The elderly have insufficient yang and can eat more

The elderly have insufficient yang, and the leeks can be alleviated. The elderly have already entered the final stage of life. Some health indicators of the body are slowly decreasing at the same time. Therefore, it is a top priority for the elderly to maintain health care.The elderly are old and healthy, and a healthy body is essential.

  Using food for health care is one of the important means for the elderly to maintain their health.

People should follow the four aspects of diet, try to raise the yang in spring and summer, and nourish yin in autumn and winter.

Now in the spring, the elderly have insufficient yang, and the diet should be matched with things that help to produce yang, helping the body to adapt to nature.

  Amaranth zygote – spring health meal leeks zygote practice: Wash and drain the leeks and cut into the end; mix the fried eggs, add salt, MSG, sesame oil and mix well; then use the noodles with two layers of thin noodlesThe slices are wrapped with leeks and eggs, and the surroundings are slightly tight; a layer of peanut oil is applied to the pan. When the pan is hot, the lettuce colza is placed in a pan and baked to the golden side.

  Note: Use a simmer to avoid burning.

The raw food taste of leeks is warm and temperate. It has the effect of diverting phlegm and qi, stopping bleeding and swelling. The cooked food is sweet and warm, and it can nourish the kidney and warm the yang.

The leek in the leeks of the leek is also cooked in seven or eight minutes. It has a relatively smooth blood and blood, and it has the function of nourishing the stomach.

People with cold pain in the abdomen, indigestion, and kidney yang deficiency and cold knees can eat more leek.

  It is said that the 韭 韭 韭 was originally written nine, and later, according to the cultivation of leeks, it was written in a pictographic way.

In the theory of Chinese medicine elephant numbers, one, three, five, seven, and nine represent positive numbers, and nine of them are the largest positive numbers. The ancients believed that nine dishes had a strong effect on yang, so they wrote nine;Painting, both pictographic and coincident with the number nine.

The elderly have insufficient yang, which is very suitable for eating leeks.

  Scrambled eggs with fragrant scallions, cool fragrant scented buds, fragrant scent, bitter taste, flat, non-toxic, rich aroma, appetizing refreshing, published rash, heat and dampness, detoxification and insecticidal effect.

There are more infectious diseases in spring, and eating more toon can prevent infectious diseases, and folks have a statement that spring fragrant buds are not infected.

Although the citron is good, it should be moderate. If you eat too much, you will get a pneumatic wind. People with sudden illness such as high blood pressure should not eat it.

  The fragrant buds contain vitamin E and sex hormones. In the spring, they can nourish yin and help the elderly to resist aging.

The fragrant buds should be picked and eaten before and after the rain in the twenty-four solar terms. After that, the fragrant buds become fragrant leaves, the taste is poor, and the nutritional value is also reduced.

  The elderly have insufficient yang and can eat more leeks. This is based on scientific evidence. The body parts of the elderly are declining. If you pay attention to diet and various health regimens, you can maintain your health and prolong life.

  The health of the elderly is a job we should pay attention to. We want to make ourselves better in our later years, and having a healthy body is the top priority.

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