insoles or deodorizing spray”, “wipe with a wet wipe on the feet before wearing shoes”, “apply some cream or powder to remove foot odor”.


The key time is to change to new shoes and socks “On new days, you will change to new shoes and socks.” “If you know that you need to take off your shoes on some occasions, you will prepare shoes that are breathable without covering your feet.Wear the same pair of shoes. ”


Every day I do some work “change the insoles every day”, “I usually keep deodorants in my shoes and wash my feet well” and “go to the salon to do foot care”.

  In life, everyone will more or less encounter occasions such as attending indoor parties, indoor fitness, etc.

It’s not fun to emit odors when everyone is having fun together, which does not prevent you from paying more attention to the outbreak of athlete’s foot in normal times, and it will not be so embarrassing at critical moments!

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The most prone to sunburn and black charcoal

Although “whitening” has always been the tireless love of oriental women, facing the “beautiful and dark” wind of “more bronze and healthier”, I believe that it is difficult for everyone to resist such a direct temptation on the beach in the sun,”Tanning” without sunburn requires skill.

In that environment, the bronze color will directly stimulate people to frantically try every means to blacken themselves, turning a blind eye to the terrible consequences of incorrect tanning.

Although everyone knows that in the sun, a little inattention will hurt the skin, but our restraint is so weak when we face the temptation of “black”.There are so many strange tricks, and there are countless wrong tricks. How can we get the ideal bronze complexion without harming the skin?


hzh {display: none; }  错招一:“放假了,我和好友准备去参加2天后在海边举行的一个狂热性感舞会,我们很想在派对上显示一下自己性感的古铜色肌肤。But time was short, we wanted to take a short cut, so we made a statement to use baby oil to coat our whole body, and then put the air-cushioned cushion in the swimming pool. After lying on it for a whole day, we turned into two burnt biscuits and returned.Blisters!

Experts point out: First, you should avoid sunshine from 10 am to 2 pm, because the sunshine is the strongest and the most harmful.

  Second, sunscreen products with an SPF of at least 15 should be used at all times.

Also, when the skin becomes a little pink, your skin has already been exposed to excessive sun exposure.

It’s too late to stop the sun until blisters emerge.

  Third, it is superfluous to lay tin foil on the air cushion. Even if you just lie on the water, you can achieve the same effect, because the water surface can reflect 100% of the sunlight, and the white surface around the air cushion and the pool can only reflect 80%.% Of daylight.

  Mistake # 2: “When I get to the beach, everyone applies sunscreen, but this adds obstacles to the creation of dark and dark skin. I have a better way to first expose to the sun for an hour, and then apply it.SPF30 sunscreen.

This method can successfully and quickly tan, I have not been sunburned so far.

“Expert guidance: Too dangerous!

An hour of sun exposure can cause severe burns to the skin from the sun.

If you are fortunate not to have been sunburned at that time, but the potential remaining problems are very terrible: the skin becomes rough, the color is deteriorated, strange skin diseases occur, and severe skin cancer may be caused.

So, be sure to apply sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 half an hour before sunbathing.

  Wrong trick three: “Every time I get to the beach, I immediately apply a lot of sunscreen to my body, but I am not used to applying sunscreen after swimming.

Experts point out: Even if you use waterproof sunscreen, you should apply sunscreen again after each swim, or after sweating a lot, because there is not much sunscreen applied at that timeSun protection effect.

If you are not swimming or sweating, you can also apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

  Mistake 4: “When I’m on the beach, I always want to make myself darker!

So I used sunscreen with SPF only 8.

Once I fell asleep on the side of the beach and woke up and found that one side of my body was tanned, while the other side was still white.

Afterwards, in order to make myself more tanned, I flipped my body back and forth in the sun and exposed.

Later, I was exposed to blisters.

Experts point out: It’s ridiculous to turn your body around like a pancake in the strong sunlight.

When you are sunburned, be sure to stay away from the sun until the sunburned area heals, otherwise the sunburned skin will be damaged twice.

  Mistake 5: “The terrible herpes mark on my back scares me from wearing a bikini on the beach.

