Jujube diet therapy, how to eat the most

As the saying goes, “I eat three dates a day, not a lifetime in my life.”

The most prominent feature of jujube is its high vitamin content.

Chinese medicine believes that jujube can replenish vital energy and nourish blood.

  Fresh dates are more abundant in vitamins; however, they are sometimes sexual, not always available, and eating more may harm digestion.

Although dried jujube has decreased vitamin content, its iron content is increased, and its nutrition is more easily absorbed, which is more suitable for diet therapy. Here, several kinds of jujube diet treatments are introduced.

  The experiment proves that drinking jujube water for people with poor liver function every day can increase the serum protein of human body for one week, and it can achieve the effect of protecting liver and detoxification.

  Jujube soaked in water, a brewing detoxification red jujube a brewing detail determines its level of efficacy.

Jujube peel is tough and tough to digest. If it is brewed, it is difficult to completely dissolve its active ingredients, so it is best to pry it and brew it.

  Also note that fresh red dates should not be brewed or boiled.

This is because its vitamin C content is very high, and boiling in hot water can seriously damage the vitamin C.

  Jujube tea, qi and sputum, red dates, fried black tea, can treat stomach cold, stomach pain.

  If you add longan, it is a blood-filling qi tea, suitable for teachers, salespersons, etc. who use the frequency of scorpion.

  Jujube soup, cough and lungs Tang Dynasty cylinders, “Bai Fang”, recorded red dates, white fungus and rock sugar soup together, can stop cough and lungs.

  Ingredients: Tremella: 20 grams (about half a flower), red dates: 20, rock sugar: 60 grams (can be added according to the taste of each person) Practice: put the white fungus in the clear water, remove the pedicle, tear intoSmall pieces, put together with red dates, rock sugar into the pot, add 6 bowls of water, boil after the fire, then use the simmer for another half an hour, you can turn off the fire.

  Jujube boiled eggs, blood and beauty with red dates and longan blush sugar, when the jujube rotten longan, hit the eggs; continue to use small fire to cook eggs.

  Red dates, longan and brown sugar have the effect of enriching blood, and the boiled eggs are very nourishing.

  Jujube porridge, soothe the sleep of traditional Chinese medicine, women have depression, restlessness and other symptoms, can be used with the right amount of lily, lotus seeds with red dates conditioning.

If you cook with millet, you can better play the role of red dates and soothe the nerves.

  Jujube soaked wine, vascular fluent red dates in the soaking process, notice that nutrient organic matter is more likely to dissolve in the wine.

It has a certain effect on keeping the blood vessels open.

  Xiaobian reminder: 1.

Dried red dates vary in size, although they are relatively small in nutrition and therapeutic effects, but it is recommended from the taste. When making soaked tea, it replaces the big red dates, especially the red dates produced in Xinjiang. The taste is very sweet, it is best to tear it.Split into a few and reuse; porridge, sparkling wine, etc. can be freely chosen.


Jujube is good for health, but not much better.

Medium-sized red dates, preferably no more than 15 at a time. Excessive consumption is detrimental to digestive function, causing hyperacidity and bloating.

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