Fun with parent-child magic

Since watching the magic performed by Liu Qian at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2009, the 6-year-old daughter has become a little magic fan.

From the time when my daughter became obsessed with magic, there was another fun in our family life. It was brought by magic . After dinner, I used magic seeds to make magic. After dinner, the family sat together while watching TV while嗑 Seeds.

  I want to use this opportunity to make a little magic for my daughter.

So, I asked my daughter to put a melon seed in my palm, and then I fisted and waved in the air, and at the same time, quickly hid the melon seed in the fingers, saying, “No!

“I looked at my daughter and slowly opened my palm.

“Oh, mother has nothing!

“Exclaimed her daughter.

Looking at her daughter’s rounded eyes, I said, “Don’t worry, I can change the seeds back again.

“I shook my fist in the air again and blew into my fist, saying,” Change!



With a few fingers, I rubbed melon seeds between the fingers and into the palms, and then I opened the palms again.

The daughter thought it was amazing and shouted excitedly: “Mom, change again, change again!

“After repeating this three times, my daughter finally discovered the mystery.

  ”Mom, I will change this magic.

I’ll show it to my dad!

The daughter said.

I quickly encouraged her to say, “Okay, you can do it.

The daughter quietly clamped a melon seed between her fingers, then raised her little hand in front of her husband, and said, “Dad, look, I have nothing in my hand, right?


“Husband cooperated.

  ”I caught it in the air.

“Speaking, my daughter caught in the air,” Change!

Look, Dad, I’ve made a seed.

The daughter opened her palm to show her husband, only to see that the melon seeds between the fingers between the children exposed only one tip, half of the seeds are still sandwiched between the index finger and middle finger.

Suddenly, we laughed together.

The husband touched his daughter’s head, and said happily, “My baby is so good, it will become magic!

“Going out, my daughter invented a little magic Sunday. Our family went out, and we rested on the grass at noon.

  Daughter secretly took a banana and ran behind a big tree.

Just when my husband and I were wondering, she bounced back with the banana.

  ”Mom and Dad, there is a banana here with a skin. Let’s eat for three of us.

“Her husband said first:” Baby, there are two bananas here, you can eat them alone.

The daughter listened and waved her hands quickly, saying, “No, three people will share it!”

However, there is a condition-you can’t cut it with any tool, and you can’t poke with your hand.

“My husband and I looked at her in fog.

“Not going to divide, right?

I’ll help you share.

The daughter held the banana in her left hand and put her five fingers together in her right hand. She pretended to cut the banana twice and shouted, “Break!”Then the daughter smiled and said to us,” Now, who will peel the banana? ”

“I pretend I can’t wait to peel the banana, and exclaim:” Ah!

Baby, bananas have broken into 3 paragraphs at your command!

“My husband and I saw a few small eyes that had been pierced with toothpicks on the banana peel, but still felt that my daughter was really smart, and thanked her for the surprise!

  This is the magic and fun in family-parent-child magic, which brings us happiness and surprise.

  Parent-child Magic Three The following three little magics are played by me, my husband and daughter, and I will introduce them here.

  Parent-child magician: Little old man’s day preparation: Use hard white paper to roll into a cone-shaped paper tube, draw eyes, nose, etc. on the paper tube as the head of the old man, if you can paint himWith a goatee, he is even more cute!

Then, wrap the paper tube over your thumb.

When the little old man has caught the eye of the child, the magic can begin.

  Magic steps: ⒈ Language: In the morning, the little old man is at home.

Action: Put the paper tube on your thumb.

  Language: In the afternoon, the little old man is not at home.

Action: Align the hand of the paper tube to the front limb socket on the other side, and turn the paper tube into the palm of your hand!

Then lift your thumb up and show it to the audience.

  ⒊ Language: At night, the little old man is back again.

Action: Turn your hand once under the limb socket on the opposite side, and the paper tube returns to your thumb.

  Parent-child Magic 2: Preparation of guessing cards: 30 playing cards, called A and B, which are divided into red and black.

  Steps to magic: ⒈ Language: Do you believe it?

I can guess what card you choose without looking at it.

Now, please draw a piece of paper from this card (Group A), read it clearly, remember what card it is, and put it into this card (Group B).

Action: Ask the child to draw a card from group A and put it into group B.

  Language: Now, let’s shuffle.

Action: You shuffle the cards of Group B twice in front of the child, then ask the child to shuffle the cards of Group B twice, and then hand them to your hands.

  ⒊Language: Let me think about it, isn’t it?

Action: You open the cards in group B (the back of the card is facing the child), and easily find the card that the child just chose-the card in group A.

(Unveiled: This card-the color of Group A is different from that of Group B.

) Parent-child magic three: rubber bands move to prepare: (This is a “hand Caier” type of magic.

The props can be taken from the place) rubber bands and head ropes are fine, as long as they are elastic rope loops.

But need to practice a few times beforehand.

  Steps for the magician: ⒈ You can borrow a rubber band or headband from your child during the show, or you can prepare one in advance.

  ⒉ Put it on the little finger and ring finger of your left hand, and pull the rubber band back and forth to prove that the rubber band is intact and flexible.

  Language: In order to let everyone remember that the rubber band is indeed put on the little finger and ring finger, I “locked” it here.

You see, I clenched my fist, it couldn’t run.

Action: Talk into a fist.

At this time, the back of the left hand must be facing the child, the right hand pulls the rubber band of the left hand towards the arms, and when the left hand fists, take the opportunity to insert all four fingers into the rubber band.

(This is the key to the success of this magic!

) Language: Sprinkle some magic powder, change!

Action: The right hand pretends to throw something from the air and throws it to the left.

  Language: Hey, rubber bands have moved!

Action: Stretch out the five fingers to show that the elastic band will naturally jump to the index and middle fingers.  Family parent-child magic is a good helper for parents and children to communicate.

Parents can be a good magician or perform with their children.

Remember that the magician’s function in parent-child interaction is that parents and children can have a good time together.

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