But on this seaside vacation, I found that sunlight can make these nasty things less visible, and even make them dry.

So I will not apply sunscreen on the front, and the back with herpes can be perfect in the sun.

Experts point out that sunlight can reduce the further development of herpes and cause the skin on the surface of herpes to fall off.

Absorption of ultraviolet light can cause rapid transfer of cells in capillary pores, and a small amount of ultraviolet radiation can also have anti-inflammatory effects.

However, the long-term damage to the skin caused by exposure to the sun, such as roughness, multi-spots, and canceration, is far greater than its short-term defects.

  Wrong move six: “Last August, I was sunburned while sunbathing on the beach, and I completely peeled off a large piece of skin from my belly.

Later, when I saw the floating, quick-change skin, I couldn’t help tearing it off.

Experts point out: Although tearing off the semi-reset skin hanging from the skin is very enjoyable, it is actually very dangerous.

Exposing uncured skin to the air can cause infections and scarring.

If you have scooped it down, you can apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment to the affected area before the skin feels strange.However, if the affected area is punctured or exudates pus, see a hospital immediately.

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Six practical benefits of celery

Celery has certain pharmacological and therapeutic value.

Modern pharmacological research shows that celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

Because their roots, stems, leaves, and seeds can be used as medicine, they are called “medicines in the kitchen”.

Celery has the following six major effects: Pinggan antihypertensive celery contains acidic antihypertensive ingredients, which has a significant antihypertensive effect on rabbits and dogs with intravenous injection; vascular perfusion can vasodilate; using aortic arch perfusion method, it can fight nicotine,The pressure-increasing response caused by theophylline causes the hypotension.

  Clinically effective for primary, gestational and menopausal hypertension.

  A basic ingredient isolated from celery seeds. It has a sedative effect on animals and can stabilize the human body. Oral celery or apigenin can fight the excitement of mice caused by cocaine, which is good for calming mood and eliminating irritability.
  Diuretic and Swelling Celery contains diuretic active ingredients to eliminate sodium retention in the body and diuretic and swelling.

Clinically, the effective rate of decoction with celery is 85.

7% can treat chyluria.

  Anti-cancer and anti-cancer celery is a high-fiber food. It produces a substance of lignin or intestinal fat through intestinal digestion. This substance is an antioxidant and can inhibit carcinogens produced by intestinal bacteria at high concentrations.

  Generally, it can speed up the running time of feces in the intestine, reduce the contact between carcinogens and colonic mucosa, and prevent colon cancer.

  Nourishing blood and tonicating celery has a high iron content, which can supplement women’s menstrual blood loss. It can prevent the skin from being pale, dry, and bleached, and it can have eyesight and black hair.

  Clearing away heat and detoxification The autumn climate is dry, people often feel dry mouth, asthma, asthma, and discomfort. Eating celery often helps to clear away heat and detoxify, and to strengthen the body.

Liver fire is too strong, rough skin and often insomnia, people with headaches can eat more.

  Celery fried dried silk celery 25Og, dried tofu 300g, light green, ginger amount.

Wash the celery and cut off the roots, cut into sections; cut the shredded tofu, cut the onion into sections, and ginger and shoot loose; set the wok on a hot fire, pour in peanut oil, and cook until 70% hot.Add tofu and stir-fry for another 5 minutes. Add celery and stir fry.

  The dish is fresh and delicious, has the effect of lowering blood pressure and smoothing the liver, and has a laxative effect, and is suitable for complications such as hypertension and dry stool.

  250 grams of celery with walnuts and celery, 50 grams of walnut kernels.

Cut the celery into filaments, put it in a boiling water pot, remove it, and put it in a dish. Put the washed walnut kernel and some refined salt, and sesame oil into the mixture.

  Celery previously rice porridge 40 grams celery, previous rice 50 grams, scallion 5 grams.

Pour the peanut oil in the pot and heat, scallion, add rice, water, salt, and cook into porridge.

  This dish has the effect of clearing away heat and water, and can be used as an auxiliary food therapy for patients with hypertension and edema.

  200-400 grams of celery, celery and 50-100 grams of red dates.

  In addition to treating hypertension, it can also treat acute jaundice hepatitis and cystitis.

  Celery gravy 150 grams of celery, 50 ml of cream, 150 ml of milk, moderate flour.

Boil the celery with 150 ml of water, add salt, cream and 2 spoons of flour into the milk, pour into the celery soup together, and serve immediately.

  This soup is light and palatable, delicious and appetizing.

  Fresh celery apple juice 250 grams of fresh celery, 1-2 apples.

Place fresh celery in boiling water and blanch for 2 minutes, chop and squeeze green apple juice, 1 cup each time, 2 times a day.

  Can lower blood pressure, calm the liver, sedate, dissolve, and antiemetic, diuretic.

It is suitable for patients with hypertension, dizziness, headache, facial flushing, and mental excitement.

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Barley red bean porridge is not as effective

The way to get rid of the moisture in the body is very simple, just two flavors of “medicine”.

The two flavor medicines can be used as tea and rice, and can solve the problem. One is barley and the other is red beans.

It is not necessary to grab a knife in proportion to each time. After cleaning, put water in the pot and boil. After cooking, it is the best product for removing dampness and spleen-red rice porridge.

  The red rice porridge has the advantage that it will not become sticky and thick when it is boiled. The red beans and barley that are always rotten underneath are topped with a light red soup, and most of the active ingredients of barley and red beans are in the soup.

When porridge, put some water, as for the effect, it is no small matter.

Rice, also known as “coix seed”, is listed as a top grade in “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, which can cure dampness and paralysis, improve gastrointestinal tract, eliminate edema, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and lighten and strengthen Qi.

Red beans, also known as “red beans”, are good for water, swelling, and spleen and stomach, because red is in the heart, so it can also make up the heart.

Modern people have high mental stress, heart qi deficiency, inadequate diet, less exercise, and weak spleen.

It is necessary not only to remove dampness, but also to replenish the heart, and to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Boil it into porridge, which is intended to transform the effective ingredients to be fully absorbed by the human body without causing any burden on the spleen and stomach.

  The “swelling” effect of barley and red beans is very interesting. Do not think that swelling is edema.

Let’s look at today’s people. At least five or six of the ten people are blessed. This is also swollen, which is called bloated body.

In Chinese medicine, obesity and edema all mean that the body is wet.

The water cannot flow with the blood and qi, and stays between the cells of the human body, causing the human body to expand rapidly.

This is the case with edema and obesity, but only to a lesser extent.

Drugs or foods with strong dehumidifying properties can remove these stagnant fluids and reduce swelling.

Therefore, red beans must be used in the treatment of edema. Practice has proved that barley red bean porridge has a good weight loss effect, which can lose weight without harming the body, especially for middle-aged and obese people, the effect is better.

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The place where you can make money is “posts”

In April of this year, I visited the United States as a scholar, and I was very impressed that Americans’ career choices are very practical.
  During a visit, a friend told me: “My family wants to hire a glass-cleaning company to work. This person is called Bill. He has a master’s degree in psychology and runs a company by himself. He is both a boss and a worker.
He does a good job and comes to my home regularly.
“As soon as I heard that the master’s degree is giving someone else a chance to clean the glass, I felt a little new and wanted to see it.
  That day, I came to my friend’s house.
At 9 o’clock in the morning, a white van arrived on time.
A tall young man, about 30 years old, came down from the car.
As he greeted the owner, he took a light ladder from the roof, took out a large brush and a plastic bucket from the car, which was filled with plastic cloth, foam and detergent.
A friend explained to him more than 40 pieces of glass to clean, including the living room, dining room, bedroom, study, and swimming pool.
Bill after another “OK!
“And then started working.
He laid a plastic cloth on the floor of the living room, put a plastic bucket for washing liquid, dipped the washing liquid with foam plastic, wiped the glass in each room, and then brushed it with a large brush.It’s clean now.
When he was resting, the host handed a bottle of drink, and I took the opportunity to talk to him.
  ”Bill, I heard you were your own boss, that’s great!
”   “是的,没错。”You are a master in psychology, why did you leave such a good profession?”
“I have been doing psychological counseling for a few years, and now there are too many companies in this category, the competition is fierce, and psychological counseling is not as good as cleaning the glass to make more money.”
“Bill spread his hands and laughed, sincerely and frankly.
  After drinking his drink, Bill held a few tools, set up a ladder outside, and began to wipe the glass outside the house.
The weather in Colorado was very hot that day.
Bill was wearing tank tops and sweaty.
At nearly 12 o’clock, more than 40 pieces of glass were wiped, and a bright light shone.
The host gave him a check.
  Bill’s van quickly hit the road.
The difference between the two concepts of master’s degree and glass cleaner in my inherent consciousness gradually blurred as the car sped back.
  According to reports, at least 35% of college students in the United States are currently engaged in jobs that do not require a college degree.It’s a lazy man, looked down upon.
Here, there are “laid-offs” every day, and “jobs” every day.
They were straightforward: “What is a post?
The place where you can make money is the post.

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Baby also has to create

Develop the fine movements of the training hands, so that the baby can stimulate the development of the brain through game activities, thereby promoting the development and improvement of the baby’s potential and opening the door to the baby’s wisdom.

  As the saying goes, “the mind is handy”, the hand is an important organ for the baby to recognize the world around him.

It is found in the research results of brain science that nearly 50,000 nerve cells in the brain control the human trunk, and 40% of them control the development of the body.

Develop the fine movements of the training hands, so that the baby can stimulate the development of the brain through game activities, thereby promoting the development and improvement of the baby’s potential and opening the door to the baby’s wisdom.
  The development of fine movements mainly refers to the development of hand functions, and also includes the development of mouth, foot and other movements.

As your baby’s favorite person, do you know your baby’s development status?

  The fine movements of the hand are now broken down into 12 basic movements. Can your baby reach the corresponding indicators during the corresponding hand development period?

  0-1 years: gripping motion; grasping motion; fiddle with motion; upside down motion.

  1-2 years old: pinching action; stacking square wood; turning book.

  2-3 years old: holding a pen; buckle; origami.

  3-4 years: jigsaw action; use chopsticks.

  Tips: Abnormal signals related to baby’s small hand movement development. Normal babies showed a fisting gesture 3 months ago. After 3 months, they should be able to open freely. If the thumb is retracted, the gesture is abnormal.

  ★ Normal babies always put items that can be grasped in their mouths (including their own hands and feet) from 6-12 months, but babies with mental disorders will start after 2 years of age.

  ★ Normal babies do not drop things they like on the ground when they are 1 year and 4 months old (excluding items that the baby does not like).

  When the baby has the above performance, parents should pay enough attention to it, and it is necessary to go to a child health institution for inspection.

  Dexterous little hand game 0-1 years old, the baby can catch and shake and play: Give the baby a toy that can grasp the shake, and it is best to make a sound.

Such as: hand bell, let your baby grasp shaking, because the sound stimulates the baby will be very interested.

  Take it out to see how to play: Draw a hole in a clean small cardboard box (the baby’s small hand can be easily accessed), put the baby’s favorite toys in front of the baby, such as building blocks, scarves, paper strips, or can be issuedSound toys etc.

Encourage your baby to take the initiative out of the hole.

Exercise your baby’s little hand grasping ability, and promote the development of baby’s finger perception.

  Tips: The game should provide sufficient opportunities for activities. All 10 little fingers should be exercised and both hands should be exercised to promote the balanced development of the left and right brains of the baby.

  1-2 year-old babies make full use of the beautiful imprinting of their fingers and wrists: give the baby white paper and crayons, and let the baby “place” draw dots, lines, and curves.

At this time, parents can help the baby to give these beautiful imprints names, such as: ticking raindrops, long trains, cute snails, so that children unconsciously replace the corresponding names, and promote the baby’s conscious thinking development.

At the same time, you can exercise your baby’s hand-eye coordination and color sensitivity.

  How to play with high height: Guide your baby to high the building blocks. During the process of high building, the baby will carefully control the movements of his hands to prevent the building blocks from falling down and improve the accuracy of the baby’s hands.

When the building blocks collapse, let the baby experience the changes of accumulation and spread, and lay a good foundation for the baby to gradually master the change of the object space.

You can play the bridge game on the basis of your baby mastering 4 or 5 blocks.

  Tips: The flexible cooperation of training your baby’s small hands and wrists should be based on the principle of gradual and gradual progress. It is more important to keep the baby’s good hands-on mood than what the baby can accomplish.

  The strength of 2-3 year-old baby’s little hand increases the beaded play: Beaded toys can be used to practice your baby’s piercing ability.

This is to improve the baby’s ability to coordinate with both hands.

You can wear larger toys first, and the perforations gradually become smaller.

The smaller the hole is, the flaw is here, and the accuracy of the baby can be required.

This game can improve your baby’s attention.

  Rotating gameplay: Let your baby screw clean mineral water bottle caps, empty medicine bottle caps, etc.

The brightness of 5 fingers increased.

After the baby masters the screwing technique, he can give the baby 2-3 different bottles and bottle caps, let the baby find the corresponding bottle caps to play, and improve the baby’s attention and observation ability.

  Tips: Encourage your baby to do things on her own, such as wearing shoes, socks, clothes, eating with a spoon, and drinking with a cup.

While improving the baby’s hands-on ability, it also promotes the development of baby’s self-service ability.  3-4 year old babies create their own cut-and-paste gameplay: cut old pics and re-paste again (be careful when cutting paper).

Improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination while stimulating your creative potential.

  Peas play: Ask your baby to practice using chopsticks.

At first, it can be rough, and the volume is elongated.

Such as: small building blocks, popcorn, paper balls.

Gradually change from large to small, from rough to smooth.

The pindou game requires the baby’s fingers, wrists, trans-articular joints and muscles to cooperate to stimulate the coordinated and coordinated development of the brain’s nervous system.

  Tips: Because the development of each baby’s motor ability is uneven, and these fine games need to gradually exercise success in continuous failure, so we should promptly encourage the baby’s progress.

Parents can play with their babies and launch games to stimulate their hands-on interest.

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Recommended six courses of delicious food Jasmine beauty and fitness

Introduction: Jasmine is a traditional health product in developing countries. It is recorded in the Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Jasmine has the effect of opening and closing qi, relieving evil spirits and relieving evils. Regular consumption of jasmine has good effects on dysentery, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis and sores.Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.

Jasmine Since ancient times, jasmine has been loved by people for its fresh fragrance, simplicity and elegance.

Jasmine is evergreen in all seasons, and it blooms endlessly in summer and autumn. Its color is like jade and its aroma is striking.

Jasmine also has high medicinal value, health care function and beauty effect.

Jasmine is cold, light and fragrant, eliminates flatulence, Weixin, sweet, warm nature, rational qi and pain relief, moderates the stomach, relieves swelling and detoxification, and strengthens the immune system.

It has the functions of clearing the liver and eyesight, replenishing thirst, relieving phlegm and treating diseases, facilitating water flow, expelling wind and relieving the skin, strengthening teeth, preventing radiation damage, anti-cancer and anti-aging effects, which can make people prolong their life and human health; its aromaPleasant, rational and soothing, and moisturizing the skin, it can improve the worry phenomenon, and it is also effective for chronic stomach diseases and menstrual disorders.

With jasmine and pink roses, brewing has a slimming effect and turns into toxins in the body.

Jasmine is fresh and fresh. Jasmine is fresh and fresh. Before cooking, remove the bag, rinse it with water 3 times, or soak it in water for 30 minutes, and then rinse it with hot water for a few minutes.

Jasmine tastes fragrant and can be used for making jasmine dumplings, jasmine buns, jasmine cakes, and jasmine cakes.

Even with ravioli, vegetable stir-fry, steaming, cold dressing, soup, etc. make delicious choices.

The following introduces several foods commonly made by jasmine at home.

Jasmine Winter Melon Soup 30g fresh jasmine and 50g winter melon.

When cooking winter melon soup, add fresh jasmine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that jasmine can relieve heat and dampen heat, dampen the spleen, and relieve diarrhea, and rather relieve anxiety.

Winter melon can clear away heat and dampness.

If you often get angry or have a bad appetite, eat more jasmine winter melon soup.

Jasmine porridge 60 grams of fresh jasmine, previously 50 grams of rice.

When cooked, add jasmine when the rice is cooked, and eat immediately.

It has the functions of relieving liver and regulating qi, strengthening spleen and transporting dampness, and removing turbidity and widening.

Should be used for the treatment of appetite, bloating, nausea and vomiting, and epigastric pain.

Women should also take it during menstruation, especially for dysmenorrhea.

Jasmine Tofu 30g fresh jasmine, 100g tofu.

First cook tofu, boil the jasmine after the water is boiled, then bring it to the pot, and take the natural fragrance.

Eat 1 daily?
2 times.

It has aroma moisturizing, degreasing and weight loss effects.

The aroma of jasmine can change oil, tofu can regulate the endocrine function of menopausal women, and it has the effect of weight loss and bodybuilding for menopausal women.

Jasmine Tremella Soup Tremella 25 grams, some jasmine.

Put the clear soup in the pot, put the white fungus, cooking wine and an appropriate amount of salt.

Lung fever cough, dry cough, blood in sputum, fever on dialysis, blood under constipation, senile bronchitis, dizziness, tinnitus, chronic pharyngitis, irregular menstruation, tuberculosis, hypertension, etc.Neurasthenia, infirmity after illness and other tonic are the best.

Jasmine chicken and chicken breasts, jasmine 50 grams each, wolfberry, salt, wine, MSG amount.

1. Jasmine is opened and rinsed for use.

2. Cut the chicken into dices and marinate with wine and salt.

3, from the pan, stir fry the chicken, add MSG, add jasmine, wolfberry before serving.

Can be fit and nourishing.

Jasmine Scrambled Eggs 100g Jasmine, eggs 3?
4 pcs, 15 ml cooking oil, hydrochloride.

1. Rinse the jasmine with clean water, spread it on kitchen paper to disperse the moisture, and set aside.
2. Put the eggs into a bowl, put a small amount of oil, break it up and set aside.

3. After the pan is heated, add fat, and turn the pan to allow the oil to flow naturally to form a film covering the bottom of the pan. Pour the egg liquid quickly and stir while pouring the egg liquid, so that the eggs can beat the size of jasmine.
4. Sprinkle salt to taste according to personal taste, stir the spare jasmine pot and eggs evenly and fry the pan.

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What’s terrible about early love

Liu Li is a beautiful and sweet girl. She is a senior in a famous high school.

When she came to the hospital for consultation, she was very impressed with her dress: she had short hair, a men’s casual sweatshirt, and the color of the jumpsuit and sneakers was “neutral”.You can’t see the colors and characteristics of a little girl.

  From the beginning of her personality, she opened her eyes: “I want to consult an expert to solve the psychological problems that have puzzled me for several years.

How do you interact with the opposite sex?

Does high school student dating fall in a positive way to promote learning and affect it, or is it as harmful and unhelpful as teachers and parents say?

Are there any precedents for middle school students who both fall in love and are both admitted to college?

How to deal with early love can promote learning instead of affecting academic performance?

Can I take care of the boys in the class?

“After listening to her can’t wait, the expert who attended the consultation-Deputy Director Ma Yan of the Children’s and Children’s Ward of Wuhan Mental Health Center guessed that her confusion was related to emotions, so she asked patiently:” Are you and the boy having a good relationship with each other?

“I want to know, how terrible is it that I escaped the early love complex for more than two years?”


Why do you think so?

Isn’t first love beautiful?

“Isn’t it terrible?”

“Liu Li was under suspicion.” When I was in third grade, I had a table at the same table. She was smart, beautiful, and had good grades. She fell in love with a boy in the class. As a result, their academic performance plummeted.on.

  Later, my mother repeatedly said to me, “Don’t love early!

If you fall in love, even if you have a good learning foundation and no matter how clever your brain is, your academic performance will go downhill, let alone get into a good school!

So I listened to my mother and never interacted with boys. As a result, I was promoted to the best key high school with satisfactory results.

“Yes, it is not appropriate for middle school students to fall in love, but it is not necessary to have a correct understanding. What are you worried about now?

“Liu Li groaned for a long time, as if she had made up her mind, and slowly eased down:” I’m afraid of the boy’s eyes.

I didn’t dare to turn around in class, because I was worried about coming back into contact with a guy’s eyes.

In fact, I am not afraid of the eyes of the boys, nor do they fear that the boys like me, that they will pursue me, or that they will hinder their studies and ruin their future.

Therefore, in class, I didn’t even dare to turn around flexibly, for fear that the boys thought I would watch them, and then I would have trouble.

I never dress myself and always wear outdated clothes just to not attract the attention of boys.

  But now, I feel like I’m too depressed and my studies have become boring.

The college entrance exam is about to start. The day before yesterday I received a dating note from the boy and asked me to go for a walk.

I really don’t know what to do.

“You want to accept the invitation and go out for a walk with him, don’t you?

“Liu Li hesitated for a while, and finally nodded:” But my mother said that dating with a boy is equal to early love equals abandonment of schoolwork, and this is also an example proved by lessons.

I dare not.

“Early love fear” is more terrible than “early love” Director Ma Yan said that Liu Li is a good girl who is simple and upward, and her mother keeps her carrying a heavy cross. She is afraid of the normal communication between male and female students.That’s why I’m so nervous.

She hadn’t been alone with any of the boys, let alone talking.

  But now that the college entrance examination is imminent, she is very worried. Behind the worry is the conflict of inner discomfort.

The mother’s teachings made her think that the door to normal communication with the boys should be firmly closed, but the awareness of growth and development that began to awakened her desire to interact with the boys. Therefore, in this conflict, her learning efficiency declined and she became the mostFear things.

There is no doubt that Liu Li suffered from “early love phobia.”

  Director Ma is outstanding, “early love phobia” is more terrible than “early love”.

Liu Li was afraid of the eyes of the boys, afraid to talk to them, and the boy ‘s note was even more disturbed. This fear has seriously affected her normal life and learning.

How to desensitize her?The first should be a change of mind, and her parents play a key role in this.

  Director Ma Yan suggested that Liu Li should communicate more with her mother when she returned home, so that the mother understands that the views inculcated on her daughter have caused changing psychological pressure on the child. The mother should slowly change her wrong view of the exchange between boys and girls.Society is advancing. The exchange between boys and girls is actually quite simple and normal. Men and women can often talk about each other, but it is complicated by their parents’ imagination.

If middle school students fall in love with learning, which is more terrible than the damage to mental health caused by “early love phobia”?

In fact, the harm caused by completely prohibiting the exchange of students of the opposite sex is more harmful than the harm caused by early love!

  Peers need psychological comfort from a large number of psychological consultation cases. It can be understood that most middle school students do not want to be loved early. The key is that boys and girls who do not want to love early also need heterosexual intercourse. In the practice of heterosexual intercourse, they onlyCan know what to do to avoid early love.

These are two aspects of a problem. The important thing is to grasp the appropriateness. As long as you are “sentimental, only courteous,” normal exchanges between male and female students are beneficial to human health.

  Many parents are afraid that their children will fall in love early and guard against death, but they often fail to get good results. The problem lies in the lack of openness of the mind and the lack of healthy concepts. The final victim is the child they are least willing to hurt.

  Director Ma Yi gave Liu Li a psychotherapy prescription: he chatted with the boys twice a week, more than 20 minutes at a time.

Facts have proved that the contact between boys and girls is not terrible. In addition to early love, there is also a sincere friendship between boys and girls.

Psychological comfort among peers is most effective.

After adjustment, Liu Li has overcome her worry.

  She said: “It turns out that boys are not terrible. They are like my older brother and younger brother. They can see my weaknesses clearly. They have given me a lot of help and inspiration in my studies and life.Together, I feel safe and happy.

Finally I was able to let go of my burden and learn with ease.

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